Important announcement regarding Poker Fever Series fanpage

Dear players. We are sorry to inform you that last night the automatic algorithms over at Facebook blocked the fanpage of Poker Fever due to “alleged violation of rules regarding offering online gambling games”.

This is already second such a case. After the first time we agreed to follow the rules and did everything according to directions given by FB to conform with their policy. However Facebook once again automatically reacted to feedback from users, most likely our competition, who do not want to promote poker and instead focus on hindering work for other sites. Due to all that Poker Fever fanpage is currently, temporarily blocked and you will not be able to see it in your search engines.

Of course the fanpage and Poker Fever itself are completely legal (Poker Fever is a registered company with all the required documents and accounting system) so the whole situation is a bit surprising (especially after we have already solved the problem earlier this year).
Naturally we have already started working on the issue and contacted Facebook representatives last night asking for the profile to be officially approved and we have got a green light to apply for a permission to promote gambling (also online, so all the link and special offer for satellites on our fanpage will be back).

Unfortunately according to Facebook standards the application may take 45 days to be approved and we need to wait before we make any more moves. We will try to do everything as quickly as possible, but we have to cooperate with Facebook on this one.

Here are a few important pieces of information for you:
We can esnure you that the Poker Fever Series festival that is starting next week in Go4Games Casino will take place according to the schedule. Your tickets will, as always, be waiting in the casino, satellites will be available till the end and streams that we have planned will also go as it has been said.

In a nutshell: nothing changes as far as festival goes.
We would also like to comfort you by saying:

– all inquiries and doubts can be sent over at or directly via the email: [email protected] where Veronica will be answering all your requests,

– one of our smaller fanpages “Satellites to poker events” has been modified to “Poker Fever Temp” (temporary just for the time being), and we are also about to change its name. Currently you can find there the most important information about the upcoming festival, and we will try to answer all your questions there, as we did on the main fanpage. Here is the address:

– websites that we cooperate with, that is and offered to help us in this situation so you can use their fanpages if you have any problems you’d like to discuss. Remember though that the official source of information regarding the festival is our email, and the most precise info can be found at our temporary fanpage.

The situation is not too convenient as there is little time left before the festival (our guess is that this is not a coincidence as previous one happened also several days before the July edition of PF), but you can rest assured that we do all we can so you do not feel any effects of that.

At the same time we see some good aspects in the entire situation as the verification of the company and our profile will create a more solid basis, which with your help and our commitment without a doubt will help us develop the Poker Fever Series tournaments.
See you in a week at the festival and good luck at the tables!

Sebastian Sałach, one of the co-owners of Poker Fever brand