Poker Fever CUP (Special Edition): Amazing weekend in Olomouc [event recap]

Poker players have invaded Go4Games Casino Hodolany this weekend, where the Poker Fever festival was held for the first time since the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic broke out. Please have a look at the summary of the most important events of the past days.

Poker Fever CUP (Special Edition)

We already knew on Thursday that the July Poker Fever CUP (CZK 1.500) will be a great success, when 185 registrations were collected on the first starting day. After that, it only got better. On Friday, the cash register confirmed the purchase of 206 tickets, on Saturday 291 and 258 were accumulated, and when the late registration on the turbo flight was completed, the tournament director confirmed a total of 1,132 entries.

On the final day, 154 players resumed the game and 116 places were paid. Łukasz “Krzaku” Krzyczkowski, the winner of the ME Poker Fever Series, this time became a bubble boy. The competition in the main tournament was dominated by players from Poland – among the last 14 players, 12 were Poles. The Czechs, however, held on tight and fought for the highest goals until the very end. Lukáš Mrózek was eliminated in sixth place, and Miroslav Svoboda siezed the “bronze medal”. Marcin “Dino” Micielski and Rafał Strzelecki met in heads-up and they immediately agreed on a deal, under which the first of them was the winner of the tournament.

Marcin “Dino” Micielski

Here are the payouts for the tournament’s top-9 (CZK):

1 Micielski Marcin 245.900
2 Strzelecki Rafał 214.200
3 Svoboda Miroslav 124.100
4 Raczyński Tadeusz 90.500
5 Perz Krzysztof 65.700
6 Mrózek Lukáš 46.700
7 Reczko Grzegorz 35.800
8 Pięta Tomasz 29.900
9 Pawłowski Kacper 24.800

Poker Fever Mini High Roller

The second highlight of the weekend was the Friday Mini High Roller. The entry fee of CZK 7,500 was paid as many as 156 times, and the guaranteed CZK 300,000 thanks to you, has grown to almost CZK 1,000,000!

The winner was the WSOP bracelet holder Lukáš Záškodný, who dealt with Marek Studený in the heads-up. The best Pole in the field finished the game in third place, and it was Tadeusz Raczyński who scored second major final table during this weekend.

Lukáš Záškodný

Lets’s have quick look at the payouts for the best players (CZK):

1 Záškodný Lukáš 205.200
2 Studený Marek 183.500
3 Raczyński Tadeusz 121.000
4 Kądziela Roman 93.200
5 Kardas Tomasz 75.300
6 Lipka Mateusz 60.300
7 Bujok Szymon 47.100
8 Trzcinka Jarosław 35.300
9 Litera Petr 26.800

Sunday side event

The final touch of the festival was the Sunday side event, where you could play for 600 CZK. 48 poker players (20 re-entries) decided to take this step, and Bartosz Kulikowski won the tournament. Here is the list of players who finished the game in the money (CZK):

1 Kulikowski Bartosz 11.400
2 Fiurášek Stanislav 10.300
3 Žídek Lukáš 4.900
4 Tworzydlo Marcin 3.500
5 Burliga Szymon 2.800
6 Kostera Marcin 2.100

On behalf of the Poker Fever Team and Go4Games Casino Hodolany we would like to thank you for coming in and for making Poker Fever CUP an exceptional and amazing experience. We invite you to visit Olomouc once again for the next Poker Fever Series (CZK 7 million GTD) in late August. Here is the full schedule. See you then!