12 More Qualifiers – Sunday 5th March 2017

Amazing numbers yet again in our Olomouc Main Event Satellite this evening where again, 12 more tickets were awarded from the $11 entry event.

144 players entered the satellite this week generating a prize pool of 12 x $200 tickets and a consolation prize of $100 for the unlucky 13th place. After 4 hours 26 mimutesĀ of play the bubble eventually burst with “gregsan70” taking the $100 consolation prize, meaning the rest of the field had won their tickets. Mad props go to “baca4b” who put in a dominant strategy of placing every player on his table all in, on almost every hand for 30-40 minutes, enforcing players to act or be blinded out, serious aggression and great to watch!

We look forward to meeting all players very soon in Olomouc!