About Poker Fever Series

Poker Fever Series is a brainchild of Marcin Jabłoński – it’s a recently created poker series, aimed at fans of low and middle buy-in events.

We want to address all those who want to play poker whilst also having a lot of fun. So just for you we have prepared some great games with what should be a fantastic atmosphere! Sounds awesome doesn’t it? These events will be like nothing you have seen before! These will be the perfect opportunity to meet with friends and play some superb poker at Poker Fever!

Check videos from our events:

Here at Poker Fever our mission is to have a ball with some extraordinary people. You can expect many attractions during the extended 7+day festival. All those of you who know Marcin Jabłoński are aware that he is a very methodical man. This guarantees many additional, enjoyable things during the series that will surely make breaks that much more fun!

Poker Fever Series is also a bunch of poker extras. Our players can expect not only the Main Event, but side tournaments with varied buy-ins as well – all that so you can find something four yourself no matter how your bankroll looks like. Our schedule is very well-designed and it has been consulted with a large number of pros. There are also plenty of satellite events that allow you to get into the action for very small amounts of money! We hope you’re gonna like it and we will see each other during this and next stops of our tour of Poker Fever Series!

Remember – Poker Fever is not only about tournaments! Yes, poker will be our most important goal, but there will also be some great parties for players! Time between events will be filled with tons of interesting things, so you can remember it long after it’s over!

Will you also be engulfed by Poker Fever? We believe so and cant wait to meet you at the next event.