Poker Fever Cup - New Record!

June Poker Fever Cup Draws Record-Breaking Field! (Recap)

Poker Fever Cup has finally returned to the Go4games Casino Hodolany in Olomouc and hundreds of players showed up to compete in the first festival in eight months. The June edition of CZK 2,500 Main Event ended up setting a new record with 771 entries.

Thursday, June 24, marked the return of the popular Poker Fever Cup festival. The last Poker Fever tournament was played in September of 2020 – exactly eight months ago. Players had a long break from playing for Poker Fever trophies, but finally were able to meet in the Olomouc Go4games Casino Hodolany. Let’s take a look at the results of the two most important tournaments!

CZK 7,500 Poker Fever Mini High Roller

Friday’s Poker Fever Mini High Roller was the most expensive tournament of the June Poker Fever Cup festival. 87 players paid the buy-in of CZK 7,500 and there were also 32 re-entries. A total number of 119 entries generated prize pool of CZK 767,500. 13 players were slated to be paid with the winner receiving CZK 197,500 and a trophy.

The first-place prize went to Petr Satek, who after a long heads-up battle managed to eliminate Tadeusz Raczyński. The latter was the best Polish Mini High Roller participant and took home CZK 138,200 for second place.

Petr Satek
Petr Satek


1. Petr Satek (Czech Republic) – CZK 197,500
2. Tadeusz Raczyński (Poland) – CZK 138,200
3. Andrzej Masłowski (Poland) – CZK 104,400
4. Vladimír Burstein (Czech Republic) – CZK 80,600
5. Krzysztof Najborowski (Poland) – CZK 62,600
6. Zbigniew Dołzbłasz (Poland) – CZK 49,100
7. Tomasz Kokoszka (Poland) – CZK 37,200
8. Tomasz Maryniak (Poland) – CZK 26,900
9. Michał Walicki (Poland) – CZK 18,800
10. Petr Litera (Czech Republic) – CZK 14,200
11. Milan Svačina (Czech Republic) – CZK 14,200
12. Rafał Wilk (Poland) – CZK 11,900
13. Szymon Kuczerski (Poland) – CZK 11,900

CZK 2,500 Poker Fever Cup Main Event

As expected, the long-awaited Poker Fever Cup Main Event attacted hundreds of players from Poland, Czech Republic and other countries. The CZK 2,500 buy-in tournament had four starting flights – three regular and one which featured shorter blind levels. A total number o 771 entries set a new record for Poker Fever Cup. The final prize pool of CZK 1,657,500 was to be shared among the top 80 spots.

On Sunday, June 27, 115 players came to play in the final day of the tournament. In the end the title of the June Poker Fever Cup Champion, along with the first-place prize of CZK 319,800, were captured by Ondřej Chalcař from Czech Republic.

Ondřej Chalcař
Ondřej Chalcař

At the final table there were also four players from Poland. Robert Scheitza finished second for CZK 223,600, while Witold Duda took home the third-place prize of CZK 154,200. 4th and 5th places were taken by Korneliusz Jeliński (CZK 109,400) and Dawid Duda (CZK 84,500).


1. Ondřej Chalcař (Czech Republic) – CZK 319,800
2. Robert Scheitza (Poland) – CZK 223,600
3. Witold Duda (Poland) – CZK 154,200
4. Korneliusz Jeliński (Poland) – CZK 109,400
5. Dawid Duda (Poland) – CZK 84,500
6. Petr Jašek (Czech Republic) – CZK 61,300
7. Roman Papáček (Czech Republic) – CZK 44,800
8. Martin Lisý (Czech Republic) – CZK 29,800
9. Stanislav Policar (Czech Republic) – CZK 24,900

The next Poker Fever festival is set to take place from July 28 to August 2. Click here to view the schedule.