Josef Dvořák - Main Event winner
Josef Dvořák ©Rafał Gładysz

A brief look at the major winners of July’s Poker Fever MEGA Series

A week of electrifying poker showdowns at the Poker Fever MEGA Series has concluded, leaving a trail of intense excitement and unforgettable moments. Here’s a quick recap of the thrilling spectacle that unfolded. Get acquainted with the triumphant victors who emerged from the battles of this grand event.

The recent Poker Fever MEGA Series festival was an amazing event of a scale we haven’t witnessed in years. With an astounding prize pool nearing 8 million CZK, the stakes were sky-high. The Main Event itself constituted a staggering 5 million CZK, demonstrating our audacious decision to host such a colossal event amidst the holiday season. This decision, however, was driven by our desire to create something extraordinary.

We are pleased to announce that we have not only achieved our goal, but exceeded it. This success is credited to you, our esteemed participants. Our deepest gratitude is extended to all who made this achievement possible. Thank you for helping us raise the bar once more.

Josef Dvořák is your Main Event winner!

The crowning glory of the July festival, the Main Event, was triumphantly claimed by Czech Josef Dvořák (featured photo). The final table bore witness to a strong showing from the Czech contingent, with Roman Papáček and Tomáš Kolařík securing second and third places respectively. The players agreed to a deal before heads-up even began, which resulted in Dvořák taking the coveted victory, along with the trophy and a hefty sum of CZK 727,900. Meanwhile, Papacek walked away with a substantial CZK 650,100, leaving Kolařík with the third-place prize of CZK 397,700.

1.Dvořák JosefCZ727 900 Kč
2.Roman Papáček CZ650 100 Kč
3.Kolařík TomášCZ397 700 Kč
4.Kulka AndrzejPL283 800 Kč
5.Basiaga BartlomiejPL215 000 Kč
6.Lamper JanCZ156 900 Kč
7.Szczepanski MarekPL113 900 Kč
8.Procner MichalPL78 200 Kč
9.Mikuláček PetrCZ62 300 Kč

The prize pool was meticulously built up by the participation of 908 entries. It’s noteworthy to mention that we were just a single buy-in away from reaching the guaranteed prize pool of CZK 5 mln – a fact that certainly piques interest!

Roman Papáček ©Rafał Gładysz

Jan Verner wins the Super High Roller

The home team put on a sterling display in the Super High Roller event, which kicked off the festival. It was Jan Verner who emerged victorious in this intense competition. In heads-up he faced a formidable opponent in the form of Dawid Smolka from Poland. The third-place was claimed by Petr Svoboda, a two-time winner of this prestigious tournament.

This high-stakes event required a buy-in of 30,000 CZK and offered an impressive prize pool of 1 million CZK. As one would expect, the top players walked away with substantial winnings. The champion, Jan Verner, pocketed a cool 402,100 CZK. Meanwhile, the runner-up in the heads-up event, Dawid Smolka, received 273,800 CZK. Petr Svoboda, who finished in third place, took home 184,300 CZK.

1Jan VernerCZ402 100 Kč
2Dawid SmolkaPL273 800 Kč
3Petr SvobodaCZ184 300 Kč
4Daniel OrlowskiPL121 100 Kč
5Jan RamíkCZ71 700 Kč
Jan Verner ©Rafał Gładysz

Poland strikes back with the win in the High Roller event

The Poker Fever ‘majors’ were not solely dominated by the Czech players. Demonstrating international prowess, Dominik Ostrowski from Poland emerged victorious in the two-day High Roller event with a buy-in of 15,000 CZK. This notable win secured Ostrowski significant prize money of 319,600 CZK.

Hot on his heels was Kajetan Jantosz, who claimed the second place spot, followed by Jiří Noga in third. With an impressive total of 86 entries for the event, the prize pool effortlessly surpassed the one million CZK mark.

1Ostrowski DominikPL319 600 Kč
2Jantosz KajetanPL221 400 Kč
3Noga JiříCZ166 900 Kč
4Wargin MichałPL132 800 Kč
5Rous MarekCZ101 000 Kč
6Jaworski MarcinPL73 800 Kč
7Wochnik DominikPL52 200 Kč
8Roman PapáčekCZ37 500 Kč
9Kaczmarek JacekPL30 000 Kč
Dominik Ostrowski High Roller winner
Dominik Ostrowski ©Rafał Gładysz

Our deepest gratitude goes out to everyone who graced the Poker Fever MEGA Series festival at Go4Games Casino Hodolany with their presence. To those who couldn’t join us, fret not – we have another exciting opportunity lined up for you!

Mark your calendars for the Poker Fever CUP Special event coming this September. Starting on the 21st and spanning four exhilarating days, it’s an affair you won’t want to miss. We cordially invite you to be a part of this thrilling poker extravaganza. So, ready your poker faces, shuffle up, and deal in. See you in September.