All roads lead to Rozvadov – a guidebook for those who head to Poker Fever Series

Poker players willing to participate in Poker Fever Series will head to Rozvadov pretty soon. We have directions for those of you who don’t know how to get to the casino located in the middle of nowhere. Don’t worry – you will easily manage to get there with our directions!

Own four wheels

First means of transport to Rozvadov that comes to mind is of course by car. Here are some directions on how to get there from bigger cities in Poland:

  • Poznan (recommended trip through Germany), about 700 km
  • Warsaw (recommended trip through the Czech Republic), about 850 km
  • Cracow (recommended trip through the Czech Republic), about 700 km

As for the cost of fuel it looks like that:

  • diesel, 6 litres/100 km – about 50 euro for one way from Poznan and Cracow, 60 from Warsaw
  • petrol, 8 litres/100 km – more or less 80 euro from Poznan and Cracow, 100 from Warsaw

This of course is a one way cost. It does not include what you will have to pay for highways in the Czech Republic.

  • The shortest and the cheapest vignette for 10 days is CZK 310 (or 12.5 euro).
  • Monthly vignette costs CZK 440 (17.5 euro).
  • The price for yearly vignette equals CZK 1500 (that is 59 euro).

As you can see it’s quite pricey when it comes to going by car alone. If you head to Rozvadov, perhaps you could take other players who go the same way? Thanks to this car pooling you can split the cost and analyze hands on the way there.

We would also like to recommend the Facebook group PokerTouristPL, where you can post your car pooling offer. One may also try, where you can book a seat in a car.

Public transport

Here we want to describe the not so easy ways of transport which involve buses and trains. Rozvadov is not the most popular location in the world so you will have to plan your trip carefully.

Let’s start from a coach. You can head to King’s Casino from Poland using two popular ones – FlixBus and Polski Bus. You can take it not to Rozvadov directly, but Prague. From there you can travel to Leon Tsoukernik’s a few ways.

Polski Bus, Warsaw-Prague

The prices of tickets depending on when you book them will vary from 80 to 150 PLN (20-40 euro). Once you get to Prague, you can use the following options:

  • casino transport from Prague – Rozvadov – €135
  • train to Plana – about 10 euro, then by casino transport (35 kilometres)

You can order the casino transport by contacting King’s Casino in Rozvadov and giving the exact time, location and date of your arrival. Person responsible for shuttle service will give you the price of such a ride. Here are the prices you can expect when taking a shuttle from the biggest cities around:

  • Nuremberg – €110 one way
  • Prague – €135 one way
  • Munich – €180 one way
Prague-Plana, trip planned for May 1st


Based on the above locations we can also pinpoint flight destinations for you. Of course you can wait for last minute offers if you like getting tickets cheaply.

Interestingly flights from Warsaw to Prague (further transport as you wish, directions in the previous paragraphs) can cost you less than traveling by car alone. It will naturally be more comfortable, too.

  • Warsaw – Prague (direct flight), 75 euro one way, 125 there and return
  • Warsaw – Munich (one transfer), 100-125 euro one way
  • Warsaw – Nuremberg (one transfer), 100-125 euro one way

We hope that all the information will facilitate getting to Rozvadov and we will sit together at the poker tables in the best known casino in this part of Europe. Soon we will publish more info about the Poker Fever Series, that without a doubt will be to your liking.

We encourage you to join the satellites and check the schedule you can find HERE.