Poker Fever Special Bartosz Flisiewicz The winner of the Poker Fever CUP - March 2022
Bartosz Flisiewicz/foto. Go4Games Hodolany

Bartosz Flisiewicz wins the record breaking Poker Fever CUP (Special)

Special edition of Poker Fever CUP has drawn to a close. The two most important tournaments were won by Bartosz Flisiewicz (Main Event) and “Pavel 53” (Mini High Roller). To be honest, there is one more big winner of the last festival. It is you. You managed to set a new fantastic attendance record.

Yes, we are fully aware that it was a reduced buy-in PFC edition, but anyway, 916 registrations made a huge impression on us and the Casino Management. You are simply the best and we would like to thank you for that.

Now, let’s move to the quick recap of the entire event.

Mini High Roller

55 unique players paid CZK 7,500 in order to participate in a Mini High Roller on Friday. With 18 re-entries the total prize pool elevated to CZK 547,500. Eight players managed to get to the ITM phase. The min-cash was worth CZK 15.500.

At the end of the day two local players “Pavel 53” and “Proximus managed to score the biggest win. While in heads-up they decided to chop the prize pool and each of them took home CZK 116,000. The third place finisher was Jakub Szczotka of Poland, who earned CZK 70,600 for his brilliant performance.

Pavel 53/foto. Go4Games Hodolany
1Pavel 53CZ116 600 Kč*
2ProximusCZ116 600 Kč*
3Szczotka JakubPL70 600 Kč
4Horák JiříCZ55 100 Kč
5Pustuła JacekPL42 800 Kč
6Krmela RadovanCZ31 500 Kč
7Kula JonatanPL22 100 Kč
8Vlček PetrCZ15 500 Kč
* denotes a 2-way deal

Poker Fever CUP

The Main Event of the series had its buy-in lowered to CZK 1,500. Then there were five instead of four starting flights which helped build the prize pool of 916 buy-ins. This number looks absoulutely stunning. There were CZK 1,370.000 to distribute and top-89 players left the casino with various cash prizes.

The biggest part of the prize pool – CZK 221,700 – was awarded to the winner Bartosz Flisiewicz of Poland. It is worth mentioning that the runner-up of this event Michał Wargin was an inch away of becoming the first winner of two major titles in Poker Fever history. Ultimately he had to recognize the superiority of his worthy opponent in a Sunday’s heads-up game. Still an amazing achievement.

Vladimír Burstein finished third and he collected CZK 109.900 for his amazing performance.

Pover Fever CUP Michał Wargin
Michał Wargin/foto Poker Fever, Rafał Gładysz
1Flisiewicz BartoszPL221 700 Kč
2Wargin MichałPL156 100 Kč
3Burstein VladimírCZ109 900 Kč
4Siedlecki MiłoszPL78 000 Kč
5Prokeš MilošCZ59 100 Kč
6Kolařík RobertCZ43 700 Kč
7Schwarz DominikCZ30 700 Kč
8Tomášek LadislavCZ22 500 Kč
9Krnáč TomášCZ17 700 Kč

Important announcement

In regards to unpleasant situation involving a drunk player, we are publishing the statement from the Casino Management:

Announcement for all players attending PFC Special Flight 1B and Mini High Roller on Friday March 18th. At the end of the play in Mini High Roller, Czech player caused the tournament very unpleasant with his behavior and this might make you feel uncomfortable. We think this situation could, and should be handled better by our casino staff. We sincerely apologize and want to state this situation is unacceptable and we already made some adjustments to avoid this situation next time. We are very pleased with your attention here, in our Casino, and are grateful you stand by us and by events we make for you. With regards.

The next stop: Poker Fever CUP (21-24.04.2022)