Cash games at Poker Fever Cup – new, attractive limits

Poker Fever is not only about tournaments with attractive prize pools, but also about some great cash games. Starting from Poker Fever Cup planned for December 15th – 17th players will have a pleasant surprise.

Cash games at Poker Fever Cup will be available 24/7. It means no matter what time you arrive, there will be something for you to get busy with. Cash games will be played on the first floor of Go4Games Casino in Olomouc and the festival that starts on December 15th will allow you to play smaller limits as well.

New, low limits for cash games

Due to the fact that Poker Fever Cup events have slightly smaller buy-ins, you should be able to expect the same at cash tables there. Beginning from the upcoming PF Cup players will be able to choose additional limit – CZK 25/25, that is about €1/€1.

More on the changes said the owner of whole enterprise – Marcin Jabłoński:

After the great success of Poker Fever CUP in September we decided for some changes in cash games, taking into consideration suggestions from our players – after all our events are organised so you can try different games, cash tables included.

We decided that with CZK 2,500 Main Event buy-in, cash games starting at CZK 25/50 (that is 1/2€) are a bit too expensive – standard buy-in equals CZK 5000, that is twice as much as Poker Fever CUP Main Event.
From 20th of October, that marks the beginning of next Poker Fever CUP, cash games will be available for as little as CZK 25/25 CZK (€1/€1), the lowest possible in the casino. Of course CZK 25/50 tables and CZK 50/100 ones will be open too, just like in September.

Alcohol is still free for all cash players at the tables, CZK 25/25 included. S

Other rules for cash games

It’s worth noting that organizers of the festival make sure that Go4Games guests enjoy special privileges. For instance every newly opened table (with 2 or 3 players) is rake free. The situation continues till another player joins the table or for one hour – final decision is always up to the floorman.

Below you have the rules for rake collecting at the tables. As high stakes the casino perceives NLH 100/200 and higher as well as PLO 100/200 and up.

2-4 players – 5%, maximum CZK 100
5 players – 5%, maximum CZK 200
6-8 players – 5%, maximum CZK 300
Open Face Chinese Poker – CZK 25 /player/hand

Additional benefits for cash games players

Poker players who decide to join cash tables can expect extra privileges. We are talking about free drinks, both soft and with alcohol, such as beer, vodka or whisky, excluding Zacapa rum.

High stakes amateurs will also be given unlimited and free access to the casino restaurant. Naturally they can count on free drinks without any need to pay for them.

See you at the tables!