Cash games during Poker Fever festival in Olomouc!

On the 24th July Poker Fever festival in Olomouc kicks off. No doubt the main concern of the hosts will be to ensure a wide variety of tournaments for guests. However Go4Games Casino remembers also about cash players and invites them upstairs to try their luck at something different than poker events.

Cash games will be available 24/7. Minimum limits are CZK 25/50, although the casino will encourage the players to get a shot at higher stakes. Whenever 2-3 players open a table the casino will not collect any rake. This will apply for an hour or till another player joins the game. The rule is not precisely set and the decision will be entirely up to the floorman.

High Stakes are the following limits: NLH 100/200 and higher as well as PLO 100/200 and higher.
Rake for all the tables:

2-4 players 5%, maximum CZK 100.
5 players 5%, maximum CZK 200.
6-8 players 5%, maximum CZK 300.
In Open Face Chineese rake amounts to CZK 25/player/hand.

Free food and drinks!

For cash game table players the casino offers free drinks*.
* For example: Jack Daniels, vodka, beer, etc. Rum Zacapa is not included in the free offer drink list.

For high-stakes cash game table players the casino offers free drinks without any limits as well as food from the menu!

The last week of online satellites

There are only 5 more days left to fight for tickets to Poker Fever festival. The prize pools in the last week have been increased greatly. More information on it can be found in a separate article.
Starting from the first day of the festival we encourage you to follow the reports, that will be prepared by PokerGround and PokerTexas!