Jaroslav Peter with the trophy for winning the Main Event of the Poker Fever CUP Special.
Jaroslav Peter

Czechs dominate June Poker Fever CUP Special

The Poker Fever CUP Special saw Czech players dominate, with Jaroslav Peter leading the way as they claimed all the major titles. Check out the results from the last stop.

Thank you for visiting Poker Fever CUP Special hosted by Go4Games Hodolany casino during the extended weekend. We appreciate your fun, excitement and great atmosphere. With your help, each of the three major events easily exceeded the guaranteed prize pool. We would also like to thank Pokertexas.net readers from Poland for following our text coverage.

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Summary of Poker Fever CUP Special (June’s edition).

2.000 Kč Main Event Poker Fever CUP (1 mln GTD)

599 entries – each for 2.000 Kč – were more than enough to cover the million-guaranteed prize pool in the Main Event of Poker Fever CUP. Starting days ran from Thursday to Sunday. Later that same day, the second and final day of the event was played out.

A total of 62 players made it to the ITM phase. The lowest payout was 4,000 Kč. The winner was guaranteed 210,000 Kč, however in this particular instance the heads-up participants – Jaroslav Peter (Czechia) and Michał Szelka (Poland) – opted for a deal. After splitting the prize money, 10,000 Kč remained for the winner plus a trophy. Eventually, it was the Czech player who won the tournament and pocketed 181,000 Kč in winnings. The Polish participant took home 162,600 Kč.

Jaroslav Peter
1Peter JaroslavCZ181 000 Kč*
2Szelka MichałPL162 600 Kč*
3Borkowski MaciejPL91 700 Kč
4Mucha MaciejPL60 800 Kč
5SatanCZ42 300 Kč
6Sikora KrzysztofPL34 000 Kč
7Buček JaroslavCZ27 800 Kč
8Koczewski DamianPL23 700 Kč
9Řezáč AlešCZ20 600 Kč
* denotes a deal

10.000 Kč Poker Fever High Roller (500k GTD)

The High Roller Poker Fever CUP was the opening event of the festival. The entry fee for this tournament was 10,000 Kč and a prize pool of 500,000 Kč was up for grabs.

Thanks to the 75 entries a nice 250,000 Kč was added on top of the 500.000 Kč guaranteed prize pool. In the heads-up, players also agreed on a deal. After eliminating Adam Siwicki for third place, the players immediately agreed on the details of the new prize distribution. There was no further playing. Roman Frenzel was declared winner and received a trophy, while his opponent Jaroslav Peter got an additional 20,000 Kč.

It is worth mentioning that this was the same player who triumphed in the Main Event three days later. What an amazing performance!

Roman Frenzel
1Frenzel RomanCZ153 350 Kč*
2Peter JaroslavCZ173 350 Kč*
3Siwicki AdamPL99 000 Kč
4Kardohelyi MarcelCZ77 200 Kč
5Jablonski BartoszPL60 100 Kč
6Vašek TomášCZ44 200 Kč
7Grygárek ŠtěpánCZ31 000 Kč
8Wozniak MateuszPL21 800 Kč
* denotes a deal

5.000 Kč Poker Fever Mini High Roller (250k GTD)

The day after the HR event, a mini version of it was played with half the entry fee and half the guaranteed prize pool. Thanks to 86 entries, it was able to significantly exceed the 250,000 Kč guarantee threshold.

The Mini High Roller was also a one-day event. Until the early morning, players were competing for 103,900 Kč and the trophy. Ultimately, it was Milan Růžička who defeated Jan Przysucha after an interesting and fierce heads-up . His fellow Jakub Szczotka took the third place

Milan Růžička
1Růžička MilanCZ103 900 Kč
2Przysucha JanPL72 100 Kč
3Szczotka JakubPL54 400 Kč
4Kubik RyszardPL43 300 Kč
5Rajewicz MaciejPL32 900 Kč
6Hupalo IgorPL24 000 Kč
7Antonov AntonBGR17 000 Kč
8Grygárek ŠtěpánCZ12 200 Kč
9Hodaň MartinCZ10 000 Kč

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