Denis Rusu
Denis Rusu, foto. Rafal Gladysz

Exceptional Turnout: Unveiling the Thrills of Poker Fever CUP September 2023

The attendance soared to new heights. Once again, you demonstrated your strength. Let’s see what happened at the September Poker Fever CUP festival!

Another fantastic weekend with Poker Fever is in the book. The festival started last Thursday and ended on Sunday evening. Join us for a brief summary of the most important events.

Main Event

The guaranteed prize pool for this tournament was 1,000,000 CZK. Thanks to 605 entries it was easily exceeded. 62 players made it to a in the money stage, with a minimum payout of 4,000 CZK (with a buy-in of 2,000 CZK).

The final table of this tournament was dominated by Polish players, but it wasn’t the Poles who claimed the trophy. The victory went to Moldovan Denis Rusu (feat. image), who faced Brian Smogor in the heads-up. Both players agreed on a deal, playing only for the trophy and 28,900 CZK. The third place was secured by another Polish player, Arkadiusz Sodkiewicz, who walked away with 93,800 CZK. Here are the payouts for the top nine players in the tournament.

1Rusu DenisMDA189 400 Kč
2Smogor BrajanPL160 000 Kč
3Sodkiewicz ArkadiuszPL93 800 Kč
4Kozlowski AleksanderPL62 500 Kč
5Rabiega SebastianPL43 800 Kč
6Szelka MichalPL35 400 Kč
7Doležel MarekCZ29 200 Kč
8Alkhimova NataliaUK24 000 Kč
9Czernecki GrzegorzPL20 900 Kč

High Roller

An outstanding performance by Michał Wargin. How many times has this player won a “major” at the Poker Fever festival? His opponent in HU was another seasoned Poker Fever regular, Krzysztof Karwanski. The third place was also taken by a Polish player, another frequent visitor to the Fever events, Jacek Kaczmarek.

The buy-in for this tournament was 10,000 CZK, with a guarantee of 500,000 CZK. 67 paid entries generated a total prize pool of 670,000 CZK. Fantastic!

Michal Wargin, foto. Rafal Gladysz
1Wargin MichalPL199 000 Kč
2Karwanski KrzysztofPL131 200 Kč
3Kaczmarek JacekPL94 300 Kč
4Mikala MartinCZ64 300 Kč
5Pustula JacekPL44 800 Kč
6Sikorski KrzysztofPL32 400 Kč
7Jaskulski DominikPL23 600 Kč

Mini High Roller

The guarantee for the Mini High Roller was 250,000 CZK, and the tournament was held on Friday night. To participate in this event, you had to pay 5,000 CZK. Thanks to 96 entries, the prize pool reached a staggering 480,000 CZK. Incredible turnout!

The winner of this tournament was a Czech player who went by the name “Lojza” in the records. He bravely faced off against our own Jacek Pustuła in the heads-up. Another Czech player known as “Mistr S” finished in third place.

Jacek Pustula, foto. Rafal Gladysz
1LojzaCZ116 500 Kč
2Pustula JacekPL80 500 Kč
3Mistr SCZ60 700 Kč
4Glowka LukaszPL48 300 Kč
5Chmiel JaroslawPL36 700 Kč
6Dembek AdrianPL26 800 Kč
7Zembinský RenéCZ19 000 Kč
8Renke KajetanPL13 600 Kč
9Gevorgyan KhachikCZ10 700 Kč

Poker Fever CUP – October 2023

Couldn’t make it to the festival in September? Don’t worry, you can catch up in October. From 26th to 29th, we invite you to Olomouc for another edition of the Poker Fever CUP. If you’re planning to attend this festival, be sure to book your accommodations now!