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Dear players!

Due to the situation that took place during the previous Poker Fever Cup and outrageous behaviour by some of the participants we would like to present our position on this matter.

We have been organising Poker Fever series for over two years now. Our goal from the very beginning was to create a special series for passionate poker players, who could enjoy their beloved card game in amazing environment – hence the slogan “Nights of poker, nights of fun!”.

It was meant to be a festival for all poker lovers. Till now there have been twenty Poker Fever stops and we hope you got to like the festival as much as we do, which would be a correct assumption if we consider the number of players present at every stop.

We can’t stay silent however when a group of players behave in an improper and rude way. During the last festival we had some new faces with us and they were acting in a way we just cannot accept. If we are to be fair with our loyal players there must be consequences to such rudeness as the one that occurred. We host our festival in a professional casino and such a place requires fair and strict rules that we will all be following starting from the very next Poker Fever Series in July.

Hereby we would like to inform that all cases in which anyone is overly and excessively vulgar, rude or offensive towards the casino staff and other players we will take a fast and strong action. First we will apply warnings, then disqualify such people from the tournaments and if necessary – ban them from entering Poker Fever games or / and the casino itself, permanently if needed. Your stack, position in a tournament or buy-in will not matter here. Every action will cause a reaction, keep that in mind.

At the same time we need to emphasise that most of our players have no problem with their behaviour and they enjoy the games very much. The problems mentioned are regarding certain individuals but they have a bad impact on the festival’s image in general. We can’t let our players suffer just because few people do not know how to behave and don’t respect the spirit of poker.

We deeply hope that nothing like that will happen ever again and together we will be able to create friendly and joyful atmosphere to enjoy what we love most – poker. After all Poker Fever means “Nights of poker, nights of fun”!

With kind poker regards
Poker Fever Team