Jaroslav Bucek Poker Fever Series ME zwycięzca

Jaroslav Buček is the last man standing in the Poker Fever Series Main Event

Jaroslav Bucek of Czechia is the latest winner of the Poker Fever Series Main Event. We invite you for a quick recap of the March Series.

Main Event Poker Fever Series

Another Poker Fever Series festival has come to an end. On Monday we got to know the winner of the Main Event. It was Jaroslav Buček who secured himself a payment of CZK 405,000.

The second place was taken by another Czech, who performed under the name Zampion. CZK 341,600 went to him. The third place finisher was Michał Szelka. The Pole received 320,300 CZK. While 3-handed players struck a deal and left CZK 50,000 and the trophy for the tournament winner.

1Buček JaroslavCZ405 000 Kč
2ŽampiónCZ341 600 Kč
3Szelka MichalPL320 300 Kč
4Dvořák FilipCZ151 400 Kč
5Legowski PatrykPL106 400 Kč
6Karapetyan ArsenARM86 900 Kč
7DžurkeCZ71 800 Kč
8Hejl MartinCZ60 300 Kč
9Sujkowski JacekPL52 600 Kč
10Koczewski DamianPL46 100 Kč

When it comes to attendance – unfortunately this time we had to deal with a large overlay. In the end, only 606 registrations were collected during the six starting flights and 750 registrations were required to reach the guarantee threshold (entry fee CZK 4,000, guaranteed prize pool CZK 3,000,000).

Poker Fever Series – Side events


On the first day of the festival, a one-day Super High Roller event (CZK 30,000, CZK 1,000,000 GTD) was held. Players bought into the game 35 times, which allowed them to exceed the guaranteed prize pool.

The winner of this tournament was Pole Lukasz Tomecki. He was rewarded CZK 359,100 for his successful performance. Second place finisher was Czechia’s Pavel Mareček and third was another local player Jan Bednář. Their payouts are as follows.

Lukasz Tomecki
1Tomecki ŁukaszPL359 100 Kč
2Mareček PavelCZ245 700 Kč
3Bednář JanCZ165 400 Kč
4Riczak MichałPL108 700 Kč
5Ravnak ToniCZ66 100 Kč


The High Roller event (CZK 10,000, CZK 600,000 GTD) started on Thursday and lasted for two days. In this tournament, the organizers’ guarantee was also easily achieved. The events in the final were dominated by local players. Last man standing was Zembinský René, who earned CZK 158,950. “Silver medal” was captured by Czech Jaroslav Buček. The runner-up earned the same amount of money as the winner because the players decided to make a deal. Tomáš Chrobák took the third place. However, the best Pole was Dominik Ostrowski – he Was fith in this tournament.

René Zembinský
#Name CountryPrize
1Zembinský RenéCZ158 950 Kč
2Buček JaroslavCZ158 950 Kč
3Chrobák TomášCZ96 400 Kč
4Melichar PavolSVK75 200 Kč
5Ostrowski DominikPL58 500 Kč
6IndyCZ43 000 Kč
7Łęgowski PatrykPL30 200 Kč
8Novák JiříCZ21 200 Kč

Poker Fever Bounty Masters

Poker Fever Bounty Masters was another prestigious event that attracted as many as 98 players. It was a bounty event with a buy-in of CZK 6,000, half of which went into the bounty pool. The Pole, Damian Łomża, performed very well in these conditions and secured himself a payment of CZK 83,300.

The runner-up was Michał Hryncewicz and the thirs place finisher was Mateusz Woźnak. All were Poles.

Damian Łomża
1Łomźa DamianPL83 300 Kč
2Hryncewicz MichałPL50 600 Kč
3Woźniak MateuszPL35 400 Kč
4Wochnik DominikPL25 800 Kč
5Hupało IgorPL19 700 Kč
6Kosowski TomaszPL14 700 Kč
7Wyraz GrzegorzPL10 600 Kč
8Adamec RadekCZ7 600 Kč
9Machalski RadoslawPL5 100 Kč

Next stop: Poker Fever CUP Special

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