July Poker Fever Series – results of High Roller!

The final day of record breaking High Roller ended yesterday and we know the winner from previous editions. It’s also worth noting that there were as many as 177 entries. It’s really impressive as we managed to beat the last record by 46 buy ins!

As for the performance as many as four Polish players advanced to the final table, but the HU duel was played solely between players from the Czech Republic. Do you recognize the face? – yes, it’s the winner, Roman Papacek!

Place Full name Win
1 Papáček Roman 560,700 CZK
2 Záškodný Lukáš 403,000 CZK
3 Sirý René 300,600 CZK
4 Kelner Pavel 231,300 CZK
5 Dziubdziela Marcin 186,900 CZK
6 Rudziankov Artur 149,500 CZK
7 Maksymowicz Maciej 116,800 CZK
8 Chmiel Tomasz 87,600 CZK
9 Wyrębski Wojciech 66,600 CZK
10 Šmída Roman 47,900 CZK
11 Lamper Jan 47,900 CZK
12 Szewczyk Marek 38,600 CZK
13 Peter Zolnai 38,600 CZK
14 Desset Dominik 30,400 CZK
15 Chrascina Jan 30,400 CZK

Here are a few details about the High Roller:

  • entry fee – CZK 15,000
  • unlimited re-entry
  • blind levels: 40 minutes
  • starting stack: 40,000 chips
  • guaranteed prize pool CZK 1,000,000
  • late registration – till 13th level

Once gain congratulations to the winner, who scooped not only the money, but also a very nice trophy!