Thursday, 16.03.2017, 12:00 – Kajetan Orecki wins Moravia Cup!

Congratulations to Kajetan Orecki for winning Moravia Cup, one of the most important tournaments here in Olomouc!

It was a long final table, the first elimination happened after over two hours of playing! No one wanted to leave the seat too soon because the ninth place was worth “only” $1,400 and the winner was about to get over $10,000!

Czech Republic was the most represented country, live poker is quite popular here.

However, the last man standing was a Polish poker player. He survived through almost 14 hours of Day 2 and when the game came down to three players, he made a deal which guaranteed him about $6,600.

They were now playing only for the most precious Moravia Cup trophy. First, the Czech chip leader eliminated third player after hitting an ace on the river and crushing his opponent’s pocket tens. Kajetan decided to secure this win for Poland with many aggressive plays and well-thought raises. Soon, the former chip leader from Czech Republic shipped his 52 on the 764 board and was called by Kajetan’s A5! The better hand held and we finally got to know the champion of Moravia Cup!

We’d also like to remind you about the late registration to PokerFever Masters!

Day 2 will start at 15:00, alongside with the live satellite to Main Event. You will have only 40 minutes (one blind level) to join the field of PokerFever Masters, so do not wait too long!




Thursday, 16.03.2017, 15:40 – Registration for PokerFever Masters is closed!

With 66 entries, PokerFever Masters collected CZK 464,600 in the tournament’s prizepool.

Even though this event introduced a 500 big blind starting stack, it’s smooth and fast. At the start of level 14 we’ve got only 16 people left and they all are fighting for the CZK 157,900 of the first place prize!

We need to take a moment to focus on the chip leader of the Day 2. Michał Ozimek started the day with 313,000 chips and is still in the game with huge stack:

Good luck, Michał!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 17:00 – Registration for PokerFever Masters is closed!

The big one has just started, the most important event of Poker Fever Series in Olomouc… the Main Event!

We already have many notable names in the field. Two of Smart Spin stars Galadria_id and CuAt69UsdSng are already at the tables.

They are starting with 30,000 in chips with blinds of 50/100. Blinds will go up every 40 minutes, but it’s worth to note that it will change in the following days.

The registration line is still quite big, so we hope to see more players here!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 17:45 – 11 left in the Masters

A quick update from the tournament of Masters!

There is only 11 people left right now, so we are approaching the final stage of this tournament. The last nine will be revealed pretty soon.

Michał Ozimek is leading the pack with a massive chip lead. He’s got 830,000 in chips and is on a good way to, at least, reaching the money.

The first prize in PokerFever Masters is almost $6,300, a nice payday for couple of hours of playing!

Fingers crossed!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 18:15 – CuAt69UsdSng doubles up in Main Event!

Good news for the Smart Spin members. CuAt69UsdSng doubled up with KQo after hitting the nuts on the AJT flop. He fired three times and was happy to see that he got paid off by two pair.

He built up his stack to 50,000 chips and this small win may come in handy in the later stages of this tournament.

There are more recognizable faces in the field. Daniel Havlík, the winner of December Major in Olomouc, has joined us as well!

His previous win was worth $27,591, but we are pretty sure that he will top that if he manages to get the first place in Main Event of Poker Fever Series.

And since we’ve got the December Major winner, we need to also talk about January Major winner. Jacek Pustuła is sitting with 43,500 in stack. He got paid off after hitting three queens on the flop and successively hiding his hand. A few hands later he got three streets of value with aces on the K9343 board.

Good luck!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 19:00 – Money, money, money!

We are in the money of PokerFever Masters. There is only eight people left after the unfortunate knockout on the bubble. With preflop all-ins, pocket aces were cracked by pocket tens on the flop which consisted of… two more tens! Another devastating elimination.

Now the final eight is playing for the first prize of $6,300. The payouts, in CZK, are as follows:

  1. CZK 157.900
  2. CZK 92.900
  3. CZK 69.700
  4. CZK 46.500
  5. CZK 37.200
  6. CZK 27.900
  7. CZK 18.600
  8. CZK 13.900

Good luck, guys!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 20:30 – Let’s appreciate the staff!

Soon we will have more updates for you from Olomouc, but right now we would like to appreciate all staff members who work relentlessly on making this tournament happen.

They were here for us many, many times and thanks to them everything is running smoothly and without bigger issues.

Thank you!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 21:30 – Update from Olomouc


We are still here, don’t worry!

It’s getting a little loud on the bottom floor of Go4Games Casino as almost all tables are now taken by the players who participate in our Main Event. We already saw 213 registrations and that number includes 18 re-entries.

But the night is still young! We will play twelve 40-minute levels today and hope for more people to come here.

PokerFever Masters is down to three players and soon we will tell you more about it, but right now, let’s continue with Main Event!


New people came to Olomouc registered to the Poker Fever Series Main Event. One of them is a foosball star and a poker player Iveta Rakovicsová. She also stream her Spin & Go session on her Twitch channel, under the nick of 0ivka, go check it out! Our Slovakian friend has already managed to build up her stack up to 54,000 chips.

Now you can cry because her boyfriend is also here! WWO16 is happy about the pot which he just won, but unfortunately it only covers all previous losses. He still sits at the starting stack of 30,000 chips.


LayerCake79 just went up to 40,000 in chips after calling all-in from one of the short stackers on 872. Filip was holding pocket nines and dominated his opponent’s 97. There was no seven on the later streets and the Smart Spin member feels good about his stack.

And we also cannot forget about CuAt69… his branding may get really famous after this event.

But right now let’s focus on the game. He managed to triple up his stack to 90,000. His onorthodox style and a good sense of the game helped him reach so many final tables already. We wonder how he will do in Olomouc!


If you are in Olomouc tonight, don’t forget to let us know!

We will happily come to your table, chat a bit and make a photo so you can have a nice memory from your time here!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 22:15 – One more great memory from Olomouc!

Kajetan is yesterday’s winner of Moravia Cup. Not only he got $6,600 for his troubles, he also gets to bring home the beautiful trophy from this event.

This is a true reminder of his triumph and a good time he spent at the tables here.

We talked with him a little and he seemed like he really enjoyed Poker Fever Series and truthfully, that’s what we love to hear and something we are aiming for. This is the first step to making it a world-class event and it seemed like we are off to a good start.

Of course, Main Event is the true test for this series.

Taking this opportunity, we’d also like to invite you to PFS Twitter:

Poker Fever Series on Twitter



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 22:45 – Stack updates

We are back from a little walk around the poker room. Checking stacks of our players can be heart-breaking when you see how much they shortened.

This is the current chip count:

  • Jacek2165 – 62,500
  • LayerCake79 – 43,000
  • WWO16 – 40,000
  • Iveta Rakovicsová (0ivka) – 45,000
  • CuAt69UsdSng – 18,000
  • Galadria_id – 19,000
  • Mejwon – 35,000

0ivka lost a chunk of her stack after three barreling for bluff on the paired board. She sensed that her opponent is weak, but he just didn’t want to drop his 54s on the 757K2 board. Too bad! But she’s still got a lot of room to play.

CuAt69UsdSng dropped down significantly. He lost with Jacks against Aces, sevens against eights and in the one of the latest hands, he doubled up Galadria_id with A5 against her AK. They are still sitting next to each other, right now with only a little over 20 big blinds. It will not be easy for them to build it up!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 23:15 – Jarosław Lipień enjoys his time at Poker Fever

Jarosław Lipień is one of the top Polish MTT players and he just couldn’t miss the opportunity to play at Poker Fever Series.

Unfortunately for him, he is currently nursing a tiny 10,500 stack. Maybe his luck will change.

And well, if that doesn’t happen, he can still come back tomorrow for Day 1B!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 23:45 – a WSOP winner is here!

Some of the biggest Polish stars arrived to Olomouc to play in the Main Event and this time we met one of the WSOP Circuit winners!

Mateusz Dziewoński is the one who shipped the European version of WSOP Circuit when it made its stop in Rozvadov. This fantastic performance was worth $224,901, an appropriate prize for such an event!

He decided to visit us here in Olomouc and take a shot for the Poker Fever Series’ biggest event.

We know one thing – he can read your soul! Look at this stare!



Friday, 16.03.2017, 00:30 – Piotr Więcej triumphs in PokerFever Masters!

PokerFever Masters just went into Polish heads-up, with Michał Ozimek holding up to 550,000 chips and Piotr Więcek and his big stack of 2,750,000 chips.

But it wasn’t the long one, it ended after only four hands!

Michał shipped K9 and got called by Piotr’s A8. There was no help for the weaker hand on the board and that was the end of Olomouc’s story of PokerFever Masters!

Piotr Więcek was announced a champion and got CZK 157,900 for this win!

Michał Ozimek, a former Day 1 chip leader and a leading player for the most of Day 2, had to settle on the second place and the prize of CZK 92,900!




Friday, 16.03.2017, 01:00 – Update from the field

Unfortunately, we said goodbye to many Smart Spin players in this event.

Galadria_id, Mejwon, WWO16, and LayerCake79 – all of them busted their stacks in the Day 1A of Poker Fever Main Event.

Jacek2165 is not happy with his performance and what’s worse, he’s got the experienced Tomáš Macek on his left. Czech player (on the picture above) is sitting comfortably with a big stack, sipping his fancy drink. He was the Day 1 chip leader of Moravia Cup and got as far as to the final table. Jacek2165 will return in Day 2 with 27k

0ivka, after a fairly good start, dropped down to 25,000 in chips. Not a good day!

CuAt69UsdSng is still fighting to get out of the hole. He’s got less than 20,000 chips.

What can you do?