Friday, 17.03.2017, 16:15 – Day 1B started already!

Main Event of Poker Fever Series started off with a bang!

We saw 254 entries on Day 1A and a lot of familiar faces! Czech, Polish and Slovakian players couldn’t miss the opportunity to play in the hottest tournament of March 2017!

Day 1A took almost nine hours, but many players did not mind sitting at the tables for so long. You can’t get bored with constant action at the tables, beautiful hostesses walking around the room and so many opportunities to show your creativity in building chip towers (like on the picture above).

But only 65 people advanced to the second day and the chip leader, Marcin Jaworski, gathered 414,500 chips. Impressive!


And we cannot forget the notable PokerFever Masters tournament. The long time chip leader, Michał Ozimek, has been struck with a bad luck at the end of the tournament and finished on the second position.

Eventually, the winner was Piotr Więcek who got CZK 157,900 for his win. Congratulations!


Friday started with the satellite to Main Event and there is over a hundred people there! Another great success of Poker Fever Series, we expect to have even more registrations in Day 1B.

Good luck to all players!




Friday, 17.03.2017, 16:30 – Main Event slowly attracting players

It’s 16:30 here in Olomouc and that means that the second day of the PokerFever Main Event is well underway. So far Day 1B has attracted a relatively small group players (compared to yesterday’s action) – only 65 – but the registrations are still pouring in and we know for a fact many more will join throughout the day.

Among the recognizable faces in the field we’ve spotted Jan Przysucha, a top Polish MTT player and Jonatan Kula, another regular from Poland, who has been seen putting in many hours in various tournaments throughout the festival. Among the Czechs one of the most prominent players is Petr Hlavacek, a veteran with over $250,000 in live earnings.

While the Main Event starts out pretty quitetly today, the struggle in the satellites is real – both for the Main Event and the Highroller. The former had 124 entrants, 34 of whom are still in competition for 19 tickets worth CZK 4,800 each, while the latter has only started, but already has 81 participants. We will give you more updates on that soon.

Stay tuned!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 17:30 – What have we got for you today?

So many people stuck in their small boxes at work, wearing suits and looking through the windows… waiting for the weekend to start. But not us! We are feeling quite good being inside the Go4Games Casino in Olomouc and we’ve got so many things to experience today!

Satellite to Main Event is just an appetizer for the main course. However, there are many more things on the menu.

There is also a satellite to High Roller, already ongoing. The High Roller itself will start at 18:00 and will have the buy-in of CZK 15,000

Later in the day, you can also take part in a little bit of gun fight. First, you will try to shoot down our super stars in the “Shooting Star” tournament and then, you can get yourself into hunter’s shoes and collect scalps for “Real Hunter” tournament.

Overall – a lot of fun!

And after the initial staleness in the tournament, we encountered a real boom of registrations! Over 170 have already paid CZK 4,800 to play in the Main Event!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 18:00 – Hot satellites

While the feeder tournament to Day 1B of the Main Event is slowly coming to an end with 23 hopeful still remaining (19 tickets will be awarded), the satellite to the CZK 15,000 Highroller is getting really busy – 96 players and counting so far! Among the field we’ve spotted Jarosław Trzcinka, Smart Spin member, Mateusz Woźniak, winner of the Poker Fever ONE Hundred side event and many other Polish and Czech regulars. Looks like the High Roller will be extremely popular!

Actually, while we were writing this, we received the information about waiting list for High Roller satellite! There are just not enough dealers in the casino, but don’t worry – they called for help!

Soon we will have more dealers here and the game will continue undisrupted.

This is a good proof that Poker Fever Series is a successful festival!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 18:15 – Join Smart Spin’s giveaway on Facebook!

Smart Spin wanted to celebrate Poker Fever Series and decided to make a small giveaway which will award one set of gadgets from the festival!

You can receive a hoodie, a lanyard and a cup!

Just answer one little question on their Facebook page:



Friday, 17.03.2017, 19:00 – So many people!

Such a big crowd in the satellite to High Roller! It’s just unimaginable for us. 137 people decided to reach in their wallets for CZK 1,200 and try their luck in the casino tent.

That’s because High Roller is not cheap! With a buy-in of CZK 15,000, it will for sure create a massive prize pool and a huge first place prize. But you need to remember that money attracts a little more experienced players, so winning this tournament won’t be easy!

With so many attendants in the satellite, organizers were forced to postpone the start of both High Roller and Shooting Star by one hour. We still can’t wait to find out who will get an invitation there and have a bounty on his (or her) head!


And a quick update from Main Event, but first, the question: what’s the best sound on earth?

For us it’s thousands of chips colliding with each other. The sound of it is just amazing! So many hands trying (and sometimes funnily failing) to do some tricks with their chips. Magical.

At this moment, we’ve got 229 people in the Main Event!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 19:45 – Over 40 people in High Roller

We didn’t think that this tournament will be so popular among players who came to Olomouc.

43 people have already paid CZK 15,000 and the registration is still open, so we can expect this number to go up (and let’s not forget about the players who will join later from still ongoing satellite tournament).

There are many notable names and familiar faces, including the winner of yesterday’s Poker Fever Masters, Piotr Więcek.

But there is also a strong representation of Smart Spin and Smart Backing. These guys are real highrollers and we are not one bit surprised that they decided to play this one.

Let’s see some stacked final table!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 20:30 – Main Event update

The Poker Room in Go4Games Casino Hodolany is packed to the limits with Main Event Day 1B players! There have been 252 unique registrations and 12 re-entries so far and those numbers are going up really fast!

Recognizable faces still in competition include Mateusz Dziewoński (a WSOP circut winner), Kajetan Orecki (recent winner of Moravia Cup), the already mentioned Jan Przysucha or polish MTT regular Michał Kądziela. But there are so many more, in their jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, wearing sunglasses, man jewelery or extravagant hats – we have so much variety here!

If you’re in Olomouc and thinking about playing, do not hestitate – we’re only halfway through to the end of late registration, as we’re only getting started!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 21:30 – Day 1B started already!

Would you like to experience new things?

Galadria_id knows what she is talking about! Playing in the Poker Fever Series Main Event was a great experience for her and although she was card dead most of the time, she will cherish this memory forever.

You still have a chance to make history and be a part of the first stop of our new live series. Soon we will give you updates from Main Event and High Roller (a really stacked High Roller, it seems!), but for now we’d like to remind you that tomorrow there will be two starting days.

Day 1C will start at 12:00 and Day 1D will begin five hours later, at 17:00 CET.

Join us here and have fun!



Friday, 17.03.2017, 22:15 – White Magic of a PCA Champion

We have just caught up with none other than the biggest star of the Poker Fever Festival – Dominik Pańka! He is already in competition in the CZK 15,000 High Roller and we have been able to get an insight into the mind of our champion, as he described for us a hand in which he successfuly made his opponents fold with queen High. At least at first it was queen high, and knowing that all 3(!) of his opponents are bluffing, he daringly continued in the hand, feeling confident.

However when the turn and river were sevens (“because it always comes 7”) his hand transformed – undoubtedly because of Dominik’s “white magic” – into pocket sevens, giving him quads! Obviously our hero could not stop with such a holding, so he fired an all-in into his sole remaining opponent (Jarosław Lipień, a top Polish MTT player), but unfortunately got a fold.

A different version of the story was relayed to us by Jarosław himself, who claimed to have been bluffed off two pair with queen high. Who was right? Or perhaps both were and we witnessed a real “white magic show”? One thing is clear: both players know each other well and we can expect more of similar shenanigans and friendly banter on that particular table. We’re looking forward to it!

Dominik Pańka, the new Head Coach of Smart Backing, is currently sitting with 33,000 chips.


At a nearbly table, a cash game master Limitless (incidentally, also a Smart Backing Head Coach, but in the cash division) has lost a good portion of his stack and has around 16,000 chips. He is sitting alongside other Polish regulars Tomasz Chmiel and Mateusz Woźniak.



Friday, 17.03.2017, 23:30 – Fast and furious – Pańka vs Lipeń again – big bustout!

More good news from Main Event – we reached three hundred registrations, exactly 313 entries! It’s great to see so many people spending their Friday night in the Go4Games Casino, playing in the Poker Fever Series flagship tournament!

It’s not the end because people can register throughout the whole day. If they want, they can even register at the end of the last blind level and immediately enter Day 2. But that’s also really risky because you will still have 30,000 chips in stack with the big blind of 2,400.

Paying CZK 4,800 for 12,5 big blinds may be risky, but we have a feeling that someone will go for it!


The man who knocked out Dominik Pańka!

The dust has not settled yet after a big clash between two Polish pros – Dominik Pańka and Jarosław Lipień – when the pair fought once more and, you guessed it, only one was left standing afterwards! And it went like this:

The UTG player opened to 1,500, Dominik flatted on the HJ and Jarosław made it 5,500 to go on the button. The original raiser folded his hand, while Dominik decided to stick around, flatting the squeeze. Both players saw a K32 flop with a flushdraw. After a check by the PCA champion, Jarosław bet 4,000 and got a call. The turn was an offsuit 6. The action again went check – bet (8,000) – call. River brought an offsuit jack and Dominik checked for the third time. Jarosław wouldn’t let go and fired an all-in for 17,500, putting Dominik to the test. Pańka decided to go for it, but was denied the win when Jarosław tabled pocket aces. Dominik had KQs with a flopped flushdraw, but that was not enough.

Jarosław Lipeń is currently sitting with a respectable stack of 70,000 and Dominik Pańka is no longer in the tournament!