LIVE FROM OLOMOUC: Main Event Day 1C and 1D!


Saturday, 18.03.2017, 10:30 – 1B was a success, what about 1C?


Day 1B ended with 278 registration and 49 reloads, so in total, we’ve got 327 entries! Almost 100 players advanced to the next stage of Main Event, would you believe it?

Chip leader is Adam Milewski, a quite experienced player who frequently shows up at various European festivals. He’s got 322,500 chips, almost 100k short of Day 1A chip leader Marcin Jaworski.

We’ve got a feeling that we will easily top the number of registrations today in both Day 1C and Day 1D!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 12:30 – Day 1C slowly starting

The penultimate Day 1 of the Poker Fever Main Event has begun about half an hour ago, and although the poker room here at Casino Go4Games is not yet completely full, we already have 118 unique registrations!

With the blinds starting at 50/100 there is a lot of poker to look forward to, both for the players and fans alike. But that’s not all – today we’re going to witness a real cardgame bonanza, as there is another starting day scheduled for 17:00!

We’re expecting a massive turnout, so do not go anywhere as we bring you the latest here from Olomouc!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 13:30 – High Roller final update

Before we get into todays action in detail, we have to recap yesterday’s epic Poker Fever High Roller. As you might already know the field was packed with stars, with players like Dominik Pańka, Limitless, Vojtech Ruzicka, CuAt69UsdSng or dulek. In fact, most of the field was comprised of well-known MTT regulars (mostly from Poland), which made for an extremely interesting tournament. The prize pool was certainly worth the trouble, with CZK 417,500 (around $16,600) set aside for the winner!

Afer many, many hours of play and many spectacular bustouts (including the likes of Pańka, Limitless or Ruzicka) the last man standing turned out to be Maciej Rogacki, who defeated his countryman (and roommate for this trip!) Grzegorz Idziak in a Polish heads-up. However, both players agreed to a deal beforehand, which made the final table payouts look like this:


1. Maciej Rogacki – CZK 361,200* (deal made)

2. Grzegorz Idziak – CZK 318,700* (deal made)

3. Piotr Maliszewski – CZK 188,500

4. Artur Wasek – CZK 134,600

5. Arkadiusz Olszowy – CZK 94,200

6. Artur Koszel – CZK 67,300

7. Petr Vrbicky – CZK 53,900

8. Miroslav Janek – CZK 40,400

9. Piotr Trębacz – CZK 26,900

The two friends will certainly be happy with their respective scores in such a difficult and grueling tournament (the heads-up battle lasted ’till around 10:00 AM and was full of twists and turns). Will Rogacki’s win be the highest paid result of the first ever Poker Fever festival? We will find out soon!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 14:00 – Almost 200 already!

A quick trip around the poker room has reveled a lot of familliar faces playing Day 1C. Among the hopeful to secure their spot in Day 2 we’ve spotted WSOP-C champion Mateusz Dziewoński, recent Highroller finalist Piotr Trębacz, Poker Fever Masters winner Piotr Więcek, former Day 2 Moravia Cup chipleader Martin Komprda or Smart Spin players Jacek Pustuła and Filip Gburczyk (respectively on their 2nd and 3rd “bullet”). But there are many, many more and we’re still seeing a lot of new entries as we write this update.

Will Day 1C break yesterday’s record of 327 registrations? It’s almost certain!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 15:30 – Dominik Pańka enters the room!

Our PCA 2014 Champion Dominik Pańka just joined us for Day 1C of Poker Fever Series Main Event.

Right away he was spotted by the number of fans and cheerleaders as he is the top star in this room. One of the female dealers started to nervously flutter the card with the table number, but we don’t know if it was Dominik’s charm or just the sole heat of hundreds breaths at the bottom level of Go4Games Casino!

He may be the top dog here, but we’ve got many notable names in the field already. Grzegorz Wyraz, twelfth on the Polish all-time money list with $619,800 in live winnings, is also here! He decided to join the hottest event of March 2017!

Kajetan Orecki decided to take one more chance in this tournament. He is the Moravia Cup Champion, so he cannot leave Olomouc without giving his best in Main Event!

There is also a big suprise for newcomers, the sight they have never seen before. Floormen are dealing cards because there are not enough dealers! Yes, there is also a big line to the satellite tournament and casino probably did not expect such a big flood of poker players!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 16:00 – Poker Fever = good memories!

So many happy faces, so much positive vibe!

Poker Fever hit everyone in the Olomouc’s Go4Games Casino and there are still four days to go!

You can still come here and feel the magic of our festival. Day 1D starts at 17:00 CET!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 17:30 – Kajetan Masiewicz also here!

Kajetan Masiewicz wasn’t able to reach the money in yesterday’s High Roller, but he decided to return today and take a shot at the PFS ME Olomouc title!

And he loves it here, so many interesting and positive people! Indeed, you can feel a good vibe from this place while watching hand discussions, hearing laughs from different parts of the room or just the sheer excitement during all-in situations!

We wish him good luck!

We just reached 287 entries and in 5 minutes the blinds will go up to 400/800/100. At the same time, Day 1D is being played out in the casino tent, with 61 people registered.

Soon we will reach 1,000 registrations from all starting days!



Saturday 18.03.2017, 18:00 – Day 1C update – 300 entries already!

Remember how we mentioned that there is still room in the tournament area of Poker Fever’s Day 1C? Well, that is no longer the case! With 259 entries and 41 reentries registered by Casino Go4Games staff, the “Red Room” is filled with players, dealers, bloggers and fans – the Main Event is in full swing!

Blinds are currently at a 400/800 level (100 ante), which does not in the slightest discourage new registrations. Among the new arrivals is Smart Backing Head Coach “Limitless”, who is currently sitting with a 38,000 stack.

We have also spotted Polish MTT pros Damian Porębski and Krzysztof Dulowski, while Dominik Pańka still remains in the competition. The PCA 2014 champion is in possession of 110 000 chips.

We’ve also got a big update about stacks of our players. This is the last day, so we see a lot of Smart Spin members who decided to take a shot at Main Event. But we will tell you that in the next update. Stay tuned!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 18:45 – You can get back your Main Event buy-in!

Did you hear about Poker Fever special promotion? You can get back your buy-in or win one of the two hoodies.

All you need to do is to find Poker Fever hostesses and write down your name on the special card.

On Monday, organizers will draw three cards, one person will get back the money he used to register for the Poker Fever Series Main Event and two more will receive branded hoodies!

+EV? Definitely!



Saturday, 18.03.2017,19:45 – Smart Spin founders joined the crowd!

Tournament clock tells us it’s tenth level of Main Event, we’ve got 321 people registered so far in 1C and 1D approaches 200!

And finally, we can see two of Smart Spin’s best, Banis and iJustGamble!

Well, to tell the truth, it’s iJustGamble’s second bullet as he lost the first one after… only 5 hands! He started with 30 big blinds, a perfect amount for a HU HT expert, and got pocket queens. He opened, his rival 3-betted, iJustGamble made a 4-bet and called all-in. Unfortunately, he was against aces and quickly reached to his pocket to get re-entry. Let’s hope that this time he lasts a little longer!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 20:15 – A special announcement from Marcin Jabłoński!

Marcin Jabłoński couldn’t be prouder. The new festival is already a huge success and we have our fingers crossed for something like 1,200 entrants in total!

He took a moment to welcome us and tell a little about Poker Fever Series project:

I’d like to officially welcome you at the first Poker Fever Series festival. It is a great pleasure to be here today with you.

Last year I decided to stop working on Redbet Live and dedicate my heart to a completely new series. I hope that you enjoy this stop and that we will meet during the next one, some time this year.

Good luck in the tournament!

We hope that too, Marcin!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 20:30 – News from the field!

Day 1C of the Main Event is slowly coming to a close – we’re currently at level 11, with 13 levels scheduled for today. Blinds are 800/1600 (ante 200) and still 170 players remain. Among the most notable names at the tables we’ve got:

– CuAt69UsdSng: 140,000 chips
– Mateusz Dziewoński: 270,000 chips
– Dominik Pańka: 23,000 chips
– Limitless: 22,000 chips
– iJustGamble: 75,000 chips

Some recognizable names sent to the rail include Poker Fever Masters runner-up Michał Ozimek, Moravia Cup winner Kajetan Orecki or none other than WSOP 2016 November Niner Vojtech Ruzicka, one of the biggest Czech poker stars!

However many players, including Ozimek or the famous Ruzicka have decided to keep going and are still fighting in Day 1D and 1C respectively.

Speaking of Day 1D, this event has already attracted around 200 players and newcomers are still pouring in. Looks like tomorrow is going to be massive!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 21:30 – Don’t try to bluff a WSOP(-C) winner…

Mateusz Dziewoński has just taken the lead in the Main Event Day 1C after winning a massive pot and sending his opponent to the rail!

Him and another bigstack at the table got involved in a few leveling wars, each one trying to outplay the other. The chips went both ways but none could gain the upper hand until the following happened:

MP1 (the other bigstack) opened, Mateusz (MP2) decided to 3bet and received a 4bet from his aggresive opponent. Mr. Dziewoński opted to flat and we saw a J33 rainbow flop. MP bet out and got called. Turn brought another jack and again we saw a sizable bet and a call from Mateusz. The river was a 7 (as it always is) and MP1 quickly shoved, which got a sigh of irritation from the WSOP-C winner.

He went into the tank for quite a while and finally decided to make the call. His opponent instantly tapped the table and showed AK for a complete bluff. Mateusz had A3s and scooped up a giant pot. He now has around 500,000 in chips!


He is not the only big stack in the room:



We are at the end of 13th level of Day 1C, so clocked has been stopped and tournament directors announced that there will be only seven more hands played. Soon we will give you full chip count!



Saturday, 18.03.2017, 23:00 – Day 1C is over!

The clocked has been stopped, all hands have been played. At the moment players are bagging and tagging their hard-earned chips, some with joy, some with less happy faces. If we were to believe the tournament screen there were 104 survivors with an average stack of 94,615, but that numbers may still change slightly, as the big counting is still going on.

The happiest man in the room would undoubtedly be Mateusz Dziewoński, who added to his stack in the final minutes of Day 1C while defending K3o against Jarosław Lipień’s aggression on a K57x5 board in a BU vs BB spot. Jarosław had a busted draw and gave up on the river. However, the very last hand was not so lucky for the WSOP-C Rozvadov winner, when he lost QQ against AJ. In the end, he bagged around 450,000 – a very impressive result nonetheless.

Among other survivors were Kajetan Masiewicz (around 350,000 chips), Dominik Pańka (79,000 chips), Krzysztof Dulowski (150,000) or SmartSpin’s Banis (110,000) and iJustGamble (36,000). We’re now jumping straight into Day 1D, which at this very moment has 210 participants, so do not go anywhere!



Sunday 00:15 – Day 1D is going strong

Day 1D a.k.a. the last chance for glory in the Main Event is quietly entering a critical phase. Quietly because compared to hubbub of previous qualifying days, this group of players seems relatively calm and resigned to their fate. Tiredness is certainly a factor here, as many entrants have played in 1A, B and C and as we all know, there is only so much poker a human body can take. Nevertheless, we already had 244 unique registrations and 50 reentries, and 200 players are still in the fight.

The blinds are 500/1000 (ante 100) and there will be 3 more levels of play today.

Among the field we’ve spotted Polish regulars Michał Kądziela, Piotr Więcek, Michał Ozimek, Kajetan Orecki, Jacek Pustuła, Mateusz Warowiec, Jonatan Kula. There are also many Czech players still in.

Who will make it and who will have to be satisfied with the role of a spectator on Day 2? Stay with us!



Sunday, 18.03.2017, 01:00 – Six friends in the fight

The blinds are 600/1200 (ante 200) and there are still 176 players fighting for their seats in Day 2. Among them there is one Czech superstar – Vojtech Ruzicka, who just won a large pot when his opponent paid 3 streets on a T high board with JT. Vojtech had KT and is currently sitting with a stack of 110,000.

People are getting tired and it seems like the game slowed down a bit. We will try to keep you updated with the news from Go4Games Casino.



Sunday, 18.03.2017, 02:30 – Day 1D coming down to an end!

One more hour to officially end Day 1D and with that, all opening days to the Main Event!

All-in or Fold got 59 entrants and that generated a first place prize of CZK 35,740. Quite nice for a game which is being played when your drunk uncle deals the card in a home game!

And since we’ve got no more news for you, let’s see some photos taken on Saturday!

Doesn’t it look fun?