Sunday, 19.03.2017, 13:00 – Today is all about the Main Event!

We would gladly see more starting days, as they were a lot of fun, but sadly we need to keep going and thin out the competition a little bit.

Day 2 of Main Event will start at 14:00 and right away the players will see longer blind levels. Previous levels were 40-minute long, but this time it will be 50 minutes. That will make the skill factor a little more relevant!

And this game is all about the skill. We will see 339 players in the second day of Main Event, among them there are names like

  • Dominik Pańka (79,000)
  • Voytech Ruzicka (73,500)
  • Mateusz Dziewoński (455,000)
  • Krzysztof Dulowski (152,000)
  • Kajetan Orecki (179,000)
  • Maciej Rogacki (177,000)
  • Michał Ozimek (77,500)
  • Michał Kądziela (116,000)
  • Kajetan Masiewicz (349,500)
  • Jacek Pustuła (136,500)
  • Jan Przysucha (119,500)

We wish you all good luck in the second day of Main Event!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 14:30 – They are dropping like flies!

Every minute someone leaves the room!

You can hear dealers screaming “Seat Open!”, “Seat Open!”, one after another. We started the day with almost 340 players and we are left with 302 (or less if the TV is not being updated regularly).

We will play ten levels of blinds today and the starting level is 1,500/3,000/500. We’d like to remind you that this time every level will last 50 minutes instead of yesterday’s 40.

With 1005 entries and 296 re-entries, prizepool for the Main Event reached CZK 5.5M!

126 people will be paid and the smallest prize is CZK 8,800, however everyone wants to secure the one at the top of the payment list.


The winner of Poker Fever Series Main Event will receive CZK 1,011,924 which is about $40,200!


A very good top place prize, we are sure that everyone would be happy to be 40k richer!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 15:30 – Voytech Ruzicka out!

Unfortunately, we needed to say goodbye to one of the most recognizable Czech players here, a top star, one of the participants of WSOP November Nine 2016 – Voytech Ruzicka.

He was sitting with 70,000 chips at the start of the day, but he quickly lost almost third of his stack. With 50,000 left, he decided to put his tournament fate into AQ, but his 3bet shove was quickly called and he was up against pocket queens.

There was no help on the board and it was over for him. Too bad because we loved to watch him play here, he is such a nice person, and we hope that we will meet him again at the next Poker Fever Series stop!


Sunday, 19.03.2017, 17:30 – Only 215 left, Pańka out

Piotr Więcek can’t be happier with his PokerFever Masters win, this festival was really good for him so far. We hope that his words will convince you to join us next time!


We return after a dinner break with more news from the second day of Poker Fever Series Main Event. Most of the action has been moved to the Red Room which is located on the bottom floor of the casino. We’ve got 215 people left and this day is going faster than we expected.

One prominent representant of the hosts playing in Day 2 is Antonin Duda, although the stack in front of him is rather small – around 120-150k, but it’s still twice as much as he started the day with.

Who got eliminated since the last update? Michał Ozimek is unfortunately no longer present at the tables. With 24big blind stack, he made a limp from UTG with pocket sixes and got a big isolation from the button. He responded with a shove and got a call from AK. The flip did not go his way and right now he is chiling at the bar.

Unfortunately, Dominik Pańka just got up from his seat. We will tell you about his last hand soon.

Among the notable names still in play we have:

  • Kajetan Masiewicz 450,000
  • Krzysztof Stuchlik 310,000
  • Jan Przysucha 170,000
  • Krzysztof Dulowski 230,000


And as we were writing this, we just entered one more break because the lowest chip denominations are being replaced right now. Stay tuned!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 18:00 – 175 left

Everyone still in competition can take a deep breath – the PCA 2014 champion was just sent to the rail! Dominik Pańka was rather shortstacked the whole day, mostly around or under 20 big blinds. Finally, we’ve witnessed this hand:

Dominik opened to 10k from UTG+1 (on a 26bb stack) and got a 3bet to 26k from MP. Getting a good price, Mr. Pańka decided to flat and both players saw a 895 rainbow flop, which went check/check. On the turn (another 8 opening a flushdraw) Dominik led out for 23k, which his opponent called after some consideration. The river was an offsuit 3 and this time Dominik put all his chips in the pot. After much deliberation MP decided to be a hero and call with AK high! What is more, it was good, because our champion had a big bluff with JTs (turned flushdraw). What a hand!

We’re betting that the glory of defeating a poker superstar was definitely a factor in that hand – it has to be said that Dominik Pańka played with an invisible bounty on his head the whole time, because under normal circumstances many of the players here would not have the chance to play, let alone eliminate such an accomplished and famous opponent.

As for Pańka, he seemed quite calm about his result, but told us he will probably not be playing any more tournaments here. We’re sure we will see him in some $5k or $10k events soon though!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 18:00 – Poker Fever Masters champion is no more

As the field shrinks down (165 participants currently) we’re witnessing more and more regular-on-regular battles. Sometimes it is subtle leveling, mind games and deception, sometimes it’s a simple and brutal carnage – we’ve just witnessed a hand of the latter sort.

MP1 opened, MP2 (Michał Kądziela, a Polish MTT reg) put his last 10k chips in, the SB decided to isolate with a reraise and BB (Piotr Więcek, another tournament regular, winner of the Poker Fever Masters) opted to shove his 27-big blind stack. The original raiser thought for a long while and folded, the SB called, and we saw the hands:

Kądziela: J6s
Więcek: AKo

The flop brought a six for Kądziela, but the turn and river were good for aces, which held, knocking out the two Polish players. An ugly beat for Więcek, but that’s poker!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 19:25 – Time stop! Hand for hand play!

With 129 players still in, bubble time is almost upon us. Undoubtedly everyone still in competition in Go4Games Casino’s Red Room envision themselves making at least the minimum payout, but the hard reality is that over 20 of them will leave with nothing.

That’s one of the most terrifying moments for them. They survived the big fields of Day 1 (over 1,300 registrations!) and the first hours of second day.

They can be nervous, who wouldn’t be? It’s still a long way till we will see a fight for the top prize, but they all want to get something out of this tournament, at least for gas home.

Who will make the money? Stay with us to find out!




Sunday, 19.03.2017, 20:30 – Bubble has burst!


We witnessed so many interesting hands during hand for hand play! It’s unbelievable how fun and unpredictable poker is. When you see those hands live, you stop thinking about rigged software or unfair advantages.

We caught the first elimination on the river. On the board 5d 3d 4s 6d Qh, one person decided to bet, the other one went all-in and witnessed a super fast call. At the showdown, the shorter stack who went all-in was holding flush on Qd 7d, but the caller confidently showed 4d 2d for the baby straight flush! Milan Simko, who thought he’s got the best hand with Q-high flush, was stunned!

But that was not the end. The 127th position has been revealed, but we still needed to eliminate one more player to get into the money.


Players were sooo tight! One of the players was holding 100,000 in chips, opened to 25,000 and got a 3bet to 55,000. After much tanking, he folded… pocket jacks! That was a real shock for us.


Relatively soon we’ve witnessed another all-in and a call, when the big blind, Zdenek Poštulka,  shoved his last 70,000 after an MP open. Piotr Trębacz, the original raiser had no choice but to put in the additional 5 bb and we saw a showdown:

Trębacz: A3o
Zdenek Poštulka: QQ

The board ran K496K and the hand-for-hand went on.


But finally, we saw two all-ins and calls simultaneously at two tables. The first one was the Czech player who stacked off AJo on a 6h Jd 5d board. The original raiser in that hand, a young Polish player had J5s (raised boldly from early position) and could not left such an opportunity slip by. The turn and river were a 4 and a 5 respectively and the Czech player was eliminated.

However, as surprising as it seems, he made it into the money!


He was not the bubble boy because of the “bigger stack” rule. At the second table, we witnessed a real bubble and the one who took the pleasure of eliminating 126th player was Kajetan Masiewicz! He saw an open from the MP for 23,000, made a 3bet to 60,000 on the CO and got shoved by the big blind, Mateusz Woźniak, who was sitting with only 73,000 chips. MP folded and Kajetan Masiewicz was forced to call.

Kajetan Masiewicz: 9h8h

Mateusz Woźniak: KdKc

The flop Qh7dQd did not seem dangerous for Mateusz because he was not afraid of two pair anymore. However, the turn brought 6h, giving Kajetan both flush and straight draws. Mateusz screamed in agony as he was having a bad feeling about this. Unfortunately for him, the river was 5d, a winner of two side tournaments at PCA 2016. He is the bubble boy of the first Poker Fever Series Main Event!



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 21:15 – Mateusz Dziewoński is out of the Main Event!

The Polish pro will probably not remember his first time in the Poker Fever Main Event especially fondly, as he was the chipleader at the start of Day 2, but had to settle for a mincash.

Mateusz opened on the cutoff and got 2 calls. Flop came J54 rainbow, the original raiser made a continuation bet and the BB called. Turn brought another 4 and the out of position player led out. Mateusz called and we saw a T river, which made his opponent shove. The WSOP-C Rozvadov winner tanked for a longer while and then decided to make the call with ace-five. Unfortunately for him it was no good against his rival’s 43o.


100 players remaining!


We’ve also got a YouTube video of our buble boy, Mateusz Woźniak. Check it out:



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 22:00 – Who is still in?

Rafał Kaczmarski

After the high-tension moments on the bubble, the Red Room of Go4Games is now rather calm and quiet, as the remaining 86 players fight for their shot at the top prize (a whopping $40,200) of the inaugural Poker Fever Main Event. Among those still in we’ve spotted a few familliar faces:

  • Krzysztof Stuchlik
  • Adam Milewski
  • Rafał Kaczmarski
  • Jakub Filipowski
  • Kajetan Orecki


Blinds are now at 8,000/16,000 with 2,000 ante.



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 23:00 – Rafał Kaczmarski out!

The pace of the Main Event has definitely decreased, as we’re getting closer and closer to some serious payouts. At the moment there are 73 players in competition and we’ve lost one of the big stacks – Rafał Kaczmarski – whose KQ could not prevail against an aggressive opponent’s A2. The stacks went in preflop, after an open by Rafał and a shove by his nemesis. The proverbial “ace on the river” killed the Polish players dreams of becoming a first ever Poker Fever Main Event champion.

Those who can still lift the trophy include: Jacek Pustuła, Krzysztof Stuchlik, Kajetan Masiewicz, Zbigniew Holak, Kajetan Orecki and Adam Milewski.

Kajetan Masiewicz is now at over 1M in chips. He got it in a really fun way. Button oppened with minraise and Kajetan immediately 3betted him with AQ. He must have done that quite a lot because button snapped and pushed K8o for 450,000 chip stack. Masiewicz called and his Ace high held!

We’re currently at 10,000 / 20,000 (ante 3000) and there will be another 15 minute break after the end of this level.



Sunday, 19.03.2017, 23:30 – Kajetan Masiewicz is a chip leader!

Kajetan Masiewicz is the chip leader of Day 2! We are just one blind away from packing up and he’s got about 2,000,000 in chips after winning a big 3-way pot.

It all started with preflop limps, both from button and small blinds. Kajetan Masiewicz on the big blind just checked his options and the flop came 3h Th 9c with a possible heart flush draw. SB fired out for 40,000 and got two calls. Our players moved to the turn which was 7h, completing flush draw, and we can see the same scenario. The river is 6h, making a lot of mess on the board. Small blind stops with the aggression, but Kajetan decides to bet. Button didn’t want to have anything more going on in this pot and folded, but small blind made a check/raise to 200,000 chips. Our hero tanks a little, but finally decides to call with Kh Jc – a king high flush – and it’s good enough to scoop the pot! His opponent was holding a busted straight draw.

Congratulations, Kajetan, keep it up!

What do you have, mate?

There is been a small change to the payouts. The first place prize increased a bit, it is now CZK 1,015,200. The change was little, but it was our duty to report it!

We just started the last level of blinds of the day, 12,000/24,000/4,000. There are 56 players left.



Monday, 19.03.2017, 00:15 – Main Event millionaires

Kajetan Masiewicz is the only one with over 2M chips in stack, but there are others who need to be mentioned in our coverage. Every one of them has got over 1M in stack and this is a full chipcount of the leaders:

  • Kajetan Misiewicz – 2,500,000
  • Łukasz Kotwica – 1,700,000
  • Luděk Jaša – 1,400,000
  • Michał Wojtkowiak – 1,300,000
  • Mateusz Bielski – 1,200,000
  • Artur Zmarzły – 1,000,000

The final chip count will be available soon as there is 10 minutes left till the clock stops and we will know how many more hands we will play today.



Monday, 19.03.2017, 00:45 – We are done for the day!

Day 2 started with 339 players on the battlefield. Throughout the day, we could feel the heat, the sweat and the blood of all people in the Go4Game Casino in Olomouc. Many of them fell as they were not strong enough to advance further.

Only 46 survived this test, but it was only an introduction, a small game which will turn into a real survival tomorrow! There are many beasts here, but one is leading the way.

Kajetan Masiewicz is the alpha male of Day 2. He squeezed his opponents dry, giving them hope and taking it away as fast! He is not the only player with over 2M in chips, but we need to wait a little bit for the official chipcount from this tournament.

Tomorrow we will have another day, another fight and another chance to see their skills. We do not hope for a great show – we know that emotions will be high and it’s going to be difficult to get asleep tonight.


See you tomorrow!