Monday, 20.03.2017, 13:00

We’d like to welcome you to the third day of Poker Fever Series Main Event!

There are 43 players left and it’s not a surprise that most of the field is Czech. However, Polish players don’t want to go back to their home country without one more trophy!


However, Czech players have the advantage of home ground and a lot of big names still in the tournament:

Antonin Duda is one of the most recognizable names here. His steady performance in live action his made him already over half of million of dollars. He is also a great online player and sitting at the fifth place, with the stack of 1,570,000 chips, he is a real threat to the rest of the players at his table.

Oliva Jakub is yet to ship his first live tournament. He was very close at PCA 2013, but he lost the heads-up game and got a consolation prize of over $60,000.

Another super star on the Czech side is Jan Nakládal, a regular visitor of poker festivals around the world. He was so close to the final table of 2013 WSOP Main Event, but was eliminated on the 18th place, worth $357,655.


Yet, Polish squad is not short of big names too.

The eyes are on Kajetan Misiewicz who may not be the biggest live winner, but it’s just incredible what he does online at the tables, such a creative mind! And because he is the chip leader at the start of Day 2, he’s got a good shot at the top prize of $40,000.

But he will not be alone in the competition. We’ve got three Polish players, each and every one of them with $100,000+ winnings live and many good scores online: Krzysztof Stuchlik, Artur Zmarzły and Jacek Pustuła who already got a win in this exact casino at January Major event.

Last but not least, we’ve got a Moravia Cup champion Kajetan Orecki. He’s also still in the game and 15 big blinds is more than enough to make some noise!

As you can see, there are some big names among the last 43 players. It’s interesting how will they play against each other!


You can find the full chip count below:






Chip count

1 Masiewicz Kajetan 2,465,000
2 Kotwica Lukasz 2,310,000
3 Panko Adrian 2080,000
4 Wojtowiak Michal 1,680,000
5 Duda Antonín 1,570,000
6 Szura Radoslaw 1,515,000
7 Bielski Mateusz 1,500,000
8 Jaša Luděk 1,480,000
9 Zmarzly Artur 1,450,000
10 Švub Martin 1,355,000
11 Jindra Adam 1,265,000
12 Zavoral Jan 1,155,000
13 Puček Robert 1,120,000
14 Lewandowski Grzegorz 1,040,000
15 Šenk Jakub 1,025,000
16 Sekula Piotr 960,000
17 Stejskal Vladimír 960,000
18 Oliva Jakub 955,000
19 Stáňa Jiří 890,000
20 Nakládal Jan 870,000
21 Figiel Piotr 865,000
22 Erzijn Piotr 835,000
23 Urban Lukáš 670,000
24 Sikorski Krzysztof 630,000
25 Stuchlik Krzysztof 610,000
26 Havelka Karel 605,000
27 Milewski Adam 580,000
28 Szymla Sebastian 580,000
29 Pustula Jacek 565,000
30 Holak Zbygniew 515,000
31 Karlik Dawid 505,000
32 Orecki Kajetan 450,000
33 Gužla Karol 425,000
34 Kusiewicz Filip 420,000
35 Switalski Pawel 415,000
36 Leśniowski Gabriel 405,000
37 Darul Sebastian 400,000
38 Tylman Nicodemo 395,000
39 Már Ondřej 390,000
40 Jedrzejczyk Kamil 380,000
41 Rysztak Piotr 370,000
42 Pietrasik Maciej 365,000
43 Szczotka Jakub 335,000



The Main Event starts at 14:00 CET with blinds of 15,000/30,000.

Good luck to all players!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 14:15 – Jacek Pustuła doubles up in the first hand, Nicodemo out!

A good start for one of the shorter players. Jacek Pustuła got aces in the first hand and doubled up through one of his rivals who was holding Ah 9h. The board was without threat for aces and January Major winner doubled up to more than 1M chips.


We bring good news for one player, but bad for other. Nicodemo Tylman moved all-in with his pocket jacks, at 13 big blinds it seems like a great opportunity for a double up. However, he was horrified to see kings in his opponent’s hands. There was no help on the board and Nicodemo leaves with the prize of CZK 20,300.



Monday, 20.03.2017, 14:30 – Kajetan Masiewicz eliminates Dawid Karlik!

A pretty fast start to a day.

Kajetan Masiewicz opened from CO and got two calls from the blinds. Dawid Karlik on the small blind decided to donk As 5d Qh flop, which forced big blind to fold, but Kajetan called and they both saw the turn of 2c. Karlik goes all-in and Masiewicz snap calls him with Ah Qc! Karlik cannot win this hand with A7s and goes out at th 36th place.



Monday, 20.03.2017, 15:00 – Four tables left, Masiewicz eliminates one again!

One third of the players have left!

This is unbelievable, we almost don’t have time to report all eliminations, but we try to give you the information about those that we saw with our own eyes.

There are no words to describe what Kajetan Masiewicz is doing. He just eliminated his Polish friend Jakub Szczotka. They both stacked off on the board Qc 2s Tc:

Kajetan Masiewicz: KQ
Jakub Szczotka: AQ

Our chip leader was not happy about that outcome, but king magically appeared on the turn and with blank river, we had one more person out the door!

This is the magic of Poker Fever!


Quick update: one more elimination! Artur Zmarzły got eliminated when his tens got into pocket jacks of Sebastian Szymla. No help on the board and there are only 30 players left!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 15:45 – Poker Fever is an adventure

What’s so good about Poker Fever?

It is more than a simple live series of tournaments, it was never in the organizers’ minds to settle on just that.

We want people to come here, even when they are not live pros attracted by our rich offer of tournaments. We want it to be a place where friends meet, play against each other and have fun while doing so. We want it to be a place where you can get to know new people who, with time, you can call friends. We want it to be a place where you can just come and relax, get away from the words and all troubling things you’ve got on your mind.

Newspapers and magazines often focus on bad things – Phil Ivey is sued by the casino, police raided private home game in America, Toby Maguire was using Di Caprio to attract big fishes to the game. They don’t see this!

They don’t see so many people we meet here, people who decided to share their joy with us.


We want it to be a community


And we are making the first step towards it!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 16:00 – First 30-minute break

The second level of the day has just ended and we’ve got a massive chip leader at one of the tables!

You already know who is stacking up chips in front of him. Kajetan Masiewicz reached new heights, this time he’s got 6,340,000 in chips, leaving his competition far behind!

There are still two Czech super stars in the fight for top places. Both Antonin Duda and Jan Nakladal sit at the tables with comfortable stacks and we can see a lot of local people cheering for them.

We would also like to see them at the final table because their presence there will guarantee a good poker game and a lot of emotions!

After break, we will start third level of blinds which will be 50,000/25,000/5,000.



Monday, 20.03.2017, 16:45 – 27 left, three tables only!

With the elimination of Zbigniew Holak, we are down to 27 players.

Zbigniew Holak decided to push his stack of 470,000 and got a call from one of the Czech players.

Zbigniew Holak: AKs
Czech: 66

A horrifying flip for his tournament life! Flop was not good enough, but flush draw on the turn gave him some additional outs. However, the help did not come on the river and he was out on the 28th place, worth CZK 23,600.


After few seconds, we were really surprised to see the same exact hand on another table. AK got beaten by 66 once again and we are down to 26 players.


The next eliminated person will get CZK 28,000!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 17:00 – Michał Wojtkowiak doubles up in a crazy spot!

Such a madness on one of the tables!

UTG opened with and UTG+1 decided to 3bet him. Michał Wojtkowiak was sitting on the button with AK and just flatted, feeling potential in that hand. UTG also called and they all saw the flop of AA3r. UTG checked, UTG+1 made a bet, Wojtkowiak called and that was enough for UTG who folded his hands.

The turn brought seven and that’s when the things started to get crazy! UTG+1 checks, Michał Wojtkowiak made a bet and got shoved on! It was not that easy for him because we are so close to the final table and he was the shorter stack in that hand. However, he finally called and we saw the showdown:

Michał Wojtkowiak: AK
UTG+1: A5s

UTG+1 got additional outs with flush draw, but the AK was vastly ahead! This was a huge pot and everyone was holding their breath when they saw the club on the river… the king of club! Flush got beaten by the full house!

Michał Wojtkowiak took down 3.9M pot and is one of the leading stacks in the room now. Incredible!


On the other news, Kajetan Masiewicz just added one more million to his stack. He shortened one of the top Czech players here, Antonin Duda. In the 3-bet pot, Kajetan called his opponent’s two barrels on the 3h 3s Jh Ah Ac board and checked back the river. Our chip leader got a better hand with KJo against Duda’s KQo and with 22 people left, he’s got 20% of all chips in his stack!


Jacek Pustuła follows his colleagues – he just eliminated Moravia Cup Champion Kajetan Orecki. Orecki was already a short stack and was forced to push A4s, but Jacek found pocket jacks and without hesitation called the all-in of his rival. He’s got now 1.5M in chips, 200k short of average stack.


Good luck!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 18:00 – Not doing anything? Check out the side events!

Out of 1,301 registered people, only 19 survived till this moment.

So, what do you do after you got eliminated from the Main Event?

Most of the times you just pack your things and go home, but we encourage you to stay!


First, you were able to take part in yesterday’s Masters Mini tournament. With buy-in of CZK 4,000 and two days of playing, it’s got a feeling of a smaller Main Event. There are still about forty people in the game, all of them decided that Monday is not a day when you go back to your old life!


You can also take part in today’s “Real Bounty Hunter“!

It recently started and registration is still open! Buy-in of CZK 3,300 and CZK 1,500 will be the reward on your head. Will you be on the lookout for the additional money? You only need two eliminations to get back the buy-in money!

Or will you just play your own game while everyone else is going crazy for scalps? The choice is yours!


What’s more, you’ve got cash games being played around the clock!

Poker Fever Series offers you a lot of ways to have fun, you just have to pick one!



Monday 20.03.2017, 18:15 – 18 players left, going down to two tables!

This day may end a little faster than we expected. We are already with only 18 players left and they are dropping like flies!

It’s fourth blind level right now and the blinds went up to 30,000/60,000/10,000.

There is so much tension in the room! People can’t believe that they are so close to the big money.

18th place gets CZK 47,800!



Sunday, 20.03.2017, 18:50 – 14 left!

Michał Wojtkowiak just eliminated two more players, two hands in a row.

First, he cold called AJo on the CO and decided to look up BU’s squeeze shove for 450,000 chips when the original raiser has folded his hand. He was against ATo, ace hit the flop, no ten on the later streets and he got a nice addition to his stack.

The second elimination was more devastating as he eliminated one of his friends, Jacek Pustuła. Jacek stacked off before the flop while Michał was holding AK. Flips happen when you have two great players and there is a little edge postflop. Unfortunately for Jacek, ace once again hit the flop and unfortunately, Jacek Pustuła was out on 15th place. He got CZK 57,200 for his very good performance.


Michał Wojtkowiak – 6,500,000 (probably vice-chipleader)

Kajetan Masiewicz – 9,000,000 (chipleader)


Smart Spin Team dominates this tournament!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 20:00 – Quads got you scared?

There are still two tables in the room and 13 people playing. We need at least four eliminations before we will call it a day, but after the last one, players appear to be less adventurous.

Krzysztof Sikorski on the small blind moved all-in, covering Radosław Szura on the big blind. Radosław checked his cards and stopped for a few seconds before he finally announced call for 1M chips.

Krzysztof Sikorski: A9o
Radosław Szura: KQs

KQs was not in so bad shape against medium ace, so Szura was full of hopes. However, he immediately got crushed on the flop of AAA. Yup, quads of aces on the flop! Amazing. There was no way for Sikorski to loose this one. Radosław Szura has been eliminated in 14th place and received CZK 57,200.


Soon, we witnessed the most incredible hand from Kajetan Masiewicz. They were on the river on the J5968 board and Kajetan’s bet got raised. Our hero was tanking for a while and announced a re-raise! That was enough to get his opponent off this pot, however Kajetan would not be himself if he didn’t show KQo for a king high bluff!

That’s why he is a chip leader, over 10M in chips now!


It took a while before we witnessed another elimination. Robert Puček pushed from the button his last 900,000 and got a repush from the Piotr Sekuła on the small blind. Big blind folded and we could see the showdown:

Robert Puček: A6s
Piotr Sekuła: TT

There are times when rag aces win against pairs… but not this time! Robert Puček has been eliminated in 13th place and received CZK 57,200.


12 players left and blinds just went up to 50k/100k/10k. The average stack is now 3,252,500 chips.



Monday, 20.03.2017, 20:30 – Michał Wojtkowiak eliminates another!

It was a bad time for Adam to move in! He found himself with pocket jacks and got a 3bet to his open. He almost immediately 4betted all-in and Michał Wojtkowiak made a lightning call!

Adam Milewski: JJ
Michał Wojtkowiak: KK

Board did not bring any help to jacks. Adam Milewski has been eliminated in 12th place and received CZK 68,100!

We are pretty sure that both Michał Wojtkowiak and Kajetan Misiewicz wish it was a bounty tournament!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 21:15 – We are down to nine!

Two simultaneous eliminations!

At one table, Krzysztof Stuklik opened the pot and got a 3bet shove from the short stack, Krzysztof Sikorski. No one else wanted to join the action, but Stuklik quickly called as he was holding pocket aces:

Krzysztof Stuklik: AA
Krzysztof Sikorski: AcKc

There were several ways to crack the aces. The flop came 7JT with one club and Sikorski got a nut gut shot. The turn was three of clubs which gave him additional outs to the nut flush. However, the river was the blinkest of blanks and aces were victorious. Krzysztof Sikorski has been eliminated in 11th place and received CZK 68,100.


At the other table, Maciej Pietrasik decided to make a push from the button. The thing is, he got Michał Wojtkowski on the small blind and Kajetan Masiewicz on the big, two of the biggest stacks.

And that’s the issue when you want to create some fold equity. Wojtkowski called and Masiewicz folded.

Maciej Pietrasik: A8
Michał Wojtkowiak: AT

Once again, no help came on the worse hand. Maciej Pietrasik has been eliminated in 10th place and received CZK 68,100.


We are down to nine!



Monday, 20.03.2017, 21:30 – Final table has been set!

We’ve got our final table! Check out the last nine which will play for $40,200!







1 strj2000 10,240,000 8
2 CuAt69UsdSng 8,175,000 3
3 Jakub Oliva 5,615,000 7
4 Stuchlik Krzysztof 4,010,000 9
5 Sekuła Piotr 3,250,000 1
6 Már Ondřej 2,390,000 4
7 Zavoral Jan 2,055,000 6
8 Švub Martin 1,930,000 5
9 Jaša Luděk 1,370,000 2



We’d like to invite you to tomorrow’s action which will start at 15:00 CET! We will start with the last minutes of 50k/100k/10k.

There will be live stream available both in Polish and in English!

See you tomorrow!