LIVE FROM OLOMOUC: Main Event Final Table!

This is it! The final day of the Main Event!

This was an exciting experience for all of us. Olomouc proved to be a great destination for Poker Fever Series, we couldn’t have hoped for a better opening to our new festival.

And today, we will celebrate a big final! We just can’t wait!


So, who will win the first-ever Main Event of Poker Fever Series? Will it be the new chip leader Michał Wojtkowiak who started going crazy yesterday, eliminating one player after another?

Or will it be Kajetan Masiewicz, the first to reach 10M-chip mark? His stack was impressive throughout the whole tournament and a lot of people are cheering for him.

Maybe one of the Czech players will step up and protect his city from mad Poles? Jakub Oliva is the biggest stack among them, with over 50 big blinds in the stack at the start of the final day. Will he be the one to take the top prize?


The top place will be paid $40,000, a huge prize for the 3-day tournament!


We invite you all to listen to our live stream from Olomouc and enjoy Tuesday evening with some action from the final table of Poker Fever Series Main Event!


Live Stream in English:

Live Stream in Polish:


We start the game at 15:00 CET. Good luck to all players!


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Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 15:00 – Shuffle up and deal!

Everything is set, cameras are ready, chips are waiting for their owners.

They are about to enter the stage where the magic will happen!

We wish all of them good luck and if you want to play in our freeroll, just enter the password NightsofPoker!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 17:00 – Piotr Sekuła eliminated!

We needed to wait a little for the first elimination, but it has finally happened.

Unfortunately for all Polish viewers, it was Piotr Sekuła who went out. First, he lost a big pot when Jakub Oliva made three value bets on K92xx board with AK and got called all three times by the Pole. The Czech player showed AK and scooped a big pot.

With only 10 big blinds left, Sekuła decided to push all-in from the button and just grab the blinds, but Luděk Jaša woke up with AKs and made an easy call. Board 93286 secured the win for the better hand. Piotr Sekuła has been eliminated in 9th place and received CZK 82,400!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 17:15 – Ondřej Már follows!

We didn’t wait long for another elimination.

Ondřej Már stacked off before the flop with AK, but fate decided it’s not his tournament to win as he got into Kajetan Masiewicz’s pocket aces! There was a king on the flop, but that was it for the Czech player. Ondřej Már has been eliminated in 8th place and received CZK 104,400!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 18:00 – Big names join Poker Fever

Jan Nakladal is a terrific live tournament player and we are happy to hear that he enjoyed his time at Poker Fever!

He won almost half a million of dollars playing live. His biggest score happened in 2013 when he made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas. He got out in 18th place, but that was worth $357,655! It was definitely a big success for the whole Czech community.

It was so good to meet him in Go4Games Casino! He made a deep run here too, but unfortunately, he got eliminated yesterday before the final table. However, he told us that he enjoyed his time here and that is something we love to hear!

We hope to see him at the next stop, as we would like to officially announced where we are heading next!


The next stop will be in King’s Casino in Rozvadov!
Poker Fever alongside with Pokerfirma will host the Midsummer Festival between 12 and 19 of June!


See you there!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 18:45 – One more Pole out!

Krzysztof Stuchlik just go out after pushing AJ for 11 big blinds and getting into Czech player’s pocket eights. Board was 2T722, no help for Ace high and one more Polish players left the room. Krzysztof Stuchlik has been eliminated in 7th place and received CZK 137,400!

With this elimination, we’ve got only two Polish players left, but they will not go down so easily – they are two biggest stacks in the room!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 19:40 – Time for Czech players!

Michał Wojtkowiak opened from the UTG and got a shove from Luděk Jaša who was holding KQo. Jakub Oliva tanked a little with the same hand on the blinds, it made our commentators a little worried because the possibility of a repush, but finally he mucked. Wojtkowiak made easy call with AK and there was no queen on the board!

Luděk Jaša has been eliminated in 6th place and received CZK 181,300!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 20:00 – Huge pot and a new chip leader!

A huge cooler for the chip leader of Day 3 and vice-chip leader of this final table!

Jakub Oliva opened with aces and, to our horror, got a 3bet from Kajetan Masiewicz on the small blind. It was not a bluff though, his AK was looking for some value.

However, the timing was terrible. Oliva didn’t want to slow play and answered with 4-bet. Masiewicz announced all-in and was snap called!

Only kings would be able to help them. One hit the flop, but both turn and river were blanks! Almost 8M chip pot went to Czech player and we’ve got a new chip leader!

Current chip count:

  1. Jakub Oliva – 15,425,000
  2. Michał Wojtkowiak – 14,975,000
  3. Kajetan Masiewicz – 4,000,000
  4. Martin Švub – 2,325,000
  5. Jan Zavoral – 2,300,000

Blinds are 100k/200k.

UPDATE: Kajetan Misiewicz doubled up to 7.5M after his AT won with Michał Wojktowiak’s A8 after they stacked off preflop.



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 20:45 – Two against two!

Czech players are fighting against each other.

We thought that Jan Zavoral will be the first out when he pushed his 4 big blinds on blind versus blind situation. He was holding T8o and was against QJo. As Qh 5c flop was horrible for him, but the 9h on the turn give him a little hope. The river was a blessing – Jh has hit the river and save Zavoral from being 5th one out!

However, it was just a start of the fight between three Czech players! In the next hand Švub shoved his pocket threes from MP at 16 big blinds and got a call from Zavoral who finally got a playable hand – TT. Board went Kc 6s 6c 8h Qd and pocket tens were good enough to take down this one. Zavoral went to almost 5.4M in chips and Švub was left with only 4.5 big blinds!

… which he shoved after micraculously finding A7s in the next hand! Jakub Oliva decided to battle with K3s and was definitely not happy that his shortstacked opponent found such a big hand. Additional seven on the flop has cut some of Oliva’s outs. With blank on the turn, only king could have eliminated Švub from Main Event.

And a king hit the river! Martin Švub has been eliminated in 5th place and received CZK 239,100!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 21:30 – Three people left!

It was something Zavoral wanted to always avoid throughout this tournament – a flip for his life.

In the blind war between Zavoral and Oliva, small blind opened with AK and immediately got a 3bet from TT. He was tanking for some time and announced all-in which was called and we could see the showdown!

As you can see on the photo above, the 4th place finisher was not happy about the outcome of that hand. Jan Zavoral has been eliminated and received CZK 329,700!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 22:00 – Heads-up!

It was not how Kajetan Masiewicz wanted to end this final table.

He was a chip leader at the end of Day 2 and had a second stack at this table at the start of the day. He was full of hopes as he, and a lot of his friends, wanted to see him in heads-up against Michał Wojtkowiak. But it seems like it was not meant to be.

Everything started in the blind war. Masiewicz opened from the small blind and got a 3bet from Oliva on the big blind. There was no more raising and they both saw the flop of 2h 5c 5d. Masiewicz check/called his opponent’s bet and the turn brought 7c. Both players checked and the river was Kh. Small blind checked, big blind announced all-in and a quick call!

Kajetan Masiewicz – Ad7d
Jakub Oliva – AsKc

He got seven on the turn, but his opponent made a better pair on the river! Kajetan Masiewicz has been eliminated in 3rd place and received CZK 471,000!


Oliva just got another player out the door. He is starting heads-up with almost 3 to 1 chip lead:

  1. Jakub Oliva – 28.7M
  2. Michał Wojtkowiak – 10.3M



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 23:00 – Memories from Go4Games Casino in Olomouc

We are almost at the end of the Main Event and that means also the end of the first stop of Poker Fever.

New, seasoned and veteran players – all of them – were impressed with Go4Games Casino in Olomouc. If you were not here (or just didn’t see enough), then that’s too bad!

That’s because we exactly knew why this should be our first stop. The casino is, unsurprisingly, connected to the hotel area with the fantastic restaurant where, as we were told, the Head Chief is someone who previously worked in one of the Michelin star restaurant. For the fairly low prize, you can taste many different flavors, thanks to a well-rounded menu.

The hotel itself surprised us with rich and spacious apartments. We were really shocked that for this prize you can get this much. We were just the knights going for a big adventure… and we were greeted like kings!

And finally, the casino which definitely doesn’t look like it was built in the city with population of only 100,000. The entrance itself makes its mark by showing us the wall with gold cards, a very clear message of what is really important here.

Overall, there are three levels of casino floor and you can find the poker tables at all of them. The most important is bottom floor, fully dedicated to poker. With so many tables, it is the place where we started all first days of the Main Event.

On the ground floor, you can find mostly slots, but there is a side room, where at this moment the final heads-up is being played out, as well as the famous “tent”. This is where you play when there are too many registrations and both bottom and upper floors are full. Also, you can get a little cheaper, and definitely prepared faster, food here.

And there is also upper floor where you can find cash games, blackjack and some tournament tables. This is where we played Day 3 of the Main Event, as well as lesser events.

Finally, we need to praise all staff members, who were more than helpful at any time. Also, there will be long before we forget all gorgeous women here (duh, it’s Czech Republic!).

All of this astonished us during our time here. Olomouc was perfect for the first stop and the next one will be Rozvadov in June!

We hope to see you there!



Tuesday, 21.03.2017, 23:45 – Still fighting!

It was a small rollercoaster for both players. After one and a half hour of play, we made a small break. The stacks were going up and down, at least four times they were even, but then they returned to the stacks which they started this heads-up with.

The struggle is real for the Polish player. Jakub Oliva is a really interesting player who apparently, do not want to fold that much. He is also really creative, in one of the hands he made a 3-bet shove on the river with six high! He got punished for it though, as Michał Wojtkowiak was holding two pair and called this all-in.

And once again, before this break and for the fifth time, they got to almost even stacks after Wojtkowiak made set of fives and tricked Oliva to bluff him out of the pot. They will return to the table soon. With 200k/400k/50k blinds, the stacks are as follows:

  1. Jakub Oliva – 20,300,000
  2. Michał Wojtkowiak – 18,700,000



Wednesday, 21.03.2017, 01:30 – Side events!

Both players are still at even stacks.

While they are still playing, we would like to take this opportunity and remind you that Poker Fever Series is not all about Main Event. Right now, almost all of us are watching live stream from the final table, some people made incredible memories from side events!


Do you remember the big heads-up in the High Roller event? Maciej Rogacki triumphed over Grzegorz Idziak in heads-up. It was already a big deal back then because both of them were roommates during their Olomouc stay. However, it was not the end of their story at Poker Fever! They got into heads-up once again, this time in a Mini Masters event which attracted a lot of players. However, this time the win went to Grzegorz Idziak! He won about $5,000!

Two players, two friends, got into two heads-ups at Poker Fever Series! Incredible.


The second information is also a memorable one. Nicodemo Tylman won “All-in or Fold” side event for about $1,000, a small, “funny” tournament. However, it was not an easy one as he needed to beat over 50 players to get there! But that was not the end of his story in Olomouc. Today, in the morning, we got news that he won his second side event! This time it was “Real Bounty Hunter”. This tournament attracted almost 100 players and the first prize was over $5,000 and that win went again to Nicodemo Tylman.

Two side events and two wins! It’s not the Main Event win, but we spoke with Nicodemo and he was very happy about this.



Wednesday, 22.03.2017, 22:50 – Michał Wojtkowiak out!

After almost five hours of heads-up play, we’ve finally got our winner!

In the last hand, both players stacked off before the flop at 14 big blinds of effective stack.

Michał Wojtkowiak: Ac8d
Jakub Oliva: AhQc

Michał Wojtkowiak was the shorter stack and with dominated hand, he needed some luck.

Paired board of 2d 2h 5d gave him some outs. However, both the turn 7h and the river 2s did not give him the win or even the split.

Michał Wojtkowiak has been eliminated in 2nd place and received CZK 692,400.

Jakub Oliva won the tournament and received CZK 1,015,200!

Congratulations to both of them! We will give you the full update from Poker Fever Series in Olomouc soon!