LIVE FROM OLOMOUC: Moravia Cup Day 1D!



Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 16:00 – Let’s get started!

Poker Fever Series celebrates its first festival in Olomouc’s Go4Games Casino. It’s not the start of the event as we enjoyed the opening day last Friday, but today is when things are starting to get a little more serious!

We start with Day 1D, the last starting day, of Moravia Cup. The tournament offers CZK1,500,000 of guaranteed prizepool with fairly small buy-in of CZK3,000 (about $120) and we’ve got a lot of contenders for a top prize!

In the previous days we saw not that many entrants and that’s something many players here can be happy about! The skill factor will be definitely more important and at this moment we can expect an overlay in Moravia Cup. Still, everything can happen as the last starting days are usually the most popular.

We hope that you will have a lot of fun playing live in Go4Games or reading our live coverage. We are on the lookout for top names and recognizable faces, so if you are here, in Olomouc, just let us know!

Let’s have fun together!


Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 17:30 – 140 entries and still counting

The tournament clock is slowly counting down to the end of the first 15-minute break today.

140 people will return to the tables to continue chips symphony on the bottom floor of Go4Games Casino. Moravia Cup 1D continues, but soon we will have more tournaments to cover. It’s starting to get crowded in here, but that’s something which we are eagerly waiting for!

Soon we will tell you more about the emotions which we share while walking through many levels of Go4Games Casino in Olomouc. We will bring you details not only from the tournament fields, but also from every nook and cranny out here.

And we are yet to write about the yesterday’s Players Party, one of the most enjoyable experiences we’ve ever had at live tournaments!

Don’t forget that there are also Smart Spin members present here. We will also tell you more about them!



Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 18:30 – Smart Spin’s Jacek2165 in the kings versus aces situation!

The bullet has been dodged! That’s what we can tell about our winner of January Major from… well, January!

Jacek2165 wins January Major!

He was one foot out the door when he gazed in the eyes of true horror, a scenario which will happen to almost every serious live poker player.

He stacked off preflop with kings and was in terrible shape against aces of one of the Czech’s players. With his fingers crossed and heart racing, he saw the flop Ad Qd Jd. His opponent hit the set, but the Kd was sitting in Jacek2165’s hands, so there was still hope to win this one.

Hitting Royal Flush Draw is something magical, but we all know what is better… And we all wanted him to get it, but we are more than satisfied with a simple low diamond card which appeared on the turn for him. Thankfully, the river was a blank, so his opponent was not able to improve and Jacek2165 is still in the game!

After eliminating one of the short stacks at his table, a recreational player who dared to call the all-in on A94 with Q9o when our member was holding AQ, Jacek2165 is sitting comfortably with 70,000 in chips now!

Good luck!



Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 21:00 – No overlay!

Lucky split - everyone is happy!

Moravia Cup is no longer destined to have the overlay!

With 59 entries in the Day 1A, 63 in Day 1B, 149 in Day 1C and unsurprisingly, we already witnessed 257 entries today!

Players know that this is their last chance at getting their hands on the piece of over CZK1,250,000 in the prizepool.

The best thing is that this is not over yet. We still have two more levels to be played today (one hour) before the registration closes, so we may see even more money in the pool.

Smart Spin members are still present in the tournament and let’s hope that is stays that way!


Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 21:30 – Side events are also great

We tell you so much about Moravia Cup, but it’s not the only tournament which is being played today. We’ve got more opportunities for you to have fun with poker!

Would you like something special? Maybe a little dose of friendly competition at the tables? We’ve got a fantastic Team Challenge tournament which is all about 3-player teams battling against each other! A great way to spend your Tuesday night in Olomouc.

ONE Hundred Deepstack is something unique as your buy-in is worth $100! But as we are not in the US, you need to pay CZK2,700, however Benjamin Franklin would definitely want to be here and taste all Czech’s flavors. So good to be in that part of Europe tonight!

And before this day ends, we will have one more Midnight Turbo which only wants you to invest CZK1,000. Not a lot right? And the night is young, so you can definitely make it YOUR night.


That’s why it’s so good to be a poker player. You can schedule your day the way you want. It is you who decide when to party and when to get serious with cards.

Thankfully, here you can do both.



Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 22:00 – limitless is here!

The online superstar has finally reached Olomouc!

He is one of the top cash game players in the world right now, with name so recognizable that you couldn’t have not heard about him. His presence at the overwhelming stakes of NL40,000 at PokerStars has been noted by long time regulars and all of us, mere spectators. Loosing or winning $40,000 may be a matter of one hand there. It’s just mind blowing!

limitless has already proved that he deserves a place among poker gods and we are so happy to have him here, in Olomouc!



Tuesday, 14.03.2017, 23:00 – Look at those gorgeous trophies

All eyes are set on the nosebleed player limitless, but there are many pretty views in Olomouc.

Definitely one of the most eye-catchy things are the trophies which are proudly displayed on the blue felt. Every winner will get to take one home and that’s something we are very much jealous of.

This is the final proof of your greatness. You will not roll out the money prize every time someone enters your home. “Ugh, let me find my wallet, I will show you that I am a winner.” Lame!

Money will come and go, but this is one of the reminders of your days in Olomouc.

Your shelf would not hold the weight of all memories from here. Thankfully, it needs to be strong enough only for this trophy!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 01:00 – It’s getting quiet

Another day is coming to an end. We are about half an hour away from wrapping up the chips for the day.

Moravia Cup did not disappoint. With 561 entrants, the prizepool has been reached, although half of the field today decided to use the opportunity for re-entry. In tomorrow’s news we will have all details about ITM. Don’t forget to check out our site!

ONE Hundred Deepstack still have nine players left, with only five getting the money:

  1. CZK 31,400
  2. CZK 18,800
  3. CZK 12,500
  4. CZK 9,400
  5. CZK 6,300

Midnight Turbo started about an hour ago, so for all players who are getting to feel a little tired, we can only say this:

“Night is young! Grab a Redbull!”

Or just look at lovely ladies who are dealing the cards for you. They can make your heart race.

And good luck in the tournament!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 01:15 – Luffyy213 is the next Smart Spin member present!

Smart Spin welcomes another member in Olomouc!

Luffyy213 came here to play in the first few tournaments and he will probably miss the Main Event, but he wants to make the best out of this situation!

With a few unlucky hands, he was not able to cash in in the ONE Hundred Deepstack, but he keeps on playing in the Midnight Turbo.

He is one of those guys who were encouraged to come by low level buy-ins and the possibility to experience a real poker fever!

We hope that he has a great time here!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 01:45 – The end of Day 1D!

We witnessed 561 entrants in the Moravia Cup, but the tournament clock has officially stopped and we can now see what’s left after the dust settles!

53 players from today’s field will come back tomorrow to finally be joint with all starting days and play in the official Day 2. Overall, we will have 87 participants for the glory to be called the Moravia Cup Champion and definitely a quite nice first place prize (which we will also get to know tomorrow).

Players will resume playing at 15:00 from the level 17 of blinds which is 3,000/6,000 with 1,000 ante. They already went a long way since the starting stack was only 30,000 chips!

ONE Hundred Deepstack still can’t approach the ITM as players just won’t go down easily! This has already stopped being a “deepstack” since the average stack is only 19 big blinds.

We’ve also received the information for all Midnight Turbo players. Only six of them will get paid and the top prize, which they battle for, is CZK 15,100. There are still 22 of them left, but this tournament will definitely end much faster.

It’s almost party time now! See you here tomorrow!