LIVE FROM OLOMOUC: Moravia Cup Day 2 and PokerFever Masters!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 15:00 – Moravia Cup Day 2 starts right now!

It’s a sunny morning for all people in Olomouc.

Well, when we mean “morning” it is actually almost dinner time for regular folks, but poker players are the masters of their own time. They got lost in the poker fever which carried their souls all the way to the time when sun makes its mark on the sky. We are glad that they enjoy being here with us!

There are 87 people who will get back to the tables today for the second day of Moravia Cup. We need to go down to 63 participants to reach the ITM. The smallest prize is CZK 5,600, but the real fun will begin later because the top player will receive CZK 256,840!

We are still yet to determine how far we will go with this tournament today, but the action will definitely be heavy with many recognizable names, Smart Spin members still present in the tournament and the leader of the second day of Moravia Cup.

We hope to catch him and check his pulse. Is it a poker fever already or does he need more time to get on the party train?

Stay with us!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 16:00 – Martin Komprda is the leader!

Martin Komprda was the chip leader at the start of the second day of Moravia Cup.

A regular player from Czech Republic, he got a great start of this event and uses his big stack to put a pressure on his opponents.

Aggressive player at the table, but a really nice person. We wish him good luck!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 16:15 – This time we are on the first floor

A nice tower of chips!

Go4Game Casino is not limited to one floor, we’ve got three different locations where we can play and today Moravia Cup moved to the first floor.

It is mainly the place of cash games, smaller tournaments and blackjack action, but today we are trying to find out who will get into the money of Moravia Cup.

At the moment of writing this news, we’ve got 64 players present and that means BUBBLE TIME!

Right away, we see something strange:

An empty place on one of the tables, with so little chips. Will this player survive the bubble?!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 16:30 – We are in the money!

Oh, we can’t describe how cruel this hand was!

Short stacked player from Czech Republic was very happy about getting it in with pocket queens at ten big blinds as he was called with pocket eights.

He told us that he is a local player, lives nearby and came here yesterday.

His queens got a call from the pocket eights, a perfect opportunity to double up and survive this difficult time. Unfortunately, the eight on the river destroyed those dreams and our Czech friend was forced to leave the tournament on the bubble.

We were very sorry to hear that, but he is determined to play in the Main Event as well. Fingers crossed for a better performance there!

Funny thing? The unknown person from the empty place was seen playing cash games and got into the money of Moravia Cup!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 17:00 – Jacek2165 can’t flip well this time

Smart Spin is cheering for its members who are still playing in the Moravia Cup… well, one member to tell the truth.

Jacek2165, who dodged the bullet of elimination yesterday with the Royal Flush draw, started the day with 320,000 in chips. He was steadily building up his stack, but the unlucky flip of 99 versus AQs shortened him in half.

After flatting nines on the button, the small blind made a squeeze shove for 20 big blinds. It was a difficult decision to make and that’s because the new blind level was introduced in the middle of this hand. My opponent was effectively sitting on 16 big blinds.

He made the call and after losing that flip, he’s been left with only 16 big blinds.

We jump on our sits every time we hear about an all-in from his table. Let’s hope that he doubles up and returns to the game!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 18:00 – PokerFever Master is about to start!

We leave Moravia Cup players for a moment and move our attention to PokerFever Masters which will be played on the bottom floor.

The participants of this tournament need to reach a little deeper into their wallets because the buy-in is CZK 8,000. That’s still affordable for a lot of people and we hope to see many registrations.

The game will start with 500 big blinds and 30-minute blind levels, both give you a lot of room to play.

This may be one of the coolest tournaments in Olomouc, of course not taking into account the Main Event. Imagine being called the Champion of the Masters tournament… Sounds good?

We think so!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 19:30 – Moravia Cup update

Jacek2165 unfortunately dropped out of Moravia Cup after shoving AK and not finding any help on the board against his opponent’s pocket fives. The most important thing is that he didn’t lose his will to fight and decided to register to PokerFever Masters.

This tournament has already seen 42 people registered. We are only at the fourth blind level, but the field is a little bit tougher because of CZK 8,000 buy-in. We will keep an eye on all players there, but right now we’d like to tell you more about the remaining tables of Moravia Cup.

Only 22 hopeful remain in this CZK 3,000 buy-in event as the clock ticks down to level 23 where the big blind is only a little less than the starting stack of this year’s record-breaking edition of Moravia Cup.

As far as the nationalities go, the player pool is dominated by Czechs, however there are still 8 Poles left in the competition In fact, some of them are among the biggest stacks left – Kajtem with 1,400,000 and Kądziel with 1,270,000. Among the Czechs, one of the bigger stacks in play is Tomáš Macek, the winner of Day 1A.

Will his good fortune continues?



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 20:30 – Omaha tournament is ongoing

Texas Hold’em is boring for you? Would you like to play something a little more exciting?

Try our Omaha tournament! It started half an hour ago and has a buy-in of 3,500 CZK. Four cards are more exciting than two and some all-ins can give you the heart attack!

We cannot express how much we love this.

We already know that Moravia Cup will be finished today. Only 20 people left right now and we’d like to remind you that the first place prize is CZK 265,840!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 21:15 – Twitch players are also here!

Galadria_id just arrived to the Olomouc’s Go4Games Casino and right away decided to help us a little with our coverage.

She is a great poker player and she was more than happy to help to take some photos for us here.

And she is also sooo busy with her streaming job! This month she wants to complete the plan of spending over 40 hours on Twitch.

Unfortunately, she will not be available for you during this week, but she will be back on 26th of March, so make sure to visit her channel and ask her about her time in Olomouc.

She will definitely have a lot to tell you!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 22:15 – UEFA Champions League along with poker

Poker players had a difficult choice to make: watching UEFA Champions League or playing poker in Olomouc?

Why not both?!

A lot of us wanted to watch AS Monaco against Manchester City and we’ve got that opportunity in the Go4Games Casino.

It’s not that unusual, but maybe some of you thought about sacrificing Wednesday night of poker just to watch quarter finals.

You don’t have to that here! And this match is so exciting to watch. There is 10 minutes left and some people don’t know what to focus on!



Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 22:45 – CuAt69UsdSng is also here

If you are fairly familiar with our friendly fanpages, you definitely saw that Galadria_id is driving here with the former online MTT superstar and now a Spin & Go crusher CuAt69UsdSng!

This is his first appearance at the tables. In the short talk with us, he said that he wasn’t sure about playing today, but we know he wouldn’t be able to stay away from the action.

Poker fever has hit him as well!


Wednesday, 15.03.2017, 23:15 – The final table is set!

We are happy to announce that we are down to nine players in the Moravia Cup event!

The day started with 87 players and we saw a lot of funny and interesting situations.

We still can’t forget about one absent player who managed to survive the bubble with a stack so small that he wouldn’t be able to survive one round around the table.

Then, we had one of our Czech friends going out in 11th place after losing with full house of tens over queens against… quad of queens!

And the last elimination happened when one of Polish players successively trapped his aces against his opponents nines. They stacked off on the Q8x flop and it was just looking fantastic for the Pole, but runner runner straight just crushed his dreams of reaching the final table!

The final nine will keep on playing until there is only one man standing! The finall nine will be paid followingly:

  1. CZK 265,840
  2. CZK 159,400
  3. CZK 106,300
  4. CZK 86,500
  5. CZK 72,500
  6. CZK 60,000
  7. CZK 50,000
  8. CZK 42,100
  9. CZK 35,100

Good luck to all players!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 00:45 – Poker Fever Series is not only about tournaments…

The big names reached Olomouc to play something more than tournaments.

Right now they are sitting on the side, playing Dealer’s Choice cash game with blinds of CZK 100 / CZK 200 ($4/$8), not so small stakes!

But they do not walk among mortals. They reached the sky with their extraordinary skills and a great passion to poker! It’s so good to have them right here, in Olomouc.

Yesterday they got into a heavy long session too and it ended very good to limitless.

It may be a little more difficult to repeat that today!



Thursday, 16.03.2017, 01:15 – Moravia in a stale state, join Masters tomorrow!

Moravia Cup is slowly trying to eliminate the first member of today’s final table, but this task is more difficult than you would think.

It’s been two hours without the elimination. Players do not want to risk their stakes and tournament life, but that approach has already doomed a lot of people, when we think about the history of poker.

“You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle. But you can’t win much either.”  The famous quote of Rounders.


And as we were writing this, we saw two eliminations!

First, two Czech players clashed and AK eliminated pocket eights when both ace and king appeared on the flop.

Then, one of the short stacker left the room when his KJs was not good enough against pocket queens of his opponent.

There are seven people left in the tournament now. Maybe this elimination will loosen things up?


We’d also like to remind you that you can still register to the PokerFever Masters tomorrow during first blind level of the day!