LIVE STREAM from Poker Fever Series Rozvadov Main Event – starts at 1:30 p.m.

Live reporting from the Main Event of Poker Fever Series Rozvadov will begin at 1:30 p.m. today. 13 remaining players will compete to grab the first prize worth €35,986.

Poker Fever Series Rozvadov started on May 2nd and it’s high time to get to know its champion. The Main Event attracted 725 players, who decided altogether for 263 re-entries. Yesterday they played till only 13 of them were left. They will now fight for the trophy and first prize of €35,986.

Chip leader at the start of the final day will be David Kristek, from Czech Republic, who has 6,025,000 chips. Second and third positions are also occupied by his countrymen, Josef Gulas (3,410,000) and Vojtech Kratochvil (2,825,000).

Gulas is the most experienced among those who are left in the game. He has won so far $290,000 in poker tournaments. This poker player’s greatest moment was during Eureka Rozvadov back in 2015. This is when he received €25,630 for coming 6th in the Main Event.

In the finals we will see players from as many as 8 countries – Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Belgium, France, Ukraine, Israel and Austria.

Here are the stacks of Poker Fever Series Rozvadov Main Event finalists:

1. David Křístek (Czech Republic) – 6,025,000
2. Josef Guláš (Czech Republic) – 3,410,000
3. Vojtěch Kratochvíl (Czech Republic) – 2,825,000
4. Shachar Yonayov (Israel) – 2,495,000
5. „Rezet” (Germany) – 2,480,000
6. Ondrej Már (Czech Republic) – 2,230,000
7. Christian P. (Germany) – 2,000,000
8. Oleh Sushko (Ukraine) – 1,450,000
9. Daniel Droz Dit Busset (France) – 1,345,000
10. Bartłomiej Paradowski (Poland) – 1,320,000
11. „Rocco co” (Austria) – 1,250,000
12. Ruben Tack (Belgium) – 975,000
13. Karel Hospodka (Czech Republic) – 935,000


1. €35,986
2. €22,021
3.€ 15,732
4. €11,913
5. €9,481
6. €7,277
7. €5,263
8. €3,591
9. €2,850
10-11. €2,318
12-13. €1,995

The game will be resumed with blinds 30,000/60,000 and 60,000 button ante. Starting from 1:30 you can join the Poker Fever Series channel on Twitch, where live reporting will be waiting for you. Here’s a link to our Facebook with the stream as well – link.

Don’t forget that during the stream you can play a special freeroll that we have organized for you. It has 1,000 dollars added to the pool. You can’t afford to miss it! All you need is an account created at PartyPoker via Poker FeverPokerGround or our partners. To join the game you will also need a password that will be given during the transmission.


Live reporting from the Main Event of Poker Fever Series Rozvadov