LIVE STREAM from the Poker Fever Series Main Event final table! (we start at 3:30 p.m. CET)

As many as four Polish poker players will compete today for the champion title at Poker Fever Series. The chip leader at the moment is Jakub Matuszczyk (pictured below). Starting from 3:30 p.m. you can follow our stream with hole cards visible to you.

Main Event of the November Poker Fever Series had a CZK 4,800 buy-in. There were as many as 955 registrations and the guaranteed prize pool was  CZK 5,000,000, so there was a bit of an overlay.

Best 116 players can hope for cash prizes and the winner will scoop CZK 831,600, that is about $37,000. Yesterday we got to know 9 final table participants and they each have already guaranteed themselves CZK 74,800.

Chip leader at the beginning of the final table will be Jakub Matuszczyk, who bagged 5,655,000 chips. Right behind him a player from the Czech Republic – Miroslav Matějíček (3,940,000) and Poker Fever Series November 2017 champion, Roman Papacek (3,785,000).

Jakub Matuszczyk

At the final table we will also see three other players from Poland. Denis Kumiec, with 3,585,000 in his stack (he was 5th in Masters Mini 2017). In July this year he also cashed in the Poker Fever Series ME. Other players from Poland are Daniel Olejniczak (3,270,000) and Krzysztof Goj (2,310,000). Apart from them we have Dalibor Hill (2,550,000), Radim Husarik and Mirek Špička.

Radim will start with 2,475,000 stack and Špička will have 840,000 to fire away with. Players such as Petr Kuběnka (10th place – CZK 61,600), Marek Ždánský (11th position – CZK 61,600), Mikołaj Lewandowicz (14th spot – CZK 47,700) and Mariusz Masłowski (15th – CZK 47,700) got eliminated beforehand and we will not see them today.

Finalists of the Poker Fever Series Main Event:

Place Player Stack BB
1. Jakub Matuszczyk 5.655.000 94
2. Miroslav Matějíček 3.940.000 66
3. Roman Papáček 3.785.000 63
4. Denis Kumiec 3.585.000 60
5. Daniel Olejniczak 3.270.000 55
6. Dalibor Hill 2.550.000 43
7. Radim Husárik 2.475.000 41
8. Krzysztof Goj 2.310.000 39
9. Mirek Špička 840.000 14


1st place CZK 831,600
2nd place CZK 548,500
3rd place CZK 374,000
4th place CZK 272,800
5th place CZK 198,000
6th place CZK 140,800
7th place CZK 107,800
8th place CZK 90,200
9th place CZK 74,800

Final table play will start with 30,000/60,000 and 60,000 button ante blinds. Players will battle it out in Go4games Olomouc Casino at 3:00 p.m., and 30 minutes later we start our stream with hole cards visible to our viewers. You can follow it at Poker Fever Series channel at Twitch. Guys from PokerGroundTV will be commenting the game for you.

Stream from the Poker Fever Series Main Event

Click here or the picture on the right to watch the PFS ME final table stream 🙂

We also want to remind you that satellites to the next Poker Fever CUP are being played over at PartyPoker as you read this article. The nest PFC stop starts in good old Olomouc on December 13th, and the whole mini-festival will last till Dec 16th. Tcikets to the Main Event worth CZK 2,500 can be won for as little as $5.50 in one of many available satellites!