Łukasz Mazurek wins Poker Fever Cup Main Event!

Another edition of Poker Fever Cup is in the books! This time the winner was a Polish player from Radom named Łukasz “Mazi” Mazurek, who received CZK 228,100 for his performance (about 10,000 USD).

This time Poker Fever Cup II Main Event attracted altogether 505 players. Thanks to so many CZK 2,500 buy-ins the guaranteed prize pool of CZK 1,000,000 was easily exceeded.

Only 54 best of players could cash in the event, so the battle was fierce. Minimum prize amounted to CZK 4,500 and the winner could hope for as much as CZK 228,100. Among the lucky ones who left Go4Games Casino with money in their hands were among others.: „Zielony„, „Rataj„, „Pan Sajmon„, „Pah1410„, „Paladyn„, „Zakroplony„, „Gio„, Jarosław Waliczek, „Kris„, „BMazukras„, „Rafold„, „Steppen Wolf„, Marcin, Roman Papacek, Kamil Suchy and Bartek.

The final heads-up did not take long. After a quarter or so Mazurek went all-in with JT, while his opponent had J9. The board came AQ26K and thus Łukasz won the whole event. Aleksandr received CZK 158,900 for second place.

Results of Main Event Poker Fever Cup:

Place Player Payout
1. Łukasz Mazurek 228.100 CZK
2. Aleksandr 158.900 CZK
3. Filip 113.300 CZK
4. Bartosz Pająk 80.500 CZK
5. Daniel 61.100 CZK
6. Masi 45.600 CZK
7. Milan 34.400 CZK
8. Piotr Trębacz 23.300 CZK
9. Ki Jung 17.800 CZK

See you in November during Poker Fever Series – you can’t miss it either!