March Poker Fever Series – fresh look at entries leaderboard

The next edition of Poker Fever Series is coming up quickly! Satellites though are still available for several days so you still have a chance to grab a ticket. We also have a new leader in our little ranking who is on an unbelievable run!

We would like to remind you that if you are looking for an event with decent buy-in you should be heading to Go4Games resort on March 3rd. This is when the Poker Fever Series will begin. Altogether the prize pool will amount to CZK 8,600,000!

What is the entries leaderboard?

We care about attendance and want to provide our players with cheap tickets to Poker Fever Series. That is why we put together some events thanks to which you can qualify to PFS from PartyPoker. To make it even more interesting apart from entries there are some prizes waiting for the best of the best in qualifiers!

The ranking is very simple. Winning a ticket to Poker Fever Series also gets you a point. At the end of the race the winner is the player with most points. In case of a draw the last satellite decides. Our leaderboard is on till March 3rd.

Remember that satellites take place at PartyPoker every day at 9:00 p.m. – apart from Sunday when we begin at 8:00. From Monday to Saturday we compete each time for 3 tickets and on Sunday you can win one of as many as five of them!

Even one win guarantees you a Poker Fever gadget. The more points the better prize, be sure to read the details below.

Free accommodation at Theatre hotel

Be sure to join us as there are some really nice prizes waiting. For instance free accommodation in a 4-star Theatre hotel (located in Hodolany Resort, together with Go4Games Casino).

This time around you can hope for three nights in this wonderful venue for the lucky winnerWorth of the stay? – CZK 9,000! Player gets to stay in the hotel from 6th to 9th March and will be able to prolong the stay in case of a deep run (at his own cost).

PFS gadgets (new prizes!)

There can be only one winner, but there are some great gadgets waiting for all participants who win at least one ticket to Poker Fever!

Grab one ticket and you will be given Poker Fever playing cards. Two wins will get you a powerbank (made of aluminum, 4,000 mAh capacity). Three tickets won mean a Poker Fever bblouse (new color and design). Take a chance!

Entries leaderboard (as of Feb 10th)

Boy, we have so many changes in the ranking board! There is for instance a new leader – Jagiello. He has been doing great in recent events and won as many as 5 tickets. Now he is in the lead with two players (each has 5 tickets altogether) in the second place. They are Algren777 and majkell2. Third place belongs to nazywo99. Following them is a group of players with 2-3 tickets.

Nick Number of entries
Jagiello 8
Algren777 5
majkell2 5
nazywo99 4
dzan92 3
grzegorii 3
renata071 3
BangBangM89 2
dzejkobek 2
HyphMngo 2
JackobOrzel 2
Krupniok 2
lipkaa 2
Mandible 2
MaxValue93 2
Slavo95 2
Spocony_Macius 2
BaltazarPL 1
casperosss 1
chary1980 1
ComePlayWithMe 1
dirtyminder 1
Drus92 1
eliminator_l 1
emgas15 1
francuskaBulka 1
Goldiszek 1
Gooretzki 1
Grodson75 1
Hagi131313 1
inpsek1 1
JegoZ 1
kejkuuu 1
kisielos87 1
kolujezashaj 1
krzysiek94 1
lovemiscou 1
malina675 1
Maraj007 1
marcin_rosa 1
mbmb7575 1
michumachu 1
Micky_Wichow 1
MiJJus 1
Miron_67 1
nofckone 1
OcelotPL 1
PAH14I0 1
palczanito 1
paulyb35 1
pikuszczak 1
pinio761 1
PiotrusPan1997 1
poliko27 1
prayerRRR 1
ProWizard13 1
sprjim33 1
THCFalcon 1
V3ns3r 1
wesol05 1
wojjan88 1
Xra_Qrwa 1
Zwirzu92 1


Good luck!