Matěj Vantuch is your new PFS Main Event Champion!

Another Poker Fever Series event arrived to its conclusion on Monday. We spent amazing six days in the magnificent Go4Games Hodolany in Olomouc and we had a blast!

Once again we had to deal with unatural circumstances. The Covid-19 pandemic was a major factor determining the number of guests at our festival. Because of that we were unable to reach the guarantees in Poker Fever One Day Special, Super High Roller (barely) and in the Main Event. It is comforting that all other tournaments have defended their prize pools. We would like to thank you for that.

Let’s meet the winners of the highlited events (chronological order).

Poker Fever One Day Special

This event had a buy-in of CZK 1.500 and the CZK 500.000 in the guaranteed prize pool. There were 309 registrations. The last man standing was a local Radomir Ondrusz who defeated his fellow countryman Josef Čermák in a heads-up battle. The third place finisher was David Urban.

1Radomir OndruszCZ85 200 Kč
2Čermák JosefCZ68 800 Kč
3Urban DavidCZ57 700 Kč
4Varga MichalCZ35 400 Kč
5Štulpa PavelCZ26 700 Kč
6Rous MarekCZ19 300 Kč
7Polák JakubCZ14 600 Kč
8Lomjanský MichalCZ10 300 Kč
9Synek NikolaCZ8 600 Kč

Super High Roller

The buy-in of CZK 30.000 made the Super High Roller event a unique experience for professional players and some well off amateurs. 24 players generated a total of 32 registrations. Having these numbers in mind we missed the CZK 1.000.000 guarantee only by two buy-ins.

After a night long battle Radek Jantoš accumulated all the chips of this tournament and earned a hefty CZK 368.000 for his amazing performance. Slavomír Byrtus was second and Roman Papáček third.

1Jantoš RadekCZ368 000 Kč
2Byrtus SlavomírCZ220 800 Kč
3Papáček RomanCZ147 200 Kč
4Żurek JacekPL110 400 Kč
5Szymański MateuszPL73 600 Kč

High Roller

92 registrations elevated the prize pool of this CZK 15.000 High Roller to over CZK 1,2 mln. After two days of fierce competition it was a Pole Mateusz Szymański who came out on top. It took him only one hand to defeat another Pole Maciej Toma in his final battle. The “bronze medal” was awarded to Adam Varyš of Czechia.

1Szymański MateuszPL350 300 Kč
2Toma MaciejPL 242 200 Kč
3Varyš AdamCZ182 600 Kč
4Piwowarski JakubPL145 300 Kč
5Sobczak PiotrPL 110 500 Kč
6Piontke JacekPL 80 700 Kč
7Kuliberda DawidPL 57 100 Kč
8Retkowski MarcinPL 41 000 Kč
9Więcek PiotrPL 32 300 Kč

Main Event

It took five starting flights to gather 629 registrations in the Main Event. Stil it was enough to cover only 3/4 of the guaranteed CZK 4 mln. After three days of constant battle it was four players of Czechia who managed to secure the toppest spots of this tournament. While in heads-up the deal was struck between Marek Ohnisko and Matěj Vantuch (featured image). Both players decided to leave themselves CZK 550.000 and fight for the CZK 21.200 and the trophy. It was the Matěj who defeated his opponent and he was declared the winner of the Main Event. The third place finisher was Marek Chmelík.

1Vantuch MatějCZ571 200 Kč (deal)
2Ohnisko MarekCZ550 000 Kč (deal)
3Chmelík MarekCZ350 800 Kč
4Savočka DavidCZ282 000 Kč
5Pająk LesławPL227 700 Kč
6Nowak KrzysztofPL180 200 Kč
7Bubel MichałPL139 600 Kč
8Reczko GrzegorzPL105 900 Kč
9Slouka VénaCZ79 100 Kč

The next Poker Fever event – Poker Fever X-Mas Special – full schedule.