Mega Cash Game Lottery during the upcoming Poker Fever Series event!

Mega Cash Game Lottery for cash game participants during the upcoming Poker Fever Series festival. Win tickets to tournaments and fabulous merch.

Poker Fever festivals give you the possibility to participate not only in MTT tournaments, but also in cash games. The cash tables at the Go4Games Hodolany casino are available at your disposal 24 hours a day.

To encourage players to sit at non-tournament tables more often, the we introduce a Mega Cash Game Lottery. A ticket for the prize draw will be awarded to every player participating in the cash game – any available limit and any variation – who spends at least two hours at the cash table. For every 2 hours without significant break player recieve 1 ticket.

This promotion starts on 17th November (4 PM) and will last until 21st November (3 PM). The draw will start at 3.45 PM Sunday, 21st November.

Here are the prizes.

1xPF Series Main Event entry + 2 nights at Smart hotel (Friday to Sunday)
1xPF Series Main Event entry (4800 CZK)
5xPF Xmas Cup Main Event entry (1500 CZK)
3xPoker Fever hoodie
4xPoker Fever playing cards and a baseball cap

T&C rules applies

  • Players doing long sit outs (30 minutes +) will have their timer reset;
  • The draw will take place on November 21st, before the start of the second day of the Main Event, at 3:45 PM.
  • To win, you have to be present at the draw, otherwise the next person will be drawn. The winner who is absent will lose his/her right to collect the prize.
  • One person can win more than one prize – the more you play, the greater the chance of winning a single prize and winning more prizes.

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