Piotr Trębacz

Piotr Trębacz is the new Poker Fever CUP champion (June’s edition)

Another Poker Fever CUP in Go4Games Casino Hodolany is in the books. Thank you for participating in June’s edition. We hope you spent a memorable weekend in the beautiful city of Olomouc. Let’s make a quick recap and present to you all the winners.

Main Event

The buy-in for the Main Event was 2.500 CZK. After four starting flights there was a total of 390 registrations. We missed the guaranteed prize pool of 1.000.000 Kc only by several buy-ins.

In heads-up Piotr Trębacz (featured photo) and Lukasz Główka agreed to take 150.000 Kc each, and they played only for the 11.700 Kc and a trophy. It was Piotr Trębacz who came out of this battle victorious and he earned himself additional money and a title.

Third place finisher was another player from Poland Bartłomiej Dąbrowski. He recieved 91.400 Kc for his efforts.

Łukasz Główka
1Trebacz PiotrPL161 700 Kč
2Glowka LukaszPL150 000 Kč
3Dabrowski BartlomiejPL91 400 Kč
4KapitánGRE67 700 Kč
5Jakša StanislavCZ50 100 Kč
6Heger PavelCZ38 200 Kč
7Glowacki ArkadiuszPL29 000 Kč
8Popelka JaroslavCZ21 200 Kč
9Zajac PawelPL17 000 Kč
10Grzeszczak DanielPL13 500 Kč

Mini High Roller

On Friday Mini High Roller with the buy-in of 7.500 Kc and the guaranteed prize pool of 300.000 Kc was held. Total number of entries was 78. There was 575.000 Kc in the prize pool.

When the third place finisher Jiří Horák was eliminated the remaing two players decided to make a deal. They both agreed on a 124.500 Kc payday and decided to end the tournament on the spot. The official winner was Kajetan Jantosz of Poland and the runner-up was his fellow countryman Mariusz Masłowski.

Kajetan Jantosz
1Jantosz KajetanPL124 500 Kč
2Maslowski MariuszPL124 500 Kč
3Horák JiříCZ75 500 Kč
4Witek MarcinPL58 900 Kč
5LeontýnkaCZ45 800 Kč
6BanánCZ33 700 Kč
7Chwastek MateuszPL23 600 Kč
8Chrobák TomášCZ16 600 Kč


The buy-in for this event was 1.000 CZK. There were 62 entries and 55 re-entries. Thanks to the 117 total entries the guaranteed prize pool was reached with a tiny surplus.

In the end there were three Poles battling it up for the first prize worth of 31.400 Kc. The last man standing was Marcin Rarak. In HU he defeated his fellow countryman Szymon Gołębiewski (19.600 Kc). The “bronze medal” was awarded to a third place finisher Patryk Grzymała (14.100 Kc).

1Rarak MarcinPL31 400 Kč
2Golebiewski SzymonPL19 600 Kč
3Grzymala PatrykPL14 100 Kč
4Hlavica MartinCZ10 100 Kč
5Zajac PawelPL7 000 Kč
6Novák TomášCZ5 000 Kč
7Glowka LukaszPL4 000 Kč
8Rajewicz MaciejPL3 000 Kč
9Wolinski MichalPL2 400 Kč
10Witek MarcinPL2 000 Kč
11Jašek PetrCZ2 000 Kč

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