Our race is quickly gaining pace! Check the results below as three festival are already in the books and the winners of particular tournaments have received their points. It’s not too late to join the game, which is always a good idea considering the prizes – more about them below. Well, enough of it, let’s take a look at the current standings. We will keep you posted on any changes on the leaderboard!

Current standings – after three events (January, March, April)


No point keeping you guessing what the prizes are. Here are the things you can get if you try hard in our tournaments:

1st place –  Poker Fever Golden ticket
This is the main prize in our yearly competition and it will give you free buy-ins (no re-entries) to all main events at Poker Fever in 2020, provided it’s going to have “Series” in its name. So far we can include ME Poker Fever Series and ME Poker Fever Mini Series – perhaps we will soon welcome also the Series Special. Altogether 3 or 4 events next year worth about $900. Additionally we will present the winner with unique set of gadgets and a trophy.

2nd place – Poker Fever Silver ticket
Second best player will receive buy-in to one main event (no re-entry) at “Series” festival and three tickets to Poker Fever CUP events (Series and CUPs in 2020, no re-entry). This means prizes worth ovr $500. Apart from that a set of PFS gadgets and a silver trophy.

3rd place – Poker Fever Bronze ticket
Third spot guarantees you one ticket to any main event (no re-entry) during any of the “Series” festivals (2020) + unique set of Poker Fever gadgets. All that altogether worth no less than $150-200 – depending on what Main Event you decide to join.

Places 4th-10th – A special set of Poker Fever gadgets
Players from places from 4th to 10th will get special PFS gadgets that will be designed specifically for Poker Fever Player of the Year winners.

The upcoming Poker Fever festivals

Poker Fever Mini Series – April 30th – May 5th

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You can also join the race and win Poker Fever Golden Ticket and then play all PF Series, PF Mini Series Main Events for free in 2020. This can be a very, very profitable freeroll. We hope to see you in Olomouc in April and May during the upcoming stops that we will reveal more about pretty soon. Stay tuned.