Poker Fever: Cash Game Bingo returns with easier tasks! (CZK 120,000 GTD)

This is certain! During the upcoming November edition of Poker Fever Series cash players will have another chance to earn extra money all thanks to Cash Game Bingo. We are giving away as much as CZK 120,000 (over $5000) for you to win.

After immensely succesful Cash Game Bingo we decided to offer another one at Poker Fever Series. Bingo game will be available from November 20th (starting at 8:00 p.m.) till November 25th (10:00).

Cash Game BINGO – how to join the game?

Before joining the bingo cash game you will receive from the staff a special game card. Every time you complete a task one of the staff will give you a special sticker with a signature. Collect five stickers, horizontally, diagonally or vertically and CZK 600 is yours. For fullfiling all the tasks you will be granted Super Bingo and CZK 3,000 more. Altogether a single player can collect even CZK 10,200 – just for sitting at a cash table and completing given tasks.

Due to your feedback we replaced four quite difficult tasks with easier ones, so that more of you can win at BINGO and enjoy extra cash.

Cash Game Bingo

Terms and regulations for Cash Game Bingo

1. One person gets one game card – if it is lost or destroyed you will not be given another one. Each card has a name of its owner on it and only this person can collect stickers and rewards.
2. Poker Fever Cash Game Bingo starts Nov 20th (Wednesday), at 8:00 p.m. and finishes on Nov 25th (Monday) at 10:00 or when the prize pool of CZK 120,000 runs out. The offer is valid for cash tables CZK 25/50 and higher.
3. To win a prize you need to collect five stickers in a row: they can be placed horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
4. Every five-sticker series (line) is worth CZK 600. Each enables you to collect prize once and once only.
5. Completing all the tasks gives you Super Bingo. A player that lucky gets CZK 3,000.
6. In order for each field on your card to be valid you need a sticker and a signature from the floorman or dealer.
7. It is forbidden to exchange or trade stickers – if such a fraud is detected prize money will be taken away and player will be removed from the casino and banned from ever entering Poker Fever festivals and Go4Games Resort.
8. In other situations not described above the casino and organizers make the final decision.

Poker Fever Series – November 2019

Another edition of Poker Fever Series will be played out between 18th and 25th November. The guaranteed prize pool of the whole event is CZK 8,300,000. Feel very welcome to join the game!