Poker Fever CUP (December): Emergency state in the Czech Republic – the festival has been cancelled

Due to the ongoing pandemics Poker Fever hosts have decided to cancel Poker Fever CUP in December.

Pandemics was supposed to go away, but looking at the statistics it seems like it’s the other way around. Getting the whole thing under control is a top priority now for the countries in the whole world, Poland and the Czech Republic included. A struggle is taking place to slow down and ultimately stop the disease. Most branches of economy have limited their functioning or even totally stopped.

Poker festival may not seem a mass event, but the numbers do not lie and during this difficult time there is simply no place to organise such an event. The day before yesterday the Czech Republic announced state of emergency that will be in force all over the country until December 12th. Poker Fever CUP festival that was originally planned for between 10th and 13th December just has to wait.

Important information for the players

Below is a fragment of the statement from Poker Fever that was published before cancelling the November event. Nothing has changed as far as the safety of players and their tickets goes.

All the tickets won online are and will be accepted. All the entries you may currently win will also be waiting for you in the casino. Do not worry one bit.

As you may know PartyPoker still hosts satellites to Poker Fever. It will most certainly be so till December 17th, that is the day when PP operator will leave markets where poker situation is still not regulated by national laws (more information can be found here (Polish). Afterwards the Poker Fever satellites will probably stay, but their number will be a bit smaller (e.g. 2-3 weekly instead of 7).

At the same time PF is working to arrange for another poker room to host their satellites. As soon as we know something in this regard we will let you know.

The following Poker Fever festivals

As soon as the COVID-19 threat is gone Poker Fever hosts are ready to continue offering players the best poker experience in this part of the world. They are already planning events for the first quarter of 2021 and if the situation allows we will meet again in Go4Games Casino in Olomouc.