Jacek Seferyniak - Poker Fever CUP (May 2023) winner with the trophy.
Jacek Seferyniak/foto. Rafal Gladysz

Poker Fever CUP: Jacek Seferyniak with a convincing win in the Main Event

Poker Fever CUP Special began on 27th of April. From the very first day 1 mln CZK Main Event kicked off as well as the 500.000 CZK High Roller. Another event with higher buy-in – 250.000 CZK Mini High Roller – was played on Friday. Let’s quickly summarize these events.

Poker Fever High Roller

This was a special addition to the regular schedule. 10.000 CZK buy-in High Roller with the guaranteed prize pool of 500.000 CZK. With the 65 registrations half of a million mark was reached. 8 players advanced into the money.

The final table was stormed by the locals. Only one player from Poland managed to get to this stage. It was Piotr Grudzinski who took the foruth place earning himself 58.400 CZK. The other six players was from Czechia and the winner of this event Pavol Melichar was Slovakian.

The last three players sealed a deal. “Miki”, who was at that moment very far ahead from his competition, secured himself 180.000 CZK. Martin Zikovsky and Pavol Melichar both took home 107.500 CZK. Zikovsky was quickly eliminated and Czech and Slovakian went to the heads-up. Melichar managed to win some chips from the leader and then something totally unexpected happened: “Miki”, who was still in the comfort lead, decided to abandon the game.

Pavol Melichar was declared a winner and on the top of the six figure payout he took home the throphy as well.

Pavel Melichar - the winner of the High Roller with the trophy.
Pavol Melichar/fot. Rafal Gladysz
1Melichar PavolSK107 500 Kč
2MikiCZ180 000 Kč
3Žikovský MartinCZ107 500 Kč
4Grudziński PiotrPL58 400 Kč
5Matula MartinCZ42 500 Kč
6Bohm PatrikCZ30 700 Kč
7Mareček PavelCZ22 400 Kč
8Školoud DavidCZ10 000 Kč

Poker Fever Mini High Roller

The regular 250.000 CZK GTD Mini High Roller was a one day event with the buy-in of 5.000 CZK that took place on Friday. 48 unique players put their names on the starting list. With the additional 34 re-entries the prize pool of over 420.000 CZK was formed. 9 players made it into the money.

This time 5 out of 9 players were Polish. But none of them won this event. It was a player from Czechia Filip Dvorak who eventually came out on top of the whole pack and gathered all the marbles. He took home 98.200 CZK. The runner-up Maciej Bartosik was left with 68.800 CZK. Well done!

1Dvořák FilipCZ98 200 Kč
2Bartosik MaciejPL68 800 Kč
3Cesarz KrzysztofPL51 800 Kč
4Bukowski PiotrPL41 300 Kč
5Stach PetrCZ31 400 Kč
6Svoboda LubošCZ22 900 Kč
7Chrobák TomášCZ16 200 Kč
8Mazur JaroslawPL12 000 Kč
9Pustula JacekPL10 000 Kč

Poker Fever CUP

Main Event took off on Thursday. They were total of five starting flights. Four of them was regular and one was a turbo version. 77 players returned to the tables on Sunday in order to play the whole thing out until the winner was declared.

The money bubble burst with 53 players left. Min cash was worth 4.000 CZK. After a few hours into the day the final table was reached. During the last 30 minutes Jacek Seferyniak (feature image), who eliminated Roman Papacek and Bartosz Kubisz, took a commanding chip lead. It seemed like he was already a winner and the other players were fighting only for the second place.

It wasn’t far from the truth. Seferyniak was not in danger in any point of the FT. He was involved in the elimination of a few other player: Krzyworzeka, Žampión and Vykoupil. He met the other Pole Jaroslaw Mazur in heads-up and sent him to the rail very quickly.

Jacek Seferyniak won the Poker Fever CUP and recieved 204.900 CZK and a trophy. Jaroslaw Mazur took 141.100 CZK. And the third place finisher Peter Hajdin was awarded 101.800 CZK.

1Seferyniak JacekPL204 900 Kč
2Mazur JaroslawPL141 100 Kč
3Hajdin PeterCZ101 800 Kč
4Vykoupil BorisCZ73 100 Kč
5ŽampiónCZ55 400 Kč
6Kilian MichałPL41 300 Kč
7Krzyworzeka PawełPL32 200 Kč
8Chladil VlastislavCZ24 300 Kč
9Konstantionou MichalisCYP19 500 Kč

The next stop: Poker Fever CUP 22-25.06. You will find the schedule in the sidebar.