Jonáš Kuzník

Poker Fever CUP: Jonáš Kuzník wins the Main Event

From the 21st to the 24th of October another edition of the Poker Fever CUP took place at Go4Games Casino in Olomouc. We encourage you to read the report on this event.

Poker Fever Starter – 100.000 CZK GTD

The competition started on Thursday. The first act was the Poker Fever Starter event with a buy-in of 1.000 CZK. 66 unique entries and 66 re-entries elevated the prize pool to a total of 114.300 CZK. In the end of the day one of the local’s Radek Hradil gathered all the chips and earned 25.000 CZK (after an even deal in heads-up with Mihail Tvic).

1 Hradil Radek 25 000 Kč
2 Tvic Mihail 25 000 Kč
3 Toráň Jozef 15 600 Kč
4 Hodaň MArtin 12 000 Kč
5 Kiziridis Georgios 9 300 Kč
6 Bůžek Jaroslav 7 300 Kč
7 Hudeček Stanislav 5 500 Kč
8 Rauer Jan 4 000 Kč
9 Grodek Artur 2 800 Kč

Poker Fever Mini High Roller – 300.000 CZK GTD

The Poker Fever Mini High Roller was the most expensive event of the weekend. Players willing to participate in it had to pay a buy-in worth of 7.500 CZK. A total of 72 registrations were recorded. During the registration period 49 unique players amassed 464.400 CZK in the prize pool. It was a one-day event which took place on Friday.

Seven players made it to a ITM stage. The final table was dominated by players from Poland. The only participant from Czechia – he played under a nickname Mole – finished the tournament on a fifth place and earned himself 35.300 CZK.

When there were only three players left in the tournament the deal was made. Each of the remaining players guaranteed themselves at least 100.000 CZK for their efforts. From now on they played for additional 34.400 CZK and a trophy. Damian Nagrabecki was the last man standing and he became the winner of the Mini High Roller event.

1 Nagrabecki Damian 134 400 Kč
2 Siewert Damian 100 000 Kč
3 Dziedzic Jan 100 000 Kč
4 Rapanowicz Damian 50 600 Kč
5 Mole 35 300 Kč
6 Wochnik Dominik 25 500 Kč
7 Grodek Artur 18 600 Kč

Damian Nagrabecki

Poker Fever CUP – 1.000.000 CZK GTD

Main Event with a buy-in of 2.500 CZK took off also on Friday. There were three regular flights – 1A on Friday, 1B and 1C on Staturday – and one turbo flight – 1D on Sunday. A total of 553 registrations generated a prize pool of 1.382.500 CZK. 54 players made it to the money.

The final day of the tournament was played on Sunday. 72 players advanced to this stage and after less than six hours of fierce competition a group of nine finalists was emerged. After three eliminations a six-way deal was sealed. In the aftermath of what was agreed Łukasz Sadłoń of Poland and Jonáš Kuzník (featured photo) of Czechia played a flip for the trophy. This time the poker gods favoured the latter player and he became the official winner of the Poker Fever CUP Main Event.

1 Kuzník Jonáš 146.900 Kč
2 Svoboda Luboš 156.200 Kč
3 Sadłoń Łukasz 147.300 Kč
4 Varyš Adam 114.200 Kč
5 Jašek Petr 89.400 Kč
6 Novosad David 85.400 Kč
7 Schietza Jerzy 36.900 Kč
8 Raczyński Tadeusz 25.000 Kč
9 Mazur Jarosław 19.000 Kč

Łukasz Sadłoń

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