Poker Fever Series August 2020 Recap

Poker Fever Series August Festival Recap

Monday, August 31, marked the end of the eleventh Poker Fever Series festival, which was held at the Go4games Casino Hodolany in Olomouc. Below you can find a summary of the most important tournaments.

CZK 1,500 Poker Fever One-day Special (August 26)

The One-day Special event had a buy-in of CZK 1,500 and attracted 315 entries. CZK 500,000 was guaranteed in the prize pool, which means that there was a small overlay. 36 players got paid.

Among those who cashed in the tournament there were ten players from Poland. Tomasz Hędzielski (28th – CZK 2,600), Sebastian Nowara (17th – CZK 4,700), Marian Kielan (10th – CZK 6,400) and a few other Poles got paid before the final table was reached.

The One-day Special event conluded with an eigth-way deal. Czech player Petr Jasek has won the tournament and took home CZK 51,800. Among those who participated in the money deal there were two Polish players – Michał Marczyk finished 8th for CZK 25,600 and Adrian Skrzypiec finished 6th for CZK 29,500.

Petr Jasek - Poker Fever Series
Petr Jasek

Poker Fever One-day Special Final Table Results:

1. Petr Jasek (Czech Republic) – CZK 51,800*
2. Dusan Kocian (Czech Republic) – CZK 48,800*
3. Ondrej Brezina (Czech Republic) – CZK 46,700*
4. Tomas Navratil (Czech Republic) – CZK 46,700*
5. Tomas Urbasek (Czech Republic) – CZK 41,700*
6. Adrian Szkrzypiec (Poland) – CZK 29,500*
7. Stanislav Fiurasek (Czech Republic) – CZK 26,200*
8. Michał Marczyk (Poland) – CZK 25,600*
9. “Kobra 16” – CZK 8,600

*Payouts after a deal.

CZK 30,000 Poker Fever Super High Roller (August 26)

Super High Roller was a CZK 30,000 buy-in tournament in which players started with 100,000 chips and levels were changing after every 30/40 minutes.

39 players came to play in the event and additionaly 16 re-entries were used. A total number of 55 entries generated prize pool of more than 1,5 million Czech koruna. Seven players were slated to be paid.

Polish player “Grinder” became the Super High Roller bubble boy after his pair of queens lost to kings of Jiri Horak. Payouts went to four Poles and three Czechs.

Go4games Casino Hodolany regular Roman Papacek finished third for CZK 245,500. He lost his stack with T7 against Horak’s pair of sevens.

Horak started heads-up play with a slight lead over the best of Polish Super High Roller participants, Radosław Morawiec. The Pole, however, managed to win the match. In the last hand of the tournament Horak risked all of his chips with A8, Morawiec called with K3 and the board came 9-K-4-2-J.

Radosław Morawiec - Poker Fever Series
Radosław Morawiec

Poker Fever Super High Roller Results:

1. Radosław Morawiec (Poland) – CZK 517,900
2. Jiri Horak (Czech Republic) – CZK 341,400
3. Roman Papacek (Czech Republic) – CZK 245,500
4. Jakub Grzegorzek (Poland) – CZK 167,300
5. Dawid Kuliberda (Poland) – CZK 116,600
6. Paweł Zawadowicz (Poland) – CZK 84,400
7. Michael Sklenicka (Czech Republic) – CZK 61,400

CZK 15,000 Poker Fever High Roller (August 27-28)

The High Roller event with a buy-in of CZK 15,000 drew a total of 113 entries. The top 13 spots took home a portion of the prize pool.

Paweł Pudłowski (CZK 23,600), Łukasz Sadłoń (CZK 23,600), and Tadeusz Raczyński (CZK 28,200) were among those who finished in the money but failed to reach the final table.

Five Polish players came into the final table. Piotr Więcek has won the tournament for CZK 392,900. In heads-up match the Pole defeated Jan Bednar who took home CZK 274,600.

Piotr Więcek - Poker Fever Series
Piotr Więcek

Poker Fever High Roller Results:

1. Piotr Więcek (Poland) – CZK 392,900
2. Jan Bednar (Czech Republic) – CZK 274,600
3. Maciej Komorowski (Poland) – CZK 207,500
4. Wojciech Wyrębski (Poland) – CZK 160,200
5. Michał Placek (Poland) – CZK 124,300
6. Filip Hanusek (Czech Republic) – CZK 97,600
7. Tomasz Wróbel (Poland) – CZK 74,000
8. Petr Litera (Czech Republic) – CZK 53,400
9. Michal Stauber (Czech Republic) – CZK 37,400
10. Matous Houzvicek (Czech Republic) – CZK 28,200
11. Tadeusz Raczyński (Poland) – CZK 28,200
12. Łukasz Sadłoń (Poland) – CZK 23,600
13. Paweł Pudłowski (Poland) – CZK 23,600

CZK 4,800 Poker Fever Series Main Event (August 27-31)

The Main Event of the August Poker Fever Series festival had a buy-in of CZK 4,800 and a guaranteed prize pool of CZK 4,000,000. 819 entries were recorded, which means that there was a slight overlay. 80 players got paid and the eventual winner was supposed to take home the top prize of CZK 702,900.

In the final day of the tournament 24 players returned to the Go4games Casino Hodolany. Among them there were eleven Polish players. Łukasz Mazur from Poland started as the final day chip leader.

The last day of the tournament, however, wasn’t very lucky for Poles. Krzysztof Najborowski (23th – CZK 22,500), Karol Skonecki (22th – CZK 22,500), Bartłomiej Falowski (19th – CZK 22,500), and Bartłomiej Staszczak (17th – CZK 22,500) were among those who exited early.

Later Łukasz Sadłoń finished 15th for CZK 29,200. Kamil Wierzbicki (13th) and Jarosław Trzcinka (12th) each took home CZK 39,600. The final table bubble boy was Miron Klasz whose A9 lost to QJ of Mazur. Klasz earned CZK 53,300.

The finale table was composed of five Czechs, three Poles and one player from Slovakia. Daniel Dziuba from Poland was the first to bust and he took CZK 72,200. Szymon Bala finished 7th for CZK 125,600 and the last Polish player in the tournament, Mazur, took home CZK 160,000 after finishing in 6th place.

Main Event ended with a three-way ICM deal. Slovakian Marek Galbavy scooped CZK 521,600, Radek Machac took CZK 513,500, and Lukas Macura got CZK 429,700. The trophy went to Macura who has officially won the tournament after flipping blind with the two other remaining players.

Lukas Macura - Poker Fever Series
Lukas Macura

Poker Fever Series Main Event Final Table Results:

1. Lukáš Macura (Czech Republic) – CZK 429,700*
2. Radek Macháč (Czech Republic) – CZK 513,500*
3. Marek Galbavý (Slovakia) – CZK 521,600*
4. René Crha (Czech Republic) – CZK 254,600
5. René Sirý (Czech Republic) – CZK 201,200
6. Łukasz Mazur (Poland) – CZK 160,000
7. Szymon Bala (Poland) – CZK 125,600
8. Radim Husárik (Czech Republic) – CZK 96,300
9. Daniel Dziuba (Poland) – CZK 72,200

*Payouts after a deal.

The next Poker Fever festival – Poker Fever Cup – is set to take place from September 24 to 27. The CZK 2,500 buy-in Poker Fever Cup Main Event provides a CZK 1,000,000 guaranteed prize pool. Online satellites take place every day on PartyPoker and you can qualify for as little as $5,50.