Poker Fever Series entries leaderboard – 7th look (as of November 14th, 2018)

We are getting closer to the Poker Fever Series Main Event. This is the last stretch so be sure to check the current results. The last take will be posted on the website on Sunday, before the final satellite event, so you can know clearly who stands where.

We want to remind you that the last qualifier will take place on Sunday. Thus we will end the qualifying period and get to know the winner of our leaderboard race. Of course it does not mean all satellites will end. From Monday to Wednesday you will have a chance to get one of as many as 20 tickets – 5/5/10. However we will not take these events into consideration as far as the race goes.

Entries leaderboard– as of Nov 14th, 2018

We have four tournaments left. Mathematically speaking there are 14 players who have a chance to win the race. In reality probably four of them will battle it out between themselves. At the top of the board we have as always during this edition – lipkaa and renata071. One victory less is the number that HyphMngo and RadooG can boast. The third place belongs to JegoZ. We can quite certainly assume of of them will enjoy free accommodation in the Theatre hotel during the Main Event.

Important! If two or more players have equal number of points after all is said and done the victor will be chosen on the basis of better position taken in the last satellite.

Here is the second to last look at the leaderboard:

Nickname Number of entries
lipkaa 8
renata071 8
HyphMngo 7
RadooG 7
JegoZ 5
civem 4
dawidek1986 4
IzuniAA 4
Jagiello 4
kejkuuu 4
Marcin133z 4
MrGo4it 4
only_nutz 4
zidanesilent 4
DeGe2016 3
gorol11 3
kisielos87 3
midel91 3
RiverIsMine1916 3
TimeToPay777 3
Wojtek_z 3
xdamianx5 3
AndriuCaman 2
Bartek_G 2
eliminator_l 2
foowalk 2
frankyfurbo 2
Gorath- 2
MiJJus 2
mugenos7 2
nhrob77 2
oneredrabbit 2
Philippe_96 2
PromAAteusz1 2
ratajdonk 2
Slavo95 2
StickerSilent 2
tymonek94 2
Vindykator 2
yokerone1 2
Yonex_77 2
Artur89rts 1
as_points 1
AstraesPL 1
BarnabaGoL 1
bialko991 1
BlackShepherd 1
bogi28899 1
bolton3333 1
Bukhamet 1
C_u_Z_o 1
cedr1kk 1
cezahry 1
danyeloelo 1
dawert17 1
Dil4r 1
dobranoc 1
dom197023 1
DomoPL 1
dzyniu88 1
farafiinn 1
Fosterek 1
Geri13 1
gnolyk 1
gregor_tbg 1
Grodson75 1
hungry40 1
igorigor500 1
IkerC11 1
imgonnAAeatU 1
johny0066 1
kassaa1972 1
King_Art111 1
Komprendo 1
kozakq 1
Kuczyn76 1
kwiato 1
Lucky_Fisz 1
LuckyLuc1234 1
lysyess4646 1
majkell2 1
Maldinx 1
mariopoks 1
mb13555 1
Menthol_pl 1
michumachu 1
MKid83 1
Myszor997 1
nazywo99 1
Nikola0703 1
PAH14I0 1
palczanito 1
papadino82 1
Pegi18 1
Pentakilator 1
pikuszczak 1
pkokos88 1
rozumiem 1
Sajmoon152 1
sEndrju88 1
sharkgrindpoker 1
Sharkwwa 1
showmebluff777 1
Simon_Kier 1
Spocony_Macius 1
staszek_3 1
StivaMAN 1
Strusiek777 1
Suja8686 1
Titek2016 1
tomson1946 1
Torres_Jorge 1
TryToTiltMe 1
Uncle1395 1
Vancurek 1
Wasyl9307 1
YuriBoyyka 1
zabinho85 1
zostawiony2 1
Zubi222 1

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