Poker Fever Series

Poker Fever Series July – See All the Winners!

David Táborský from Czech Republic is the new Poker Fever Series Main Event champion. Who are the winners of JDPC, Super High Roller and High Roller? As july edition of the festival came to an end, let’s take a look at results of some of the most important tournaments.

CZK 4,800 Poker Fever Series Main Event (07.29-08.02)

Main Event had a buy-in of CZK 4,800 and a guaranteed prize pool of CZK 4,000,000. The tournament, which started on Thursday, July 29, attracted 648 players who rebought 320 times. The 968-entry field generated a CZK 4,646,400 prize pool.

The third and final day was played on Monday, August 2, when 24 players came to the Olomouc Go4games Casino Hodolany to compete for a trophy and a first-place prize of CZK 800,400.

The latest Poker Fever Series Main Event concluded with a two-way deal. David Táborský and Filip Hanusek – both from Czech Republic – took home CZK 655,650 each, while the trophy went to Táborský.

David Táborský - Poker Fever Series
David Táborský

Wojciech Żmijewski was the best out of Polish players in the Main Event as he finished third for CZK 373.100.

Poker Fever Series Main Event Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (CZK)
1. Táborský David Czech Republic
2. Hanusek Filip Czech Republic
3. Żmijewski Wojciech Poland 373,100
4. Karapetyan Hovhannes Poland 295,100
5. Krátký Kamil Czech Republic 231,200
6. Pączek Igor Poland 183,300
7. Borowski Dominik Poland 139,300
8. Ratajczyk Łukasz Poland 103,300
9. Ogórek Maciej Poland 75,400

*Reflects a two-way deal.

CZK 30,000 Poker Fever Super High Roller (07.28)

The most expensive tournament was held on Wednesday, July 28. 34 players decided to compete in the Super High Roller event, which had a buy-in of CZK 30,000, and they were also responsible for 12 additional re-entries. Six best players were slated to be paid and players themselves decided to fund a buy-in back for the unfortunate bubble boy.

Czech player Jan Bednář has won the Super High Roller for CZK 452,000. In heads-up match he defeated Damian Pochwatka. The Polish SHR runner-up took home CZK 287,000.

Jan Bednář
Jan Bednář

Poker Fever Super High Roller Results:

Place Player Country Prize (CZK)
1. Bednář Jan Czech Republic 452,000
2. Pochwatka Damian Poland 287,000
3. Jantoš Radek Czech Republic 204,500
4. Dvořák Filip Czech Republic 147,400
5. Romanowski Marcin Poland 96,600
6. Gerguri Denis Czech Republic 52,100
7. Więcek Piotr Poland 30,000

CZK 15,000 Poker Fever High Roller (07.29-30)

The two-day High Roller event attracted a total of 145 entries, which resulted in a prize pool of almost CZK 2,000,000. The money was shared among the top 15 finishers. Poland’s Marcin Kacprzak proved to be the best in the final day and scooped CZK 473,700. Another Polish player, Kamil Spaczyński, finished second for CZK 340,600.

Marcin Kacprzak
Marcin Kacprzak

Poker Fever High Roller Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (CZK)
1. Kacprzak Marcin Poland 473,700
2. Spaczyński Kamil Poland 340,600
3. Szczotka Jakub Poland 262,300
4. Berent Norbert Poland 203,600
5. Bednář Jan Czech Republic 157,600
6. Pustuła Jacek Poland 125,300
7. Verner Jan Czech Republic 95,000
8. Zajdel Michał Poland 66,600
9. Smoleń Filip Poland 47,000

CZK 1,500 Jack Daniels Poker Cup (07.28)

During the first day of the Poker Fever Series festival players were able to compete in the annual Jack Daniels Poker Cup tournament. It had a buy-in of CZK 1,500 and drew a total of 356 entries. Cash prizes were given to those who finished in the top 35.

The event ended with a five-way deal and Petr Adamec from Czech Republic walked out as the official Jack Daniels Poker Cup winner. He took home a prize of CZK 64,100.

Petr Adamec
Martin Hrtús and Petr Adamec

Jack Daniels Poker Cup Final Table Results:

Place Player Country Prize (CZK)
1. Adamec Petr Czech Republic 64,100
2. Hrtús Martin Czech Republic 62,500
3. Zítka Jan Czech Republic 59,000
4. Pospíšil Marcel Czech Republic 57,700
5. Kokoszka Tomasz Poland 50,000
6. Ženatá Eva Czech Republic 20,700
7. Dostál Dominik Czech Republic 15,600
8. Barlow Christopher United Kingdom 11,000
9. Mrózek Lukáš Czech Republic 9,200

The next Poker Fever festival in Olomouc, Poker Fever Cup, is set to take place September 23 to 26.