Poker Fever Series Main Event final table is coming up!

Today we will know, who the winner of Poker Fever Series Main Event is! Lucky player will take home as much as CZK 850,000 (about $40,000). If you are interested in following the action at the final table join us at our site at 3:30 p.m. Jack Daniels will be here to comment the hands and you will also be able to see players’ cards (naturally with a small delay).

That’s not the end! PartyPoker has a special offer available EXCLUSIVELY during the stream. If you create an account on their poker room we will give you $10 to play, absolutely for free, no strings attached!

Yes, that’s right. 10 dollars for each and every player who registers on the site during the stream from Poker Fever Series Main Event final table in Olomouc. To do that please simply follow this LINK.

Oglądaj na żywo film od użytkownika pokerfeverseries na

If you do everything correctly the funds will be waiting for you to be collected. Just write to us at Poker Fever fan page till November 29th. Money will be then transferred to your account no later than December 3rd.

Remember that to activate your account you must make a deposit (at least $10), but who’s gonna stop you from withdrawing the very same day? No one. That’s right. And you will get $10 to play FOR FREE. If you already have an account you can also create one for a member of your family or a friend.

Getting back to the Main Event. Roman Papacek is the current chip leader and the rest of the line-up looks like that:

Place Player Stack BB
1. Roman Papáček 5,380,000 45
2. Marek Nawrath 4,655,000 39
3. Bartosz Wiśniewski 4,285,000 36
4. Tomáš Knápek 3,980,000 33
5. Vladimír Stejskal 3,580,000 30
6. Zbigniew Wieczorek 3,470,000 29
7. Patrik Bečák 1,920,000 16
8. Tomasz Kaliski 1,615,000 13
9. Paweł Szostak 1,585,000 13

Here on the other hand is the table with prizes guaranteed for best players of PFS Main Event:

Place Prize
1. CZK 854,500
2. CZK 547,800
3. CZK 389,400
4. CZK 279,400
5. CZK 206,800
6. CZK 142,100
7. CZK 110,100
8. CZK 90,200
9. CZK 73,500