Poker Fever Series – PF CUP final day results

Final day of the PF CUP has been played out and we’ve got the results! The heads-up phase began at about 0:40 a.m. local time. Two players, first from Poland, second a proud representative of the Check Republic sat to play for the trophy and cash prizes with the following stacks:

  • Remigiusz Wyrzykiewicz 2.5 million in chips
  • Marian Vacha 8.6 million in chips

The chips were moving back and forth with both players taking the lead, but unfortunately for Wyrzyk (pictured on the right) his stack slowly diminished and after 2.5 hours he had to move all in with 65s. He had a short stack and was called by Marian who had QJ.

The flop came Q85, turn brough a flush draw for Wyrzyk, but the river was an ace of hearts and the trophy went to Marian Vacha!

Wyrzyk put indeed a great fight in the final HU. Of course great congratulations to the winner as he also did his best.

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