Poker Fever SPECIAL is just around the corner

We announce the Poker Fever Special, which will be held at the Casino Go4Games Hodolany from 17th to 20th March 2022.

The biggest highlight of the festival is the Main Event with the entry fee of CZK 1.500. This is a thousand CZK less than during the standard Poker Fever CUP festivals. It is worth emphasizing that the guaranteed prize pool remains the same and it is worth CZK 1,000,000!

On Friday, we also invite you to jump into the Mini High Roller event, in which you can buy-in for CZK 7,500. The best players in this tournament will share prizes worth at least CZK 300,000.

Let’s have look at the full schedule.

Special Cash Game Promo

We have something special for cash game players. During the festival we will launch a Cash Game Lottery in which you can win multiple buy-ins for the CZK 5.500 Poker Fever Series ME and the CZK 1.500 Poker Fever One Day Special.

The prizes are as follows:

  • 3x CZK 5.500 entry for the Poker Fever Series Main Event, CZK 4 mln GTD
  • 5x CZK 1.500 entry for the Poker Fever One Day Special, CZK 500k GTD

To recieve one ticket for the lottery you need to play for only 2 hours. Two tickets for 4 hours of play and so on.

You can win multiple tickets and multiple prizes as well!

The draw will take place 15 minutes before the start of the Day 2 of the Poker Fever Special (Sunday, 3:45 pm).

See you in Go4Games Hodolany. Olomouc, Czechia.