Poker Fever – the most convenient modes of transport

Poker Fever festival in Olomouc is coming fast. Today we have a special article for you. In it, we suggest the best means of transport that can get you to this unique event. Enjoy!

Four wheels are your best option

Majority of you will choose a car as their means of transport. Recently there have been many adds on forums, with people offering some car pooling. If it happens that you own a car and you’d like to economize, be sure to look for other players who also head to Poker Fever. The more, the merrier.

The most convenient road to choose is naturally Amber One highway (A1). It will be much more comfortable than any other roads, but remember that upon crossing the Czech Republic borders you should head to the nearest petrol station to buy a vignette. These are obligatory there.

Those of you who plan to go just to this Poker Fever festival, the best choice will be the 10-day vignette, which costs around $15. If, however, you plan to return often to the Czech Republic to play more festivals and events, it’s worth considering the yearly option.

Bla Bla Car

Depending on where you start your journey to Olomouc you can search for Bla Bla Car offers. They appear a few days before the planned trip, so it’s a good idea to look through them every couple of days. You can book your seat and the price is known from the very start. Great solution for those who like to meet new people while they travel.

Going by buses and trains

If you book railway ticket much time beforehand you can count on some nice discounts. If you are searching for a good connection just now, it’s worth thinking about Polish railways (search engine here).

Another interesting mode of transport is LEO Express buses – a travel from Warsaw to Olomouc takes from 6 to 7 hours. Silezian railways (Polish Koleje Śląskie) offer is also quite attractive and it can be found here.

Connection Ticket Both ways Number of passengers Transporter
Katowice – Hranice in Moravia SilesiaWeekend KŚ PLN 45 ($10) 1 Silezian Railways
České dráhy
Hranice ~in Moravia – Olomouc Czech railway ticket

Free as a bird

If you are not afraid of flying, then you will surely consider going by plane. This way to get to Olomouc is not the best choice, though. To fly to Poker Fever festival, you must land in Prague and from there get to the venue.

Prices here are however not so great. Considering you can take a bus or go by car with other players for less than 30$, spending ten times that seems like unnecessary cost.

Attractive accommodation offers – discounts for Poker Fever players

No matter what transport you choose, you have to stay somewhere when you get to Olomouc. Organizers of Poker Fever festival made sure that participants will be eligible to some discounts during their stay.