Second year of Poker Fever Series is in the books – nearly CZK 60,000,000 given to players!

Poker Fever Series enters its third year. In a few days we will see each other at the first weekend CUP. Before that happens though let us go back in the past and see how the festival was doing in the previous twelve months. 

In 2018 we met as many as nine times. Five times on the smaller festivals – in January, April, June and December – and four times on so called Big Fevers – in March, May, July and November. Eight of those Poker Fevers took place in the good old Go4Games Casino in Olomouc, and once, in May, in King’s Casino back in Rozvadov.

During the nine festivals we have played at least 84 tournaments. There were as many as 10,741 registrations as well as 4,140 re-entries, so altogether we have had 14,881 entries. All the numbers above symbolize players who contributed to a great Poker Fever success in 2018. A success worth…

CZK 59,843,300

This is how much we have got when we summed up all the buy-ins in all events. We were surprised ourselves when we sa how much it was. It’s more than 2.5 million dollars that players brought and that were given to those lucky and skilled enough to get to places paid in the PF events.

Online satellites at PartyPoker

Online qualifiers available at PartyPoker have always been an inseparable part of Poker Fever. Thanks to them you can win your ticket to the Main Events, both CUPs and Series for a fraction of its value. In 2018 our satellites were so popular that at a certain moment we organized them daily. This translated very nicely into the number of tickets given away and so last year at Party you got from us as many as…

1629 entries

The number takes into consideration both the qualifiers to weekend events as well as 9-day long festivals known as Poker Fever Series. If we consider that satellites to January and March events are already on and that we play seven days a week we can expect 2019 to be even more generous for our players than the previous year!

Major winners at Poker Fever

In the table below you can see a compilation of the players who were very skilled and won a major event.

EventFull nameWinningsEvent
Poker Fever Mini High RollerDanes Zatorsky218,300 CZKPFC January
Poker Fever CUPKajetan Jantosz 200,000 CZKPFC January
Poker Fever CUPMarian Vacha208,000 CZKPFS March
Poker Fever High RollerRemigiusz Wyrzykiewicz464,600 CZKPFS March
Poker Fever Main EventMiroslav Janek587,400 CZKPFS March
Poker Fever Mini High RollerJakub Szczotka120,000 CZKPFC April
Poker Fever CUPMichał Kądziela149,163 CZKPFC April
Poker Fever Opening EventVolkan Yerturk12,580€PFS May
Poker Fever CUPmxg241113,374€PFS May
Poker Fever High RollerStefan Kehrer17,895€PFS May
Poker Fever Main EventSchachar Yonanov35,986€PFS May
Poker Fever Mini High RollerJan Lamper142,600 CZKPFC June
Poker Fever CUPRobert Hana183,000 CZKPFC June
Poker Fever CUPTomasz Kubica205,200 CZKPFS July
Poker Fever High RollerRoman Papacek560,700 CZKPFS July
Poker Fever Main EventVlastimil Kudela907,900 CZKPFS July
Poker Fever Mini High RollerKarel Kratochvil190,300 CZKPFC September
Poker Fever CUPMateusz Łuniewski206,100 CZKPFC September
Poker Fever CUPKrzysztof Sikorski161,700 CZKPFS November
Poker Fever High RollerGrzegorz Szałankiewicz405,400 CZKPFS November
Poker Fever Super High RollerMarin Jovanovic495,200 CZKPFS November
Poker Fever Main EventRadim Husarik773,000 CZKPFS November
Poker Fever Mini High Roller Michał Bróg149,600 CZKPFC December
Poker Fever CUPRoman Papacek183,300 CZKPFC December

Feel free to take a look at the infographics that will present all the data in a clearer way.

Be sure to join us in 2019!

Third year of Poker Fever brand will kick off officially on January 24th. On that day players will come to Olomouc for Poker Fever CUP. First Poker Fever Series on the other hand will start March 4th. It’s worth noting that one day will be missing from the schedule and there will be some other changes as well to make the action even faster. Follow our website to find out more about the PFS!

Satellites to both events are available already at PartyPoker. You can play them seven days a week. We encourage you to join us and good luck in 2019 during all the tournaments Poker Fever has for you!

Poker Fever - Satelity na PartyPoker

If you do not have an account at PartyPoker yet then create it using this link and enjoy all the benefits the room offers.