Short Deck Holdem Ante Only at Poker Fever Series

Have you ever played Short Deck Hold’em? If not you need to try because it’s very enjoyable game. During the upcoming Poker Fever Series festival you’l have a chance to give it a try. Be sure to read the rules first.

The schedule for the next Poker Fever Series, that begns November 19th includes a few novelties. First that we recommend to all of you is Super High Roller, which you can play for just CZK 30,000 (CZK 1,000,000 GTD!!). Among the smaller events we can surely suggest the more and more popular Short Deck tournaments.

Short Deck Holdem Ante Only at Poker Fever

This is going to be a one day side event, that is planned for the 2nd day of the festival, Nov 20th. We start at 8:00 p.m. Buy-in CZK 2,500. The winner will scoop a special trophy for his performance as well as money of course.

Every participant will get 10,000 to start and two possible re-buys. Additional chips will be available only in two cases:

  1. Every player loses his/her entire stack
  2. At the end of late registration as an add-on.

Gdy gracz zostanie bez żetonów i wykorzysta wszystkie żetony re-buy, odpada z turnieju. Jeśli trwać będzie jeszcze okres późnej rejestracji, będzie można skorzystać z re-entry.

Blinds in the game will last 20 minutes. Late registration will be available till the end of 8th level.

How to understand the name of this event?

Now it is time to look at the event itself. “Short Deck” means we use fewer cards and all the twos, threes, fours and fives do not take part in the game. Removing 16 cards adds tons of action to every hand and changes the hierarchy of certain holdings.

Six Plus Hold’em (36 cards in the deck) Texas Hold’em (52 cards in the deck)
↓ Straight royal flush ↓ Straight royal flush
Straight flush Straight flush
Four of a kind Four of a kind
Flush Full house
Full house Flush
Trips Straight
Straight Trips
Two pair Two pair
Pair Pair
High card High card

It’s worth noting that aces are the high cards as well as lows like in regular holdem, so they can be used for a typical straight AKQJT, as well as the low one, A6789 (like a 5).

Second part of the name of this event that will be waiting for you at Poker Fever Series, is “Ante Only”. It means that during the game there will be nothing like standard blinds. Instead players will post ante every hand and BTN will pay 2x ante. 

The way the game is played

Apart from the modified number of cards and different hierarchy of hands the rest is quite normal. Action on every street will begin from the player on the left of the BTN. This dealer position will end all the bettings. All the actions you can make are also typical – FOLD, CALL/CHECK, RAISE.

Join us between Nov 19th and 27th

The festival starts today. Go4Games Casino in Olomouc is the destination you should be typing in your GPS if you are not there yet. Here are the most important points of the festival.

  • Poker Fever CUP – CZK 2,500 – 19th-22nd Nov – CZK 1,000,000 Gtd,
  • High Roller – CZK 15,000  – 22nd-23rd Nov – CZK 1,000,000 Gtd,
  • Main Event – CZK 4,800 – 22nd-27th Nov – CZK 5,000,000 Gtd,
  • Poker Fever Masters – CZK 7,500 – Nov 23rd – CZK 400,000 Gtd,
  • Super High Roller – CZK 30,000 – Nov 24th – CZK 1,000,000 Gtd,
  • Poker Fever Masters Mini – CZK 4,000 – Nov 25th-26th – CZK 200,000 Gtd.

The full schedule of the festival can be found – here.

Online satellites at PartyPoker

Do 21 listopada na PartyPoker odbywają się satelity do turnieju głównego. Do rozegrania pozostało jeszcze – piszemy ten tekst 16.11 – sześć turniejów. W niedzielę oraz w środę operator gwarantuje aż DZIESIĘĆ wejściówek, a w pozostałe dni PIĘĆ.

Before joining the satellites to Poker Fever be sure to check the TERMS AND RULES.