The last week of Poker Fever satellites – 35 tickets to win!

The last week of satellites to Poker Fever festival is here! During these 5 days PartyPoker will present you with as many as 35 tickets, worth $215 each!
On 24th July Olomouc will become the arena for the second edition of Poker Fever festival. Thanks to versatile schedule and all additional attractions the upcoming event promises as much as the one back in March.

All those of you who have not taken part in the satellites yet, should take a look at the schedule for final week. Players are sure to battle for those last tickets!

Satellites to Poker Fever – 35 entries to grab!

The last week of satellites to Poker Fever will offer you as many as 35 tickets, each worth $215. Every day, starting from Monday to Thursday you can try your luck and win one of 5 tickets, and on Sunday you’ll take a shot at 15 of them at least. Oh, there will be some poker action for sure!
Below you can check the detailed schedule for Poker Fever satellites in their last week. Remember that you need PartyPoker account to play the events and you also have to verify it with a deposit of minimum $10. To create an account click the link for PokerFever readers here.

Poker Fever satellites – Monday to Thursday

From Monday to Thursday you can also play a freeroll with $11 tickets as prizes. All you need is an account created via PokerFever or one of their partners (PokerTexas, PokerGround and TLpoker). The prize pool will include 10 tickets, but it will surely be exceeded. Below you have the details of freerolls:

Name of the event: Freeroll qualifier with 10 tickets to Poker Fever Main Event satellite
Location: PartyPoker platform, tab „tournaments” → „limited”
Date and time: 17th-20th July, at 19:00
Buy-in/Rebuy/Addon: $0/$1/$1
Chips: 2,500/ rebuy 2,500 chips/ addon 5,000 chips
Blinds: 6 minutes
Late registration: until 20:05
Prize pool: added 10 tickets to the main satellite, worth $11 each

IMPORTANT: The event is available only for players who have created their accounts via PokerFever and partnering websites!

At 21:00 we will welcome „boosted” satellites with 5 tickets to the PF Main Event. Each package includes a ticket and a set of gadgets with the festival’s logo.
If you don’t manage to get a seat through a freeroll, you can always buy-in directly for $11. Re-buys and add-ons are available for as little as $5.

Name of the event: $11 Poker Fever Main Event Mega Satellite – 5 seats guaranteed
Location: PartyPoker room, tab „tournaments” → „limited”
Date and time: 17th-20th July, at 21:00
Buy-in/Rebuy/Addon: $11/$5/$5
Chips: stack 3,000/ re-buy 3,000/ add-on 10,000
Blinds: 8 minutes
Late registration: until 22:10
Prize pool: 5 guaranteed tickets to Poker Fever festival worth $215 each

Poker Fever MEGA satellite – Sunday

Sunday battle for 10 tickets guaranteed also looks promising. At 19:00 you will also be able to play freeroll, just like during the week, but this time with 25 tickets worth $11 guaranteed.
The most important event of the week will be the MEGA satellite, with 15 guaranteed tickets to grab! This will also be absolutely the last chance to win tickets to Poker Fever ain Event, so be sure to register.

MEGA satellite – details:

Name of the event: $11 Poker Fever Main Event Mega Satellite – 15 seats guaranteed
Location: PartyPoker, tab „tournaments” → „limited”
Date and time: 23rd July, at 20:00
Buy-in/Rebuy/Addon: $11/$5/$5
Stacks: 3,000/ re-buy 3,000 chips/ add-on 10,000 chips
Blinds: 8 minutes
Late registration: till 21:35
Prize pool: 10 guaranteed tickets to Poker Fever festival, worth $215 each*

* The amount of $215 includes both entry to the Poker Fever Main Event, as well as conversion and cash handling fee. The margin is by no means any source of profit for the casino. The money is used to finance gadgets for ticket winners.

We ancourage you to join PartyPoker, where all the action is going to be. To do it, click the link dedictaed for PokerFever readers and rest assured that no attractions shall come unnoticed.
Good luck!