The latest update on Poker Fever Leaderboard! Check it out now!

We are still in the middle of a very special race! It’s Poker Fever Player of The Year leaderboard that can get you a golden ticket, that is FREE ENTRY to Poker Fever  Main Events in whole 2020. Check the latest results which also include the CUP festival that took place in June.

Our leader is still Jakub Knapik (-), who min cashed in the Mini High Roller, but it was enough for him to grab additional 34.21 points for the POY ranking.

Right behind him we have a player from the Czech Republic, Kamil Kratky (⇑4), who has managed to diminish the gap between him and the leader. Third place in the Main Event guaranteed him 87.04 points.

Third spot belongs now to Marcin Iskrowicz (⇓1). Polish player participated in the CUP, but had no luck with winning.

Jan Lamper (-) managed to hold his position and added 36.16 poin ts to his account (thanks to 5th place in the Mini High Roller).

Marek Ohnisko dropped from third to fifth (⇓2). No points were unfortunately added to his results and the same goes for Miroslav Janek (⇓1), who dropped to place number 6.

In the seventh we have now Michał Bróg (first time in the top 10). He advanced thanks to 4th spot in Mini High Roller (38.86 points). Extra points for him meanę Maciej Jabłoński fell one spot down (⇓1), as he got no points in June Fever.

Similarly Tomasz Wójcik dropped one place down (⇓1), and the top 10 completes with Krzysztof Sikorski. All thanks to 40.1 points he got for being 28th in the Main Event.

You got to know the top 10 already. Below you can take a look at the best 30 players so far.

Poker Fever leaderboard – prizes

Remember that in PF ranking race we compete the whole year and the more points you get the better prizes you can receive.

  1. place – Poker Fever GOLDEN TICKET
  2. place – Poker Fever SLIVER TICKET
  3. place – Poker Fever BRONZE TICKET
  4. place – 10. place – OTHER, very attractive prizes.