Welcome the new champion of Poker Fever Series – Mateusz Dziewoński (CZK 830,800)

Mateusz Dziewoński won the Main Event that took place during the 9th edition of Poker Fever Series. As the main prize he received CZK 830,800 and a prestiguous trophy. Before him only one Polish poker player managed to win PFS – it was Jakub Chludziński.

Polish players had to wait two years for a new Poker Fever Series champion. Back in August 2017 the Main Event was won by Jakub Chludziński, and since then no one from Poland has been able to perform like that. Now, after 8 festivals the title is back in Poland.

All thanks to Mateusz Dziewoński, who absolutely dominated the Main Event at the 9th edition of PFS. Beforehand this player has been very successful, for instance winning the Main Event at WSOP Circuit Rozvadov 2015. This time he collected CZK 830,800 for his victory, which amounts to about $35,000.

The entry fee to the biggest event at Poker Fever Series was CZK 4,800 and the guaranteed pool was CZK 5,000,000. There were 715 poker players present and re-entry was done 227 times. Altogether thanks to 942 buy-ins we had 116 places paid.

Summary of the final day

After day 2 that took place on Sunday we had 23 players left in the game. 16 from Poland and 7 from The Czech Republic. When the final day kicked off the chip leader was Jaroslav Kovarik, and second biggest stack belonged to Łukasz Sadłoń.

Unfortunately the final day was not too lucky for Poles as they were eliminated quite quickly: Piotr Sekuła (23rd place – CZK 30,800), Jarosław Wróbel(22nd place – CZK 30,800), Łukasz Balbierz (21st place – CZK 30,800), Damian Siewert (20th place – CZK 36,500), Krzysztof Sikorski (19th place – CZK 36,500)  and Jan Ciosek (18th place – CZK 36,500).

In the 17th we said goodbye to Ludek Safranek. Soon after him another Pole hit the rail. Paweł Kabut collected CZK 42,700 for his performance, just like Safranek.

Before the FT emerged we also said goodbye to Petr Sebela (15th place – CZK 50,200), Kolja Lakatosh (14th place – CZK 50,200), Tomasz Buśko (13th place – CZK 59,000) as well as Jarosław Rosiński (12th spot – CZK 59,000).

Natalia Strzałek (pictured below), who was very close to being the first woman at Poker Fever Series ME final table was eliminated in the 11th spot. She received CZK 69,100. The same was meant for bubble boy at FT, Tomas Kollar.

Stacks before the final table:

1. Jaroslav Kovarik – 2,700,000
2. „SNK” – 5,150,000
3. Łukasz Dziug – 710,000
4. David Taborsky – 2,530,000
5. Daniel Orłowski – 4,780,000
6. Roman Rychlik – 5,440,000
7. Piotr Marzejon – 2,150,000
8. Łukasz Sadłoń – 4,345,000
9. Mateusz Dziewoński – 1,265,000

First to go on the nine was Łukasz Dziug, who put his QJ gainst Daniel Orłowski’s K7. Łukasz left the table CZK 81,400 richer, and afterwards another player from Poland hit the rail. Piotr Marzejon, lost his stack to Dziewoński and he went on to collect CZK 94,600 for the 8th spot

Not so much later two more players from The Czech Republic left the game – David Taborsky (7th spot –  CZK 112,200) & Jaroslav Kovarik (6th – CZK 140,800).

Fifth spot was taken by a mysterious “SNK”, who cashed CZK 198,000. Ony four players were left in the game and the biggest stack was Orłowski. Talking about making some sort of a deal did not go well and so the players were left fighting for CZK 830,800 main prize and the trophy.

Dziewoński on his way to victory

In one of the key hands at this stage Dziewoński doubled his stack thanks to Orłowski when he won with QQ against TT. Later Sadłoń gave his stack away to Roman Rychlik. He collected CZK 272,800 for the 4th place in the tournament.

Daniel Orłowski

When the game was 3-way the pace went down a bit. Then Dziewoński eliminated Orłowski in a hand where his AJ lost to 44. Orłowski had to settle for the 3rd spot and CZK 374,000.

At the beginning of the heads-up between Dziewoński and Rychlik the latter had an advantage. Polish WSOP Circuit champion did not intend to give up however and he soon turned the tables.

In the last hand of PFS Main Event Rychlik risked all his remaining chips with 96. Dziewoński called with K4, that is the hand he won WSOP Circuit Main Event with(!!!). Board sent all he chips his way and allowed him to succeed at Poker Fever Series! Congratulations

Mateusz Dziewoński

Results of the Main Event – Poker Fever Series IX:

1. Mateusz Dziewoński (Poland) – CZK 830,800
2. Roman Rychlik (The Czech Republic) – CZK 552,600
3. Daniel Orłowski (Poland) – CZK 374,000
4. Łukasz Sadłoń (Poland) – CZK 272,800
5. „SNK” (Poland) – CZK 198,000
6. Jaroslav Kovarik (The Czech Republic) – CZK 140,800
7. David Tabrosky (The Czech Republic) – CZK 112,200
8. Piotr Marzejon (Poland) – CZK 94,600
9. Łukasz Dziug (Poland) – CZK 81,400