Welcome to King’s Casino in Rozvadov – kingdom of Leon Tsoukernik

Great May weekend with Poker Fever Series in Rozvadov is getting closer. Because of that after the article on how to get there we want to describe in details the King’s Casino itself. You should know that it is something more than just a casino.


Rozvadov is not the biggest place on the planet (village with 800 people in it) so it’s hard to call it a city. Despite that Leon Tsoukernik managed to build there a place that attracts players from all over Europe and the world. As far as accommodation goes poker enthusiasts can use the King’s Casino hotel (built in 2017) as well as 7 other, smaller hotels.

The King’s hotel itself offers 218 rooms of high standard. Guests can feel comfortable in the luxurious rooms prepared just for them.

You can check special discount offers on hotels directly on our website. Poker Fever Series has chosen places with 3, 4 and 5 stars, so you can chose something to your liking.

Spa & Wellness

Nothing regenerates a poker player’s energy so well as a massage or a bath in a jacuzzi. Poker players who stay at the King’s have plenty of attractions to chose from. Our editor in chief should be one of the first who will try all of them during the upcoming Poker Fever Series.

The amenities offered by the hotel are paid extra, but are well worth it. Here is what the spa located on the 6th floor (combined with a great gym) can offer:

Opening hours 
Monday – Friday 12:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Saturday – Sunday 11:00 a.m – 12:00 a.m.
Entry 10€
Every extra hour 5€

Traditional Thai massage Massage with herbal oils
60 min €42 90 min €61
90 min €55 Massage with peeling
Massage with oils 60 min €47
60 min €42 90 min €59
90 min €55 Massage of the neck and head
Massage with scented oils 60 min €42
60 min €47 Face massage
90 min €59 30 min €27
Massage with warmed scented oils Foot massage
60 min €45 60 min €42
90 min €58 Foot massage in wellness area
1 min €1


Completely new and totally free buffet is a great place to be, but a true magic happens when you order something a-la-carte. These dishes are prepared by chefs, whom the locals call The Magicians. Number one on their list are steaks, very popular among players.

You can also ask the cook to prepare something according to your taste. With a bit of a hint (preferences and dishes we don’t like) he is able to prepare a meal just for us. The menu includes all that a demanding client can aks for – fish, meat, vegetarian dishes, starters and desserts.

If you read the description and think: “well, I can’t afford that”, King’s management would like to clear things up. Quality has its price, but for €20-25 you can eat a full meal, with a few things to taste. This will surely give you the power to go back to the poker tables.


This is the part that most of you are interested in most. The casino charges €10 for admission, and it includes snacks and drinks. The casino itself is 1800 square metres and offers lots of attractions, like poker and casino games.

There are also many slot machines and the following games at a variety of stakes:

American roulette €1/€2/€5 to €200
Blackjack €5– €500
5-card caribbean poker Min.€5
Russian poker Min.€10
King’s Hold’em Min.€5
Baccarat (punto banco) €20€ – €2,000
Craps €10€ – €5,000
Higher limits available per request

Poker room

King’s Casino in Rozvadov has been a host to many famous players and it always offers the highest standard of comfort and luxury. This whole text was prepared for all those of you who would like to visit Leon Tsoukernik’s venue because of €200,000 gtd Poker Fever Series Main Event. Full schedule for this tournament can be found HERE.

Apart from regular events with attractive prize pools, Rozvadov will also be filled with juicy cash games. They are played practically non stop, and their number and limits can be checked on the casino’s website.

These are the usual tables that open up whenever the poker room staff are requested by players.

€1  / €3  NLH and €2  / €2 PLO min. buy-in €100
€2  / €5 min. buy-in €200
€5  / €10 min. buy-in €500
€10  / €25 min. buy-in €1,000
€25 / €50 min. buy-in €2,000
€50  / €100 min. buy-in €5,000
More games and stakes available per request

You want to go to Poker Fever Series to Rozvadov? Here are some inks you may want to check when planning a trip and looking for a place to stay: